Changes in Malls

Sunday, 7.30.17, Video

He places three reversed cards in view.

Queen of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates that there is a lack of nurturing and love in your life.

The 4 of Wands card is in reverse, which has the same meaning upright or reversed because it is very positive. It has to do with a wedding and celebration as well as wealth, security, and happiness. You will have everything you need in life. It is possible, but it appears to be currently hidden from your view.

Knight of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates emotional stability because you are connected to God.

These three cards add up to 6, and the number 6 means temporary opportunity. It is a hidden opportunity.

At noon, I decided to go to IKEA to look for picture frames. As I drove out of my Association’s exit, I noticed a small mouse squirming around in the middle of the street, and cars were driving by. I think a car must have driven over his tail or a part of his body that he was probably dying. There are probably too many mice outside now, and some found shelter somewhere in my house. I still want them out soon. I just don’t know if Gumby will eventually kill them all, or they will surrender and move out.

I found three frames that are closer to the size I want, and I finally decided to buy all three because I will likely use the other two for future Canon photo meetup events. I saw bright pink pillows for $3, and I decided to get four for my couch décor, which already has some really old pillows for the back. My old couch is in pink and blue. It was crowded in the IKEA maze, as I shuffled along behind other people toward my destination. I heard a young boy behind me say that it is like “follow the leader.” The IKEA food court was also crowded with people hanging out and eating a meal. I wasn’t hungry, but I just checked out the menu, and I noticed a couple of vegetarian dishes. They even have a food section downstairs, next to the cashiers. There were long lines everywhere. It is probably because of the hot weather. I think IKEA is starting to look like an IKEA Mall.

I decided to drop by South Coast Plaza to check out what is going on in that mall. This mall is just as crowded, but it is much bigger. They were having a 50th Anniversary event, with vintage photographs of the mall from the past 50 years, and I noticed a lot has changed. Many stores have closed down, and some are in the process of closing down.  I heard that Teavana is closing down next spring. Nothing is lasting for too long. What else is new? I noticed an event happening at the Origins store on my birthday. I might check it out if I am bored or I need an outdoor break. The Nordstrom remodeling has finished, and it looks like a new store, almost like the IKEA maze. Well, both stores are Swedish. So, it makes sense. I walked around in Nordstrom to check out the new first floor format before I ventured into the mall, checking out the other stores.

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