Eeek, I found 3 Mice inside my Townhouse!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

I dropped by the post office before I went to yoga class at Spectrum Center. After yoga and sitting in the sauna, I returned home to notice that I have 3 mice running around. I saw one in the kitchen, and I thought it was dead because it was flag against the tile floor. When I tried to pick it up to throw it away, it moved, and I jumped back. Then, Gumby kept sitting in front of the hallway closet door, just staring at it and waiting. I opened the door for him so he can go inside. But he just stayed out of the closet, sniffing around. So, I decided to take out the items and reorganize the closet. There wasn’t really much inside this closet. But I noticed a lot of mice turds. Gumby went inside to investigate because he sensed there was a mouse inside, but he couldn’t get at it, and he eventually walked out. I brushed out all the turds and threw it in the trash. It was really sick! Two mice ran out of the closet, and I don’t know where they went. I hope not more than 3 are here, and I hope Gumby gets them soon. I decided to go to Ace Hardware to buy mouse traps. I chose two Hold & Release trap, and I hope it really works. The poison might be too dangerous because Gumby might play with it or he might eat the dead mouse that eats the poison. And, Gumby might also play with the Sticky Glue trap. I put a little bit of noodles from yesterday in each trap as bait. Then, I placed one trap in the hallway closet, just in case they return, and the other trap on the stove because I always hear a mouse walking on the counter. Then, I decided to clean the inside of the stove because I noticed a lot of turds. Yuck! I am really started to feel sick of all this! So far, it is quiet tonight, and the mice are still in hiding somewhere in the townhouse. I hope I get rid of them somehow and soon.

I also did laundry. And, I noticed some turds at the bottom of the hamper where I had the white dirty clothes. So, I took it outside and shook it clean, before bringing it inside.


Monday, 4.17.17 video

The Judgment card, 20th card, is in reverse, which indicates that you are doing the right thing, and you should continue on your current project.

Ace of Cups card has to do with receiving blessings of positive feelings in your life.

Ace of Pentacles card has to do with receiving blessings of finance and belongings. You will be naturally guided on a daily basis, and everything will fall into place.

These 3 cards add up to 22, and the number 22 means builder. You will build something that will be permanent.


Fairies Messages for week of 4.17.17 to 4.23.17

Express your Individuality card has to do with expressing your style in a unique way in order to let you true self shine.

Flower Power card has to do with spending time amidst flowers to improve personal healing power.

Spiritual Teacher card has to do with teaching other people about healing and spirituality.


These two card reading videos had nothing to do with my actual Monday because my Monday was mostly trying to figure out how to rid these mice from my townhouse.

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  • You made a good choice. I would never use poison. It causes suffering, and other animals can be poisoned too. I don’t like glue traps either. To me they seem cruel. Keep us posted on how the live traps work for you. They worked well for me.

    • Fifi Leigh says:

      so far, they are still empty, although i have a little piece of noodles for bait in each. i am not sure where they are…Gumby looks perplexed too. he sits in the kitchen and hallway, and he just waits, or he just walks around, checking here and there…

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