Last Week of Sept 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017, Video

The 8 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates on communicating with others. And, you feel positive.

The 4 of Rods card is the The Lord. You can overcome obstacles because you have a lot of power.

The Princess of Cups card has to do connecting with your surroundings, but some people might be creating problems in your life.

These 3 cards add up to 13, and the number 13 reduces to 4. The number 4 means structure, stability, and security.  You will create relationship stability in your life. They will be solid via communication.


Tuesday, 9.26.17, Video

Law of Attraction, a modern and realistic perspective.

The Lover, 6th card, is in reverse, which indicates that there is a lack of love or intimacy in your life.

The Empress card is the 3rd card. This card has to do with love and nurture. It is about new beginnings. You will make a fresh start and start something new, which will help you move forward. Go on a meetup site to have fun in your life. You might start with journaling or blogging in order to make better plans for your future. You will bring some loving and exciting opportunities into your life.  Consider long-term planning which will create excitement on a long-term basis. (I am already on a meetup site and I also do blogging for fun).

King of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates that there is lack of passion and excitement in your life.

These 3 cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means new beginnings, making things happen and doing it independently.


Wednesday, 9.27.17, Video

The Empress card is the 3rd card. It is about love and making your new beginnings.

The 8 of Chalices card has to do with past disappointments and negativity resurfacing.

Ace of Pentacles card is a gift from God with endless prosperity.

These 3 cards add up to 12, and the number 12 reduces to 3. The number 3 means expression, communication as well as new beginnings, fresh start, and moving forward to the future.  Focus on your desires and positive things, and watch them enter your life today…

I left the house at around 5:55 pm for another photography meetup. I decided to put one of my latest OC Fashion Week 2017 surreal mannequin photos on display. I decided on the photo where I was in the reflection taking a snapshots of three mannequins posing by a teal building with yellow doorway. In the reflection, there were also many cars, which gave this scene a city, downtown ambiance with palm trees in the background. I arrived home at 9:30 pm and relaxed in front of my computer. I suddenly noticed the time is 12:12 am.


Thursday, 9.28.17, Video

All 3 cards appear to be in reverse, which appears to be a positive day.

The 9 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates everything is manageable, but you feel very positive. You feel like you are in control and you can change things to improve your situation.

The Hierophant card, 5th card, is in reverse, which indicates that you are fearless and you don’t have any obstacles. You don’t have to worry about anything.

The 5 of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates you are focusing on a positive perspective for your future in order to move forward.

These 3 cards add up to 19, and the number 19 reduces to 1. The number 1 means independent, taking action, powerful, and making things happen.


Friday, September 29, 2017, Video

Ace of Arrows card has to do with a gift from God. It has to do with love, and you will connect with someone.

The Temptation card, 15th card, indicates that you will come together with someone because you love each other.

The 6 of Coins card indicates a temporary opportunity for love, or work on your passions and desires. (I did spend my day working on my graphic novel).

These 3 cards add up to 22, and the number 22 means builder of something long term and permanent.

I drew a page for my graphic novel all morning. By 6 pm, I remembered that I am on-call for Jury Duty, and I need to call a number after 5 pm, for the next five working days. When I called, my group was instructed to call on Monday at noon to see if they want me to go there on Monday at 1 pm. I had made an appointment with the Association to fix a room at 1 pm. I hope it works out on Monday so that I don’t have to change my appointment. I have to wake up early on Monday, and be prepared to go to the Newport Beach court house on 1 pm, if needed, as well as call the Association to change the appointment, if I have to go on Monday. What a mess!

Saturday, 9.30.17, Video

As I am watching youtube videos early in the morning, I suddenly notice that the time is 1:11 am.

Ace of Wands card indicates a blessing from God.

The 10 of Wands card indicates you feel burdened. You might have ten different things you need to do on one day, which will become overwhelming.

The 7 of Athemas card indicates you need to focus on your relationship. (What relationship?).

These 3 cards add up to 18, and the number 18 reduces to 9. The number 9 means spirituality and completion, and it involves meditating and connecting with God.

I received my 4th IMVU fashion week gift, each from a different area, NYC, London, Milan, and Paris. This September was filled with Fashion Week activities at Spectrum Center, South Coast Plaza, and IMVU. I also checked the annual Global Village Festival. I also started working on my graphic novel. I have 60 pages to draw.


Overall, I think the last week of September seems accurate for me…, which includes the Youtube video readings as well as my added journaling to compare my life with the general video reading. It is sometimes off, but it has some accuracy.

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OC Fashion Week 2017 Activities

Sunday, 9.17.17, Video

The Lovers, 6th card, has to do with soulmates coming together that is right for you, and there is a potential for true love. You will have a very positive experience. Your love life will be richer today! (I went to South Coast Plaza for OC Fashion Week and check out their mall events. I did some videos as well as took some snapshots).

The 2 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates you are fearless and you see everything clearly. Everything is positive.

The High Priestess card, 2nd card, is in reverse, which indicates you don’t have all the answers in your life or what will happen in your future. You will be given something wonderful and loving, but there aren’t any guarantees with it, and you need to take a risk. (I wasn’t given anything today).

These 3 cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means being independent, taking action, and taking charge. Something beautiful, wonderful, and positive will happen, and something you love will take up residence and stay put in your home. (I am not sure what that is all about).  Add more love into your life.

Monday, September 18, 2017, Video

I woke up during late morning, ate my breakfast, and made a cup of Affogato Al Caffe. I turned on my computer, and noticed the time was 12:12 pm. I hope this is positive, and I will notice some progress. At 3:30 pm, I decided to go to South Coast Plaza again, but I left my place at four. When I arrived at the Hermes demo for 3:30 pm session, they were finishing off a different design of a scarf that has astrology design. The 5:30 pm session was the demo for the ocean design scarf, which I watched yesterday. Since it is the same demo, but with a different scarf design, I decided to walk around in the mall. I noticed a Jimmy Choo event on Thursday. I went to the other side of the mall, and I noticed the huge cans and food sculptures for the feed the poor charities. I took some snapshots because they looked interesting. I decided to go home at 5:45 pm.

Meramal cards

The 2 of Pentacles card is in reverse, 30th card, which indicates you aren’t bored and you are under control.

King of Cups card, 14th card, indicates that you enjoy an active life.

The Hierophant card, 5th card, is in reverse, which indicates that you are free to do whatever you want.

These three cards add up to 49, and the number 49 reduces to 13, which reduces to 4. Structure, stability, and security.

Tuesday, 9.19.17, Video

The 4 of Fountain card is in reverse, which indicates that you have a positive perspective and you are grateful for everything.

The 4 of Swords card, 46th card, indicates that you will reflect on your current life. You will receive certain information, in which it might make you sad. (I got into my MX-3 at 5 pm, but I soon noticed my car wouldn’t start. I know my battery is new and good, and my car was working perfectly all year since I bought a new battery and terminals. But I remember on Friday night, when I arrived home from hiking meetup that I didn’t shut my car door well because on Saturday afternoon I noticed the driver’s door was ajar. I opened and closed the door tightly. But, today, my car wouldn’t start. The door ajar overnight drained my car battery. My only option is to call AAA, tomorrow morning. I hope they charge my car because sometimes they are idiots. Stupid things always happen to me because I am absentminded. I drove my Beetle to the Woodbridge meetup, where we walked 5 miles around 2 manmade lakes. It is starting to get dark earlier. I returned home at 8:30 pm and made some popcorn).

The 5 of Pentacles card, 33rd card, indicates hard times and doing everything on your own without any help. You feel alone.

These cards add up to 83, and the number 83 reduces to 11, which means service, in this case, it might mean to call AAA to recharge my MX-3 drained battery.

From midnight Tuesday morning until 12:30 am, I heard noises in the hallway and kitchen. Gumby was running and jumping around. I got up to see what he was doing, and he looking like he was chasing a small gray mouse. I saw him catch it, put it in his mouth and carry it around, but then it got loose, and he kept at it, like a cat and mouse game. I turned off the lights and let him do his job because I didn’t want to watch any crime scene murder. So, I don’t know if he killed it yet. But I will find out later when I find a dead mouse somewhere lying on the floor.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017, Video

The Hanged Man, 12th card, indicates that you are sure about many things. There are misunderstandings because you thought something would work, and you are shocked it doesn’t. it has to do with certainty.

The Lovers card, 6th card, is in reverse, which indicates there is judgment and making decisions.

The Devil card, 15th card, has to do with getting stuck because of negativity and materialism. It has to do with acting out to feel better.

These cards add up to 33, and the number 33 has to do with having the bigger picture with you work with God and angels.

I woke up around 8 am because my living alarm clock Gumby was bugging me to get up and feed him his breakfast. I decided to get up because I needed to do other things. After eating my breakfast, I worked on my graphic novel until 10 am. Then, I decided to call AAA because I needed to recharge my MX-3, which works perfectly. But I didn’t close my driver’s door, and it was left ajar from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon, when I actually noticed the door not fully closed. I did close the door on Saturday, but on Tuesday when I wanted to drive the car, it wouldn’t start. The opened door drained a new battery. So, this morning, I called AAA to recharge my battery. At 10:30 am, the man said to either drive it for 30 minutes to one hour, or leave the engine running for 30 minutes to one hour. I didn’t have anywhere to right now, in which I decided to let the engine run for about 45 minutes. I noticed the car was very warm and heated. I turned off the engine. I hope it is back to normal. I just need to remember to make sure the doors are fully closed and all the lights are closed inside the car. I am absentminded, and I do stupid things without realizing it, and then I am pissed because something happened for no reason. While the engine was running in my carport, I noticed the Association was working on my leaking roof, which is a good sign.

Thursday, 9.21.17, Video

The 5 of Swords card is Defeat, and it is in reverse, which indicates that today is filled with harmony. There will be no conflict because you look to God for guidance. You will get along with others.

The Moon card, 18th card, has to do with fear, and you feel that you journey is impossible. You feel overwhelmed. Face your fears, move forward, and you will make progress, where doors will open your way.

The 4 of Cups card is Luxury. Have fun today by doing fun things. (I have 2 events to attend today, one at SCP and one is a business meetup).

These cards add up to 27, and the number 27 reduces to 9, which is spirituality and completion.

Friday, 9.22.17, Video

3 cards in reverse—shift of energy on Friday.

The 5 of Vessels card has to do with Ecstasy, but it is in reverse, in which you feel hopeless, overwhelmed, filled with despair, and depressed.

Queen of Stones card has to do with a Bear, and it is in reverse, which indicates that you might feel weak or lack control.

The 8 of Vessels card has to do with Rebirth, but it is in reverse, which might indicate feeling low.

To improve your depressing and hopeless situation:

The 8 of Vessels card upright has to do with Rebirth. Meditate with God in the morning in order to connect with God.

Queen of Stones card upright has to with a strong and fierce bear. You are empowered by God to handle anything.

The 5 of Vessels card upright has to do with Ecstasy. You are filled with happiness in the evening.

These 3 cards add up 14, and the number 14 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom.

Saturday, 9.23.17, Video

Knight of Swords card has to do with thinking, ideas, and rushing ahead and taking action. Don’t take reckless action. (I actually had fun checking out the Global Village Festival all day, from 10 am to 6 pm, so I don’t know what reckless action is all about).

The 10 of Chalices card has to do with happy family life and being part of a community. (I guess this Global Village Festival was a community event for the city of Irvine, and it was a happy and positive day).

Ace of Swords card has to do with a blessing from God. You will receive wisdom because of your meditation. (I already have wisdom. But I am not sure what I received from God).

These 3 cards add up to 12, and the number 12 reduces to 3. The number 3 means expression, communications, and new beginnings.

I woke up in the morning and got ready for the Global Village Festival event. After feeding Gumby and eating my breakfast, I went on the internet to quickly check on things. At 8:45 am, I noticed Gumby running around and chasing a mouse. He caught it a couple of times, but it went loose, like it is slippery or maybe it wiggles too much that it went loose again. Hopefully, when I return later, he will have caught and killed some mice, and all I need to do is pick up carcass and throw them in the trash. This morning is the second time I saw Gumby chasing mouse, but it end up getting loose. He has caught and killed 7, so far.I dropped by the ATM, before driving to the parking structure of Park Plaza. After I parked, I took a shuttle to the event. I decided to start doing videos right away, at 10 am. By 1 pm, I noticed my iPhone batter was low. Five minutes later, my iPhone battery died. I could have gone to the Macy’s event, but I decided to stay at the Global Village Festival because the weather was nice—cool and breezy, but sunny. During the previous time that I went to this Global Village Festival, it was very hot, probably in the 90s, and I felt miserable. I think I had left early because I couldn’t tolerate the heat. Anyway, today, I continued to walk around, check out the music and dance performances as well as different cultural booths. I participated in some cultural activities at some booths to experience that culture. I didn’t check out every performance at the event because some performances took place at the same time.Some of the cultural booths included Chinese booths, Filipino booths, India booths, Irish booths, Scottish booths, Korean booths, Turkish booths, Tamil booths, Iraq booth, Iran booth, Palestine booths, Pakistan booth, Ghana booth, Taiwanese booth, Armenian booth, Israel booth, Kurdish booth, Sudanese booth, Japanese booth, American Indian booth, Mexico booth, Tibet booth, Africa booth, Peru booth, Russia booth, Egypt booth, and booths selling items from different cultures. There was a huge food court selling food from different cultures, as well as dessert booths and food trucks. There was an area with booths from different world religions, but I didn’t check it out this year. I had checked these world religion booths during previous years.I brought my own snacks with me, some vegan jerky and a bottle of tamarind juice, in which I ate and drank after my iPhone battery died. So, I took my lunch break.  I decided to buy some small cultural souvenirs—small glass dragon from the Chinese booth because I was born under the Year of the Dragon. I also bought two small items from the Palestine booth because I have done a lot of internet activism to Free Palestine. So, that is one of my causes. Then, I got a couple of freebies, for fun. I decided to buy a cup of watermelon juice, which was good, but they put too much sugar. I prefer my watermelon juice without any added sugar. After finishing my watermelon juice, I refilled my cup with water.I watched some dance performances from different cultures, such as English Folk Dancing, Indian dancing, Bollywood dancing, Bulgarian dancing, Belly Dancing, and Hawaiian Hula dancing. I didn’t watch any martial arts performances. Some Scottish men in kilts played bagpipes, Irishmen in kilts played their instruments, and two German men in German cultural outfits played instruments and sang. In the Irish booth, they had two Irish Wolfhounds—cute but huge dogs. There were a lot of kid performers. There were also African drums and music, mariachi band, Tuscan Trio band, and Stilt performers. At 6pm, it started to cool down, and everyone started to disperse at the same time. I walked to the shuttles to go to my parked car.

Sunday, 9.24.17, Video

Queen of Swords card has to do with a perfect and beautiful woman who has the power to do whatever she wants. She needs to make a lot of decisions. There is a couple in the background who are kissing. But she needs to communicate. She is being guided by God. She is able to deal with everything because she thinks clearly and makes good decision. She thinks a lot. She is with a love dove of purity. But you might be thinking about other stuff. (I didn’t go anywhere today because I didn’t have anywhere to go. I stayed home, uploading videos).

The 7 of Cups card is about feeling alone, and not meeting the right person. But you have other positive stuff in your life. It is all about perspective. So, enjoy what you already have.

The 3 of Swords card is about heartbreak, death, betrayal and loss. (I am not sure what this is about). Have faith that everything will work out in God’s Hands.

These 3 cards add up to 11. The number 11 means serving others.

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OC Fashion Week 2017 ideas

OC Fashion Week 2017: the latest in fall fashions 2017

Thursday, 9.14.17, Video

Knave of Wands card is about learning about something new and moving on.

The 5 of Swords card has to do with betrayal, theft, and loss.

The Chariot card, 7th card, is about Victory. It overcomes all circumstances. You will overcome and succeed.

These 3 cards add up to 13, and the number 13 reduces to 4. The number 4 means structure, stability, and security. It is about becoming solid.

I picked up my new pool key at 5 pm from the pool area, and it looks different, more like a futuristic piece, and it doesn’t even look like a key. Maybe it has a microchip or something, or who knows. I checked the outside area, and no one is working on the roof yet. But I got a note at my door that the Association will start redoing the asphalt soon. I then checked my mail to notice the new September issue of California Style Magazine, which is filled with the latest fall fashion week clothes and accessories. The September issue of all fashion magazines tends to be the thickest issue, more like the fashion dictionary.  I browsed through it to check it out.


Friday, 9.15.17, Video

The Chariot card, 7th card, has to do with victory and success. You are empowered and willful. You will triumph. Enjoy your day. (I did a little bit blogging. Then, at 6 pm, I went on a 5-mile hiking meetup, walking around two manmade lakes. It took 2 hours. I came back home and relaxed at home at 8 pm).

The 5 of Pentacles card has to do with hard times and depression. You have the strength to handle situations. Don’t give up, be determined, and take action. (I need to work on my graphic novel, but I didn’t feel like it today).

Queen of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates you might be insecure because you didn’t have the best of childhood background. Your background is irreverent to your future and destination. You are the master of your destination, and you can make things happen.

These 3 cards add up to 13, and the number 13 reduces to 4. The number 4 means structure, stability, and security.


Saturday, 9.16.17, Video

All three cards have a yellow background as well as it filled with yellow content, which indicates happiness and having fun, or maybe a happy weekend.

The 9 of Pentacles card has to do with being satisfied and happy.

The Fool, 0th card, has to do with looking for new adventure and moving on.

The Strength card, 8th card, is in reverse, which indicates that there isn’t difficult to deal with.

These 3 cards add up to 17, and the number 17 means 8. The number 8 means power and strength.

I went to the Spectrum Center at noon to see if they were doing any OC Fashion Week 2017 events. But I noticed only one event, which was the LulaRoe Pop-up Boutique showroom at Dave & Buster. I browsed through the many bold and colorful leggings, and I decided to get one because I liked the soft material. There were dresses and blouses, as well, but I just checked out the leggings because I wear a lot of leggings.

I added a selfie of my new soft leggings that I bought from a OC Fashion Week event.

Then, I hung out with an Asian woman at the mall, discussing fashion, self-publishing books, and countries and cultures.  After getting my weekly groceries, I arrived home to receive my 2nd imvu fashion week gift. My avatar models this year’s fashion outfits at her Beach House and Fashion House.

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weekly 9.11 to 9.13 journal

Weekly Leo Video Reading for 9.11.17 to 9.17.17

The Emperor card for Monday and Tuesday is about trying to control and organizing your situation. You will achieve your goals. There is a positive energy.

Wheel of Fortune card for Wednesday and Thursday is about life is moving in a positive direction, and you will be more productive. You will soon take action. You will get inspiration.

The Moon card for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is about figuring out where to go next, and you will move through areas where you might not know too much about.

Princess of Wands card is about new venture. It will be exciting.

Death card has to do with moving forward, and many things will be revealed in the process, and there is a transformation and big changes ahead.

King of Swords card indicates you will speak the truth and no one can lie or trick you.

Princess of Pentacles card has to do with moving forward in a paced way. Something is about to happen for you, and be prepared to be mentally strong.

This week has been slow for me. I caught a head cold/mild flu from someone I know. So, I didn’t feel like doing anything on Monday and Tuesday. I felt better on Wednesday. But I am still not sure what to do about other situations.

Monday, 9.11.17, Video

Lord of Orbs card is in reverse, which is like the Knight of Cups card in reverse, indicating that there isn’t any emotional struggle or conflict, and you feel content and happy this week.

Lord of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates you think for yourself and you speak freely about your beliefs and causes.  You have the freedom without any limitations to do whatever you want.

The 2 of Orbs card indicates a love coming together for two equal people. It is more temporary and inconsistent. You will connect with someone, and it will be natural. Something good will enter your life, and it will bring more love into your life. You will receive a gift today, which will make you happy.

These three cards add up to 4, and the number 4 means structure, foundation, stability, security, and permanence. Your feelings will be more permanent. You will be richer when it comes with your love life.

Throughout today, I checked the time when it was 8:19 pm and 11:11 pm. At 11:11 pm, I was chatting with a woman in New Zealand about pets and healthy pet food. Today’s video reading seemed off for me.

Tuesday, 9.12.17, Video

Lady of Sceptres card has to do with a reminder of thinking. Your thoughts might be cloudy, and things around you might appear confusing. You aren’t sure what to do next.

The High Priestess card, 2nd card, indicates that you are fearless because you are protected. You also have all the knowledge and skills you need. Meditate and listen to your own inner truth for answers.

King of Orbs card indicates that you are content and you appreciate what you have.

These 3 cards add up to 4, and the number 4 means structure, foundation, and peace when you meditate for answers.

I had a head cold all day, in which I didn’t really feel like doing anything, but suck on Hall and other sore throat candies while watching movies on the indie channels. I decided to sleep early at 8:00 pm, and when I went upstairs, I found a dead mouse on the rug by my bedroom, which is the first time that I saw a mouse upstairs. They are usually downstairs, in the garage, or in the attic. So far, Gumby has killed 7 mice, while I accidentally killed 2 in the Hold & Release Traps.

Wednesday, 9.13.17, Video

The 7 of Wands card has to do with conflict.

Ace of Chalices card has to do with a gift from God. You will feel peace and love from God.

The 8 of Wands card has to do with enjoying your day and surroundings. You are protected.

These 3 cards add up to 16, and the number 16 reduces to 7. The number 7 means mind and creativity.

I still have a cold, but I feel better today, which is a good sign. I rarely get sick, unless I catch it from someone. I am still waiting for the Association to fix the roof, as well as wondering what happened to my missing bracelet that was somewhere in my late mother’s house, who took it, and if they will call to tell me that they found it and will bring it to me. I am still wondering if my idiot brother will give me my late mother’s shihtzu. Everything seems up in the air and in some kind of haze. Who knows…

As I as making my lunch, I noticed that time was 11:11 am. But I am not getting the signs.


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My Actual 9.9.17 and 9.10.17 Weekend

countessad / Pixabay

Saturday, 9.9.17

At 7am, I drove to Fullerton, and I browsed through the garage all morning. I ended up filling up Beetle with basic items. There were other items, but I couldn’t fit them in my car. So, I might go Sunday morning, as well. I drove back to Irvine, and on my drive I noticed the time was 2:22 pm. I couldn’t find my gold bracelet that I had lost at the restaurant, but someone had found it and took it to my mother’s house. My mother had told me that she has it with her, but she forgot to give it back to me before she died. I don’t know where she put it. I am hoping someone will see it somewhere and give it to me soon because I don’t know where to look for this bracelet. After I unpacked and ate, I noticed the time was 4:44 pm. I noticed a porcelain female figure broke in the waist area during the drive. I glued it together. I entered IMVU, and I noticed that I received a September Fashion Week clothing gift for my avatar, which is a gray asymmetrical dress. This reminds me that September 2017 Fashion Week events will be going on at some malls. I might check one or two this year, but I probably won’t go to all the event like I used to.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I woke up at early, and by 7:30 am, I was off to the Fullerton house again. I took some more few items, and ended up taking more items that I accidentally noticed. I finished early, within an hour or two, and I got bored, not knowing what to do next. I chatted a little bit with my late mother’s caretaker, who is also my aunt’s friend. She called my cousin, who is on vacation in Mexico with her family, and my aunt is in the hospital in Mexico because of old age issues. My cousin is trying to transport her mother back to Michigan, and put her in a Michigan hospital. First, my mother died, and now her older sister is having health issues. At 12:30 pm, I decided to drive back home to Irvine. It is a nice and peaceful drive on this Sunday morning.

At 5:55 pm, I took a walk in my neighborhood. The weather is starting to cool off, which a nice change. I love the weather changes each season, even though Southern California seasonal changes are subtle, but I do notice the colorful and pretty leaves in autumn, the bare trees and coolness in winter, the breeze, flowers and sunshine of spring, and the heat and bright sunshine of summer.

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1st Weekend of 9.2017

Friday, September 08, 2017

I had to go to Mother’s Market because Gumby was out of litter. And, I needed to get 3 maintenance items. I returned home to do a little bit more organizing and some blogging. There is a Canon gallery, this evening until 9 pm, and I plan to go back to Fullerton on Saturday morning for more work. I checked out photography on aviation, and I was thinking about birds flying south for the winter and flock of birds stick together. For the past two months, I have been going through a transitional period of various changes in my life, mostly dealing with the aftermath of my late mother’s funeral. I have been collecting items from her house, in which I have I have some use for as well as keepsakes used for nostalgic memories. I have reorganized my small townhouse, and I have finished all the rooms, except one, which I am waiting for the Association to fix the leaking roof. But, so far, the rooms came together well, and they look more like Sophisticated Boho Home Décor, comprised of a variety of pillows, cushions, different metals and beads, candles, antique looking pieces, large shells, rosaries, and paintings. This style fits me, and my townhouse looks even cozier, especially with all the small rugs I took for each room.


Saturday, 9.9.17, video

German cards

The 6 of Freude card is Sechs der Kelche is the 6 of Cups card, and this card has to do with Joy. There will be a temporary opportunity, where you will experience a lot of Joy. So, wish upon a star, focus on your future, and dream big. You are also able to see what will come up in your future in order to make the right decisions.

The 8 of Die Kraft card is the Strength card. You have the strength, power, and wisdom to make your dreams and wishes come true.

The 21st card is Das Universum, which looks like The World card. It has to do with completion and being connected into a whole. It is an empowering day, filled with insights.

These three cards add up to 34, and the number 35 reduces to 8. The number 8 means power. You have the power and strength to get whatever you want.


Sunday, September 10, 2017, Video

The 4 of Vollendung card is about Vier der Stabe.  It has to do with completion and getting what you want, marriage, celebrating, and be happy and successful.  Sunday morning, you will feel blissful and contentment with everything you have in your life. You also feel happy with whatever you are doing. You are moving through a gateway or doorway to more happiness. Everything is meant to be the way it is for you.

As der Kelche im Norden is the Ace of Cups card. You are perfectly protected by God, and good things will happen for you.

The 5 of Enttauschung card is the Funf der Kelche card. This card has to do with disappointment. But it is really about perspective. Nothing is being lost. Everything disappointing that has happened to you for a reason, and it has gotten you to where you are now and made you who you are.

Look to the future, what is currently available, and move forward with that toward a better life.

These 3 cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means new beginning, fresh start, new start, and moving through a new doorway to a new start.


Leo 9.2017 video reading

The Magician card has to do with a fresh start, and you are ready for the change. You have everything you need. Your life will be magical in September.

The 8 of Fire card has to do with abundance. No more delays. Everything will happen fast for you.

Knight of Earth card has to do with loyalty, honesty, and kindness. Someone will be helpful in September. You will work and get things done. Angels are helping you, as well.

Page of Fire card has to do with passion and action as well as creative. There is a new endeavor coming in.

Prioritize card has to do with time management. Focus on highest priority, and get organized. You will be motivated.

Compassion card has to do with feeling the love and support around you.

Crystal Clear Intentions card involves being clear with what you want.

Feng Shui Tips to attract abundance into your life.

  1. Wealth corner = back left of your space, when you are standing outside of your front door and facing your door. (It is probably my office space). Make sure it is clean and clutter-free. Fix anything that is broken in that area—like the ceiling fan that suddenly stopped working. Add something purple.


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First Week of Sept 2017: Taking Action & Moving Forward

RevDP / Pixabay

Tuesday, 9.5.17, Video

The 3 of Lotuses card has to do with celebrating and communicating with others. You feel connected with others as well as God.

The 5 of Lotuses card has to do with destruction. It has to do with loss and perspective. So, either grief about the loss that is gone, or be happy with what you currently have in your life. Death and Rebirth as well as loss and regain are a natural cycle in life. You have a larger perspective about the ups and downs in life.

The 8 of Lotuses card has to do with a woman who is protected and enlightened. Someone else is looking at her and feeling jealous of what she has.

These cards add up to 16, and the number 16 reduces to 7. The number 7 means mind and creativity. Your mind is open, and you are protected from others.

It is 1:11 pm. I decided to go on the internet. I want to put up my other pictures, but I can’t find my hammer. I don’t know where I misplaced it again. It is probably underneath something, in one of the rooms, and I cannot see it anywhere. I used it last night, but I don’t remember where I put it down.

I did some organizing, putting up some pictures, and I called the Association to check on the leaking roof issue. At 2 pm, they came to check it out, and they said they can fix the roof, inside and outside. I told them about the mice, but they said they can only handle the outside areas as well as inside the attic. I agreed because Gumby is working the inside of my townhouse.

At 6 pm, I drove to a local meetup about dream analysis, which was interesting. I was a little early. Only three people showed up. At 9 pm, I was home, and I was very thirsty. I decided to watch Sleepless in Seattle on cable again because I think this romantic comedy is one of the interesting ones, maybe because this one is about hope in romance issues.


Wednesday, 9.6.17, Video

Toth cards

The 8 of Cups card is in reverse, which is Indolence in reverse, indicates you are grateful.

Prince of Cups indicates a completion of an emotional situation. You will able to take flight, which will lead you to freedom.

The 7 of Disks card is in reverse, which indicates failure is in reverse, and there will be a sense of completion about a current situation. There will be strong emotions.

These cards add up to 16, and the number 16 reduces to 7, which is mind and creativity.

I woke up at 7:30 am and ate my breakfast, while checking out stuff on the indie channels. At 10:10 am, I decided to make French Press espresso because I wanted to make Affogato al Caffe. I need to do some errands afterwards, before I go to tonight’s Improv Comedy show.

At 12:12 pm, I decided to go on my errands. It was hot outside, and I managed to do everything within one hour. I was shocked that all the used stamps that I sent to an animal rescue in UK amounted to $13.50 for postal charges. That costed more than the actual cost of these used stamps. But I did put charity gift and donation on the form. I hope it all helps the homeless animals in the UK. I bought some picture nails from Target in order to hang some paintings. I also noticed gas went up again to $3.059 for unleaded. Then, I got ready for evening at the Improv. I drove to the Spectrum Center and walked around. I entered the Improv at 7 pm, where I ordered black coffee and sweet potato fries. The comedians were funny in this show. While driving back home, I noticed the time is 10:10 pm.


Thursday, 9.7.17, Video

The 5 of Wands card is about strife. Passion, fire, and minor conflicts might occur.

The 6 of Cups card is about Pleasure. You will enjoy the pleasure in your current life.  You will pursue your desires, in which is filled with emotions.

The 9 of Swords card is in reverse, and it is about Cruelty. No one will create problems for you.

These cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means relationships, connections, and cooperation. I called one of my brothers because I remember my other brother and his wife found a bracelet I lost at a restaurant for their wedding shower. They had taken it to my mother’s house, and my mother had called me to tell me it is with her now, but she forgot to give it to me and now she is gone. I am not sure where she put it at or where it is now, but I plan to go to the house on Saturday. Hopefully, someone saw it and will give it to me. I didn’t do much today because I am waiting for the Association to fix townhouse issues. But it sounds quiet outside.


Friday, 9.8.17, Video

Der Haindl cards are in German

Parzival card has to do with Sohn der Kelche im Norden. Sun of Cups in the North has to do with the Prince of Cups, which is extremely emotional as well as likely to lead you to a romantic encounter. You are likely to be like an actor or artist, all over the place, maybe scattered emotionally.

The 9 of Stones card has to do with Materieller Gewinn. It is the 9 of Cups, which has to do with material success. It will lead you toward taking practical action of some sort. You will get some kind of material success or financial security. You will have lack of fear of your financial security, making you feel more security about your life.

The 12 card—Der Gehangte has to do with Hanged Man card. You need to work on your personal life and take action in order to make a difference for your life. Conquer your fear. There is a rainbow in the background. You can do more in life in order for future success. You will receive guidance to improve your life.

These 3 cards add up to 22. The number 22 has to do with builder. It has to do with building something to live your most successful life. This video reading sounds good.

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Labor Day Weekend 2017

mohamed1982eg / Pixabay

Saturday, September 2, 2017, Video

Merlin and Vivianne card, 1st card, has to do with Magic. It has to do with power, leadership, and feeling strong.  You become aware with certainty of love and the power to do whatever you want to do. (It was a hot day, as I went to the Fullerton house. But it was cool during the early morning hours. I sweated a lot as I packed glass items, and some were broken and glued together, while some were chipped. I hope I don’t break it because it is already very delicate. I packed the van too, but there were four items that I couldn’t find room for. So, I am planning on going Sunday morning, as well, and maybe quickly going through the garage).

The 3 of Cups card has to do with a celebration, new beginnings, happiness, and positivity. You will connect with others and have fun. (I wasn’t really having fun because it was kind of depressing, but it needed to be done. I was sweating a lot, and I drank 3 cans for Minute Maid lemonade).

The 4 of Coins card has to do with hanging on with your finances because you might be worried about money. Live your life, and leave everything for God to handle. (That sounds true).

These 3 cards add up to 8, and the number 8 means power. God gives you the power to do whatever you want and live your life to your fullest. (God Willing).

I returned home at 1:45 pm, and the van came an hour later. We unloaded the van. Then, I unload my car. I was so tired and hot that I decided to reorganize this mess on Monday. I went for a walk in my neighborhood.


Sunday, 9.3.17, Video

Ace of Cups card indicates your cup is running over, filled with contentment, peace, love, strength, positivity, and happiness.

The Magician card, 1st card, is in reverse, which indicates that you aren’t taking much action. There is something you want to do, but you aren’t currently doing because you are currently working on other things. There is also an infinity symbol in this card.

The Moon card, 18th card, has to do with fear of not knowing what to do next or how to do something, and helping someone out can lead to helping you out in doing something you want to do.

These 3 cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means relationship, cooperation, and cooperating with others. This video reading sounds true for me, as well.

I woke up early and ate breakfast, before driving off to Fullerton again, at 7am. It was a nice, relaxing drive, until I arrived at Disneyland. There was an annoying marathon going on, and the crowd of runners didn’t end. I couldn’t find an alternative route, and I became frustrated. One idiot cop stated that the road will be open at 8 am. I noticed it is almost 8 am. So, I waited, but that turned out to be a lie. I asked another cop and he said 9:30 am, which was more accurate. I found a parking lot by Coffee Bean. So, I waited.  It was 96 degrees Fahrenheit outside, as I walked around. I noticed some tourists posing by my yellow Beetle and taking a photograph. By 9:45 am, I noticed the cops removing the orange cones from the streets. I went to my car and drove off. I arrived at the Fullerton house, packed my Beetle, and checked the items in the garage. I need to come next weekend to go through the garage, do some organizing, and maybe pick up needed items. At 1:30 pm, I drove to Irvine. It was hot. After unpacking my car, I decided to work on the living room, sweeping, mopping, and rearranging. I suddenly noticed the time is 3:33 pm. I noticed I got a lot of small rugs, maybe more than I can handle. The Moroccan items had many rugs, cushions, and pillows, but they all fit with my BOHO home decor style. I have more work to do tomorrow in the living room, before I work on my studio.


Monday, September 4, 2017, Video

Labor Day 2017

Sacred India cards

Ace of Arrows card has to do with inspirational ideas and hitting the target.  You are focused with a clear mind. You are blessed today to move forward. You have a rational mind.

The Wheel card, 10, indicates a transitioning into a positive time, filled with good luck, good fortune, and success.

The 5 of Staves card indicates that you will resolve conflict. There won’t be any conflicts.

These cards add up to 16. The number 16 reduces to 7, and the number 7 means mind and creativity. Focus on your thoughts and you will make progress.

I woke up this morning, and I soon realized that I am out of food. I fed Gumby his breakfast, before changing my clothes to go to the grocery store. I wondered if any store will be open on Labor Day. I went to Trader Joes, and they were open. I bought some food and drove back home, where I enjoyed my breakfast of a piece of French bread with some eggplant dip. I drank a half of a bottle of Snyergy organic kombucha trilogy drink, which is comprised of raw kombucha, raspberry juice, lemon juice, and ginger juice. Then, I continued cleaning an organizing the living room and foyer area until 2:30 pm, before I took my lunch break with the same food and drink I had for breakfast.

Then, I decided to take down the manga pictures that I was using as wallpaper. I decided to replace them with paintings and my photographs, but still not sure how I will organize them on my wall that badly needs a paintjob. By 3:30 pm, I decided to drink a bottle of the Mocha Nut Latte cold brew coffee drink. It was good. It tasted like the vegan coffee drinks I make, but I use only one nut. This bottle had almonds and cashews. So far, I have been so thirsty and dehydrated this month. I am always drinking something cold and filled with lots of ice, whether plain water, coffee, tea, or juice.

It is quiet outside. I just have two more rooms to do, and I took some paintings that I got from my mother’s house but still not sure where to put them yet. I decided to go through my paperwork to see what is important and what needs to discarded in the trash. I cleared lots of paper, and my side table looks better. I hung one painting, actually of me at age 7, in my bedroom. I did other light tidying of this and that throughout my townhouse. I even found some ideas I want to blog about later, in which I put aside in a large, old and empty envelope.

At around 9 pm, I decided to watch some YouTube videos. I ate some Sriracha Potato Chips, which are lattice cut and kettle cooked. It contains coconut, potatoes, sea salt, sriracha, sunflower oil, honey, garlic, sugar, vinegar, red pepper, and paprika. It was good and slightly spicy, and I haven’t had potato chips for a long time.


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1st Day of 9.17

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Friday, September 1, 2017, Video

The Lovers Cards

The 6 of Cups card has to do with a temporary bliss or a temporary relationship that didn’t last.

Queen of Cups card has to do with moving on with your life and starting something on your own.

The 5 of Coins card has to do with being single and alone, doing everything on your own.

It will be an emotional day because you feel like you are on your own and without any support. You are fearful, fearing you are losing things.

These 3 cards add up to 12, and the number 12 reduces to 3. The number 3 means new beginnings and expressing oneself. Express yourself to start your new beginnings. Since this video reading sounded true for me, I decided to check out someone’s else video for the first week of September to maybe further elaborate on these ideas. I picked a video for Leos, since I was born under the Leo sign.

Leo Reading for 1st Week of September 2017

9.1.17 to 9.10.17

There might be someone in your life, or there might be an interesting partnership connection, love relationship. You will feel pleasure because you will have a lot fun. Children? You will care for someone. You might do volunteer or do charity work to help children. New child will come your way? Pregnant or adoption? Receive surprising news about a future partner? Flow of money will be stagnant or your will life will be routine. New business? There will be chaos because you are going through changes. You will look very attractive as well as persuasive. A woman nearby will become close to you. Try to remain balanced. You might be changing places, home or environment, and you need a lot of energy. You will get tired easily. Sleep more and relax as well as eat healthy. Your home environment is changing. You will have a lot of work, especially art. Show your artwork because others will accept your work. Go out and have fun, going to parties, movies, and other events. There might be some fears. Lots of dating, flirting, and having fun with others. Renew your faith in God. You might deal with organizations. You need to take a lot of action. Chaos from partnerships. Create some changes. Children related? You will receive assurance. Trust your own understanding because you will get a lot of followers or interested people.

Friday, September 01, 2017

This video reading sounds true for my first week of September because I am currently feeling most of it, although some I don’t notice yet. It is a hot first day of September. It is also the first day of a four-day weekend. I went on the internet, and I realized that I have a meetup this afternoon at Woodbridge. I need to go to Fullerton, again, tomorrow morning, and I hope to get everything with me, and return to my townhouse. I started to get ready for my evening meetup. When I went downstairs, I noticed the time was 4:44 pm. I went to one hour of walking around one of the Woodbridge manmade lake, and I noticed it feels so humid this month that I am always thirsty. There wasn’t even a cool breeze blowing, like last Friday. I returned home and drank some icy cold water. Then, when I finished that, I made some herb tea and placed lots of ice inside the cup to cool it off. Then, I took a walk in my peaceful neighborhood. I returned home and noticed that time is 8:19 pm. My ceiling fan stopped working, and I don’t know why. But I remembered I have a small fan upstairs. So, I brought it downstairs. Summer is almost over, and I don’t really need to turn on the air conditioner, unless the temperature reaches over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Leo September 2017 Agenda

The end? Now What? What is next for me? (Yeah, I am always wondering about my next step…).

The crazy month of August lead to something new happening, which also created a shake-up in your life. You are now dealing with the aftermath of that shake up.  You will move into a new direction, which brought you clarity towards what will really make you happy. You have a lot of energy in September. (This sounds true, but I am not sure what direction I am moving towards).

The Fool in reverse, which indicates you were afraid to start over.

The Tower in Reverse, which indicates you will start rebuilding.

The 9 of Cups card—you understand what will really fill you.

The Hermit card shed the light on what will make you truly happy and provide the most security.

The 10 of Pentacles is in reverse, which indications a loss or separation.

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