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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It was a beautiful March morning, as I drove to the Spectrum Center. At 11:11am, I got out of my parked car and walked to the gym, checking out the social activity in the already busy mall. It is already warm and sunny, and many people are enjoying the California weather, before the spring rain and wind starts. After a couple of minutes in the sauna, I went into the yoga room, in which I noticed a small class and a substitute yoga instructor. But it was still a good workout. I sat outside in the mall courtyard, right in front of the IMAX theatre, and I ate some Belvita breakfast biscuits that I got from the gym to sample. Today’s flavor is Golden Oat. I also had some last week, but it was a different flavor. I also was given chocolate flavor Belvita to sample. I chatted with a woman with her adopted small dog, who has hair instead of fur because animals with hair don’t shed. Her husband joined her soon after with their lunch. Then, I walked to my car. When I arrived home, I decided to make an icy cacao because it is so hot outside. it is the same recipe as the hot cacao drink, but I just put the ingredients in the blender and add ice, instead of warm the ingredients on the stove. It felt good drinking the cold cacao drink until the liquid finished, and then I just ate the cacao ice with a spoon, which was like eating a cacao snow cone.

I asked a neighbor why my garage door is the only one that isn’t done to a new garage door, and he stated that he had to call them to make an appointment. So, he gave me the number, and I guess I will call them tomorrow morning because it is getting too late. I always thought that the association automatically does the same thing for all their townhouses. But I just noticed that most of the garage doors are already done, except for mine and few others, here and there, and I don’t know what is going on.

I was on Yoworld all day, decorating my Irish Cottages with new Irish bedroom furniture and décor. Then, I decided to make cacao mocha espresso so I can work on my graphic novel.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I called a number that I got from a neighbor about the garage door. I guess I have to call in order to make an appointment because for some reason they didn’t have my information. I thought the association was in charge of doing all this in order to make sure all the townhouses look the same. So, I set the appointment for Tuesday, which is the earliest appointment I can get. What a mess! I worked on my graphic novel all day. It was nice outside, but I didn’t have anywhere to go. I don’t have any plans for St. Patrick’s Day or the weekend. But I will probably go to yoga on Friday, and I need to wax my legs anyway.

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