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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Today, I went to The District to be new colored pencils at Michaels. I opted for cheaper ones, although I am used to Berol Prismacolor, but it really doesn’t matter because I am using all kinds of pencils in this graphic novel. I remember buying two Prismacolor pencil sets for different schools, one for UCI art classes and one for Platt College’s Graphic Design program. I am currently using the 24-colored pencils, and a couple are getting very small and difficult to sharpen. I am not sure what happened to my other box. I completed forgot about where I placed it last. Anyways, I opted for Prang’s 48 colors and Artist Loft’s 50 colors. I already have metallic pencils with Artist Loft label. So, I know it is similar to Berol. And, I wanted to try Prang, which is made in China, because I have never heard of it, and it was even cheaper than Artist Loft. After buying them, I was placed on their rewards program, although there is no card. It just goes by phone number. I then went to check on two jewelry stores, but they were both closed on Sunday. I need to go on a weekday to see if I can buy a watch battery for one of my watches. I am lost without a watch, even though I have an iPhone because sometimes I forget to recharge my iPhone. I dropped by Mother’s Market because Gumby needed litter for his litterbox, as well as I bought some more Wellness canned food flavors, which will last for the next two weeks. I also got a coupon to buy two Chia Viva pudding flavors, coffee and vanilla bean, and it they are vegan, although it doesn’t say it on the package. But it looks good because I sometimes eat chia seeds food, drinks and snacks. The girl took a snapshot of me buying two flavors for work. I also got some low-fat milk for cappuccino because real milk froths better than vegan milk, as well as other necessities, toilet paper. When I arrived home and put everything in its place, I went into my small art room, and I suddenly noticed my other box of Prismacolor colored pencils, and it has 48 different colors, in which I forgot all about. I think I bought this one for Platt College. Most of them are still long, although one was broken and others needed to be sharpened.  I think that the last time I used these pencils was around 2000 or maybe 2001. Oh, well, now I have a lot of colored pencils. But I think I will use these Berol Prismacolor first, before I start on my new ones. I still have over 100 pages to draw.

Then, I decided to drive to South Coast Plaza, just mostly to check around to see if there is anything new at that mall. When I drove by Redhill Street, I noticed that the street is now opened for use, although a narrow part is opened because they are still working on the other side. Nordstrom is still in their remodeling phase, mostly the outside of the building, which is now being painted white, as well as the first floor. The mall looked busy, and it was filled with Easter decorations and bunnies. The carousel ride had rabbits instead of horses, and that area was decorated like a spring garden, filled with bunnies, chicks, colorful Easter eggs, baskets, white trellises, ivy, flowers, and a long line of small kids taking pictures with a fake bunny, but I think it is electronic, as well as a human dressed in a bunny suit, which is at another location of the mall. I took a lot of snapshots for Easter videos. I walked around and browsed this and that, and then I decided to leave at around 3pm. The weather was nice, sunny and warm, but a little bit breezy. And, the mall seemed quiet and peaceful, but still crowded.  On my way home, I decided to drive on Redhill to see what they did, and I noticed that they are still working on the street, but they opened one side of it for the public to use. I might check out Canon meetups now, although the area looks narrow, especially if I am driving at night.

I came home and made my dinner, which included vegan bacon strips, vegan omelet, and vegetarian cappuccino. I ate my dinner while watching the second half of the movie, Orange County, in which I have seen before. I relaxed in my pajamas and slippers, although it is still early and sunny, but it is a Sunday, and I felt like being comfortable in my flannel pajamas and slippers.

Sunday, April 09, 2017 video

Moon Garden tarot cards have to do with magical and mythical world of fantasy. (Yeah, the Easter decoration at the mall looked very magical and mythical, amidst a fantasy world).

Page of Staff card has to do with learning something new, and you might feel inexperienced. You will discover something new, or maybe strengthen your skills at something. (I am discover new ways to better draw my graphic novel).

The 4 of Pentacles card has to do with holding on to your possessions and hiding them to protect. You might be fearful about something, and your thoughts are uncontrollable, going off at different directions, making you paranoid.

Queen of Pentacles card has to do with being secure with whatever you have, and you are having fun with your situation. Everything is in the right place, and you just need to live in the current moment as you focus on your future. Everything you have and own is safe.

These 3 cards add up to 6, and the number 6 means temporary opportunity opening, which is a discovery that will help you to move forward.

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