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Sunday, March 19, 2017

It is 1:11pm, when I turned on my computer to research for movies, Get Out, Personal Shopper, Table 19, and My Life as a Zucchini, to see if they are worth watching any in the theatre.

Get Out movie trailer depicts this movie as a horror thriller about an interracial couple, the girl is white and he boyfriend is black, and apparently, no one accepts their relationship. The black boyfriend appears to be constantly harassed and interrogated to make him feel like he doesn’t fit in a white society. It appears to be a suspenseful thriller, which is motivated by racial tension between black and white people.

Personal Shopper movie trailer:  Kristen Stewart stars in this movie, Personal Shopper.  It appears to be an independent film as well as a psychological thriller. It appears to have a lot of drama and suspense.

Personal Shopper trailer #2

Personal Shopper trailer #3

Personal Shopper trailer #4


Table 19 trailer #1:  Anna Kendrick stars in Table 19 movie trailer #2, which appears to be about attending another boring wedding. A young woman confronts different people at a wedding reception. It appears to be another romantic comedy, where this woman is struggling to find Mr. Right at a wedding reception.

Table 19 trailer #3

Table 19 trailer #4


My Life as a Zucchini film is an animated film, and it appears to be artistic. I am most likely to watch it for artistic style and form. But the story seems deep about a troubled kid who is sent to a children’s home or orphanage by social worker or shrink. He appears to be an orphan. It is a foreign film by Switzerland.

My life as a zucchini trailer #2

My life as a zucchini trailer #3 is in french

Now, I want to decide if I want to see any of these movies in the theatre, or if I would rather wait until they come on the indie channels, which is probably sometime during next year. I would watch any of these films on the indie channels because they do appear like interesting indie films.  But I feel Get Out movie is trying to push the “black lives matter” propaganda to create black and white tension, in which I can wait to watch this movie on cable channels. Table 19 movie is about hopeless and lonely girl struggling to find someone to marry, and I am getting tired of these romantic comedies. But I would still check it out for fun, if it was on and indie cable channel. So, Personal Shopper and My Life as a Zucchini films are films that I would most likely watch because Personal Shopper is a psychological thriller and My Life as a Zucchini is art. Therefore, I might consider watching Personal Shopper today or this week, just for a break.

At 3pm, I went to the ATM and usual gas station, before going to the theatre. I found a parking space right away, and I was inside the theatre at five minutes before the movie starts. Since I use a Regal card to accumulate credits, I have a free bag a popcorn, in which I decided to use because if I don’t use it right away, I will forget about it and then it will become late. I remembered not to add too much butter, which I always do by accident, and it kind of makes me sick when I finish the whole bag. This time, I put just enough, and the popcorn even had enough salt.

I thought this movie was interesting because I am into indie films. But a couple of old people didn’t understand the film or what went on, and I had to explain the story to them when we got out in the lobby. It was open-ended, and it is about a young woman who seems empty, hoping to connect with her late twin brother. She tries to go on with her life, traveling to different countries for her Personal Shopper job that she does for a big diva celebrity, Kyra. Kristin Stewart is the only familiar celebrity in this film because the other actors are European actors. There is an interesting mystery about this film, which involves an internet stalker, a murder, and a ghost. But the story is very subtle, and everything moves slowly. You have to follow every scene closely to figure out where it is heading, where she is going, and what is really going on. it kind of reminds me of Lost in Translation because the main character seems empty, lost and alone, searching for answers, but the story is different. There is some suspense and it is a psychological thriller, but it is very light and the spirit doesn’t try to harm her in any way. I think just negative energy mess with her mind, as she keeps thinking about her brother, and she can’t move on in her life. As she tries to move on at the end of the movie, she suddenly notices a glass floating in the air, and it suddenly falls to the floor and crashes into millions of pieces. She feels it might be her brother, but she isn’t sure because he was a medium and it could be negative spirits bothering her.


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