What are your Vices?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I decided to watch American Teen documentary in the morning while eating my breakfast. Then, after the documentary, I went on the internet to check on things on youtube and other sites. All of the sudden, I noticed that the time is 2:22pm.

I decided to do some laundry. While separating clothes in the hamper, I realized I actually have two loads to do, regular clothes and gentle cycle clothes. As I was placing regular cycle clothes in the washer with some detergent, I was thinking of another documentary, Coffee and Cigarettes, which led me to thinking about vices. So, what are my vices? My two most addictive habits are Internet and Espresso because that is what I spend most of my waking life doing, when I am not drawing my graphic novel and doing physical activities outdoors. But I think I have a well-rounded and balanced life. I balance out all the internet life and espresso drinks with vegan detox, yoga, street hiking, and drawing. And, if I am not tired at night, I enjoy reading in bed, in which I need to do more of. Location for enjoying my addiction might include sitting at my desktop in my pajamas, robe and slippers or hanging out at the mall with my iPad while dressed in fashionable attire.

I decided to make a cup of espresso because it keeps me going throughout the day. I plan to go street hiking in the evening, if it doesn’t rain, and I need to work on my novel.

As I sipping my espresso, meditating, and watching American Ultra, I notice the time is 3:33pm.

Then, I decided to get ready for the hiking meetup. After changing my clothes and wearing some eye makeup, I noticed my eyes looked tired. I suddenly remembered that I recently received some moisturizing cream tube because of an internet survey. I guess I am their target audience because of my age. I put some Curel Hydra-therapy on my face, and it feels like lip balm for the face or face balm. Actually, I need both nowadays.

It is 5pm now, and I realize today is my laundry day. I checked my answering machine, and noticed that they changed the business dinner seminar appointment I made to Tuesday at 6:30pm instead of Wednesday because I was on a waiting list. I am already dressed casual for street hiking, and I don’t feel like changing my clothes for a business seminar. It is probably boring anyway, and it is probably not really worth my time. I decided not to call back to confirm that I will be there on Tuesday. I would much rather get a good walking workout around a manmade lake.

Then, I think about movies, such as American Teen, American Ultra, and American Werewolf in London. They all seem about messed up American societies, from confused teens trying to do something with their life to feel good about themselves to messed up off-the-street criminals hired to become CIA assassins under MK-Ultra Programs. And, finally it gets really dark with the American Werewolf in London, which I think has to do with Illuminati and Freemasonry.

I enjoyed a 4 to 5-mile street hike around a manmade lake for an hour with a group. It was invigorating, and I had a lot of energy, briskly walking ahead, most of the hike. Then, I came home to relax and finish up my laundry load.

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