Thursday 2.16.17 Summary

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fast-forward to Thursday morning, where I woke up and fed Gumby, and I decided to go back to bed, even though I had slept early last night. I woke up again at noon, ate my lunch while watching the movie, Touched by Fire, starring Katie Holmes. It is an interesting film about bipolar disorder. What I found most interesting about this film is that two people in the mental institution, who bonded together while they were there, always ended up meeting together at a particular room at exactly 3am, which is the Satanic Hour. It is probably Zionist-occupied media’s way of promoting their aliens propaganda. But it was an interesting drama anyway because psychological movies are interesting to watch, even though most of these movies are quiet disturbing in some way.

After the movie, I changed my clothes and decided to drive by the gas station in my old MX-3 car, which is only about two blocks. When I drove by, I noticed that half of the station was open for service. They were still working on one row of gas machine things. But there was also a long line for the gas machines that are now available for service. I drove back home again in order to bring my VW for gasoline. When I entered the station, I found one gas machine available for my side gas tank. (Everyone’s gas tank is located on different side, which is that way for my new Beetle and old MX3). So, I had to drive to certain sides of the station for certain gas machine to use. When I finished, and I was driving out of the station, I noticed the caravan line for gasoline had grown longer, and some cars were still in the street, trying to enter into the gas station. I also noticed that unleaded gas for my car is now $2.979/gallon in this station, while other local stations service $3+ of unleaded gas/gallon.

I went back home to work on my graphic novel project as well as do some blogging for fun.


1st card reading video for Thursday, 2.16.17

New Partner card is a chance meeting. Expect the unexpected will come through. When you meet this person, you feel it is déjà vu, whether running into this person or running into someone who gives you information about someone or something, and it feels like meeting your soulmate by accident, which will feel weird. Now, is the right time to do something, and it involves something that was lost and you know found it as a sign. Pay attention to new people that enter your life, in which you will feel familiar with them for some reason.  Someone might open up to you, and they didn’t open up before. (I woke up at around noon, just as the movie, Touched by Fire, was starting, in which I enjoyed eating my brunch while watching it, and this movie is about a couple who met each other in a mental institution because they related with each other in some way and they bonded).

The 7 of Ariel card has to do with something begins with a good conversation, and the relationship will grow. It is about organization and tending to each part separately in order to make everything work out as a whole. Work on things based on a season by doing things different during each season. There is something new that is about to happen. Pay attention for an unusual doorway to better things ahead.

The 41 card has to do with layers that need to be peeled to show your inner beauty. Clues include youth, wisdom, and age; the déjà vu meeting is about whoever you meet, you will feel that it feels right, regardless of the mask the person wears.


2nd card reading video for Thursday

The 8 of Swords card is about feeling stuck, and you are confused about something or situation. Think of a creative way to get past this rut and confusion.

The Magician card, which is the 1st card, indicates that you have everything you need to make things happen. The infinity symbol in this card indicates that you always have the power to fix things. You just need to be creative and use what you have around you.

The King of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates that you might not be using your own intelligence and strength, as well as you aren’t making any effort toward your destination. Use whatever ideas that come up today to make it all work.

These three cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means creation, leadership, and taking charge of your own life in order to make things happen toward your goals.

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