Easter Sunday 2017 in Irvine

Happy Easter 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I woke up around 8am. When I went downstairs, I noticed something black and gooey on the tile floor, in front of the front door. There is also red smeared on the off-white tile floor. It looked like a CSI murder case, which happened overnight. I used a paper towel to pick up the gook, and sprayed the area with cleaning solution before wiping the mess with another paper towel. I did some investigation, for like 5 seconds, and it looked like a little and narrow tail curled up. Gumby must have killed and eaten the little mouse, and this mess was the leftovers, I am assuming, because I don’t know what else it could be. I will wait and see if I will hear anything walking on the counter tonight leaving tiny trail of turds.

After eating my breakfast, I drew one page and colored it until 3pm. Then, I decided to stop and go to Wholesome Choice, for a change. I found Turkish coffee and Turkish delight, which I usually buy at the other grocery store on Walnut Street. I decided to buy some Turkish coffee and Turkish delight. I learned how to make my own Turkish coffee by watching many youtube videos, although everyone has their own demo version. My version is that I prefer not to put sugar in my Turkish coffee, and I heat it on medium heat. The can instructions state to use low heat, but low heat takes forever, and I don’t want to stand by the stove for one hour or more. After buying groceries, I ate some Chinese takeout at the outside courtyard, which consisted of noodles, tofu, and mixed veggies. As I was driving home, I noticed that the park was crowded and closed off. When I came home, I noticed on my calendar that today is Easter. I made a cup of Turkish coffee, and I placed a pomegranate aroma Turkish delight in the cup. It looked water. Maybe I will put less water next time. it tasted good. I wish I could read the Turkish coffee cup. But sometimes I just like to try for fun, even though I don’t know what the hell I am doing.

I also noticed that Wholesome Choice was very crowded, probably for the Easter holiday. Many people were also eating outside, although I didn’t see anyone I know.

I turned on my computer and entered IMVU. I received an Easter gift from IMVU, which is a tree with large decorated Easter eggs hanging with string. Under the tree, there are lots of nodes for many avatars to hang out together and chat, maybe an Easter picnic. I placed this Easter tree at my beach house yard, which overlooks a private beach. I took four snapshots of my avatar modeling different poses by this tree.

I made some Peerless brand Coconut Cream espresso coffee in my Bialetti Moka, and it is quite good because it tasted sweet and smooth.

Sunday, 4.16.17 video

The 7 of Arrows card has to do with Insecurity. You hear negative information or negative feedback, and it makes you feel insecure. Just go out and have fun.

The 3 of Bows card has to do with Fulfillment. It has to do with making a choice at a crossroad, which will help you move forward. You will be fulfilled because taking action will rid insecurity. (I decided to draw another page all morning, and then go to Wholesome Choice in the afternoon. The grocery store was crowded but I didn’t see anyone I know. But I think Gumby caught the mouse early this morning and ate it because I notice gross leftovers on the tile floor).

Forest Lovers card is the 6th card, and it has to do with love and romance. Go out to public places, and you will meet someone.

These three cards add up to 16, and the number 16 reduces to 7. The number 7 means mind and creativity.

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