Depressing Weekend

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Saturday, July 15, 2017, Video

Cosmic cards

The 8 of Pentacles card has to do with looking at everything you have done, and you are finally doing it, trying to finish your big project.  It has to do with the actual work involved in working on your project. (This has to do with working on my graphic novel). The truth is revealed on the work you should be doing.

The 9 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates there isn’t any negativity coming in your way. You feel very peaceful.

The Magicians card, 1st card, has to do with acting and creating. You have all the tools you need, and you can create the life that you want.  Be independent. You are guided to move forward and do your own thing.

These 3 cards add up to 18, and the number 18 reduces to 9. The number 9 means spirituality and completion.

Today, I decided to go to an art gallery reception at Showcase Gallery in the evening, and I end up doing 3 videos as well as taking some snapshots.

Sunday, July 16, 2017, Video

By noon, I decided to go to Trader Joes for few stuff. Then, I came home and worked on another page. I received messages from my brothers that my mother is dying, and they are making funeral preparations. I didn’t feel like going to the hospital to watch her die. I finished drawing and coloring a page at 5:55 pm.

Connelly cards

Knight of Pentacles card has to do with being stationary and not doing much action. You feel stagnant because you might be distracted by other issues. (Yeah, I felt depressed because my mother is dying. But I drew one page for my graphic novel and I went to Trader Joes for a change of environment).

Knight of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates a lack of movement and progress. You are inactive.

King of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates you don’t have much love. You might be depressed and disinterested in your usual activities.

These 3 cards add up to 3, which mean new beginnings and expression.

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