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Saturday, March 18, 2017

I woke up at around 9am, like I had slept well, and I went downstairs mostly to feed Gumby. Then, I ate one of the veggie wraps, well actually they were two because they had been cut in half, and I went back to bed because I just felt depressed about the recent family bad news. I made a cup of Joe, which is the name of the coffee from Trader Joes. It is medium roast, and I felt like trying a cup of Joe because it is a familiar phrase for a cup of black coffee, I guess. I actually decided to buy the dark roast of cup of Joe, although I sampled the medium roast at the store. It was good and smooth coffee, perfect for meditation, but I seem to be drawn more towards strong black coffee most of the time. I used my Moka and made a cup of Joe, and then I decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood. It was mostly very peaceful and quiet, like a holiday weekend that people preferred to travel to a location for three days. But I wasn’t aware that St. Patrick’s Day was a big holiday. It is just a “wear green day” for fun. I continued with the plaid tradition, and I wore my old plaid jacket and plaid knit cap, although I am from Scotland, where they also wear plaid and kilts, and I usually have some red tints in my hair, whether highlights from the sun or red henna to color my gray. I took a slow and meditative walk to the town center by my townhouse, and I noticed the town center was also peaceful, although there were people hanging out at restaurant and coffee shop as well as going to the theater. I decided to check out what was playing on theatre. The movies look interesting, which includes three movies that had recently won Oscars, La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight. I am not likely to go watch these movies because I don’t care to watch movies that the media promote. Who knows what kind of agenda they are pushing, and if that is true, I would rather watch it when it comes on TV or indie cable channels. What I thought were interesting movies were, Get Out, Personal Shopper, Table 19, and My Life as a Zucchini. Maybe I will go research these movies on the internet, and go watch one or two, if any really preview and trailers sound really interesting.

I browsed inside Trader Joes while I sampled something I actually bought yesterday. I saw what I forgot to buy yesterday, which was south of France red wine with berries. I like fruit flavored liquor. I might buy it next week. As I was walking out of the town center, I noticed a metallic green three-leaf clover sticker on the ground, which reminded me of my childhood days when we used to seek three-leaf or four-leaf clovers for good luck, in which I now think it is all fiction, but I still picked up this discarded sticker for fun to blog about the sticket. A four-leaf clover is actually a symbol for good luck, while the 3-leaf clover is the Irish Catholic Trinity symbol for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I arrived in my quiet neighborhood, and I noticed there was only one black bird. What happened to all the rest? There usually is a whole congregation of them hanging out together on the green lawns. I checked my mailbox, and I noticed I received two C Magazine issues, for fashion and home décor. I haven’t blogged about fashion for a while because I am busy with my graphic novel. Speaking of my graphic novel, I am now on the page where she returns from her Canada trip, and she notices chaos in her neighborhood.  I also need to do some maintenance work around the house, but I always seem to procrastinate with boring issues, like sewing, cleaning, and organizing.

Before I took my shower, family called back, where my brother put Face Time skyping on my iphone, since I didn’t feel like going there today, even though it is only 20 minutes away. I don’t have the energy or tolerance to handle some of the relatives, especially my brothers’ vulgar wives. So, it was interesting to chat with my mother via iphone skype. She looked better today than last time because she was well-rested, but she is still smoking a little bit, I guess to calm her nerves. I think skyping was my idea, but I thought we would skype on my desktop. The only problem is that I have a PC and she has an Apple. So, I can only do it via iphone and ipad.

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