Happy Valentine’ Day 2017

My Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I slept late last night because when I was in bed, I noticed the time was 2:22am.  But my phone rang at 6:30am, and I got up to see if it was important. It was the same crap, probably sales shit, but they called, and when I picked up the phone, they just hanged up. I didn’t even answer, and they didn’t say anything. I lay in bed, just relaxing and hanging out with Gumby, as I thought about what I needed to do on today’s list.

I woke up early today, fed Gumby, and turned on my computer. I chatted for a while on IMVU, and I noticed that there is a Valentine’s gift from the site in my inbox. It is a cute heart-shaped couch. I placed it inside my large beach house. I actually made copies, and I placed them in different areas, but I ended up moving the one in the balcony to an empty room.

I checked the meetup sites, and I decided to sign up for the usual meetups, which is local hiking in Woodbridge and Turtle Rock. I signed up for the ones in February.

I decided to go back to bed, and I woke up at noon, ate my brunch, and I made hot cocoa. I drank my hot cocoa while watching an animated movie about fairies looking for a magic love potion, and there is an evil creature who wants this potion. It reminds me of an animated version of Lord of the Rings. This animated film is called, Strange Magic.

I drew another page, and I am getting the hang of doing most of the work with colored pencils, but using black ink pens and sharpies to outline borders and certain areas to make certain areas in the scene stand out more. I plan to do the whole graphic novel this way, as well as redo some or all of the first 33 pages that I already drew.

I watched to foreign movies on the indie channel, which were interesting. But I was mostly drawing, coloring, and occasionally looking up to read English subtitles and check out the movie. The movie, Amour, is sad. I wasn’t paying attention to Like Water for Chocolate, although I noticed from the scenes that it looked like a romantic film. Then, Before Midnight came on. I have seen it before a couple of times. Since it is in English, I was mostly listening to it, but occasionally I looked up to take a break.


Valentine’s Day 2017

1st card reading video for Valentine’s Day

King of Summer card is a traditional man who seems non-emotional. Quiet, mysterious, sexy and loving, but you might have a connection anyway, and it might happen all of the sudden. A romance you can trust and you can work well together on projects, trips, and brainstorming. Fairy lights, lanterns, and romantic candlelight amidst an enchanted forest lighten up your surroundings with clarity. It doesn’t happen right away, but it will happen within weeks or days. Talk about the past and reminisce, by looking through books and albums, before planning something for the future.  This could be someone you might know. Start a new chapter together for your future. Someone will give you advice to help you move toward someone.

Ace of Air card has to do the truth. Speak your truth and be clear about situations. It will be a new situation, which has to do with being unclear before, and everything is clear now. You can get out of situations in unique ways, like flying a kite. Once you find the right connection, it will work out for the long term and feel natural. Consider taking a new detour on your routine path, which might be like a labyrinth maze as well as meditate in nature for ideas in your surroundings. Then, make the effort in order to make it happen. (This sounds like some kind of adventure).

Breakthrough card is about breaking through something, releasing something, and feeling free. It is about being able to handle anything because it will be magical. The card depicts a snow globe with a carousel house inside, and a unicorn on top. He might be nervous, and you shouldn’t push anything. He seems sad because something was omitted or said in the past. Something might be draining, and it important to get enough sleep and relax to energize. It is a road to truth. It is about chasing a dream. You need to get out of the carnival, and live your current life. Go with the changes  and the flow.

2nd card reading video for Valentine’s Day

He decides to use the Lovers card for this supposedly romantic day.

Prince of Staves card is in reverse, and it indicates that you don’t have a passionate lover in your current life. (True, all I have is Gumby, my male cat, but he is my cute 17-year-old baby).

The 10 of Coins card is also in reverse, and it indicates you need to be open to something new to discover something you don’t have in your life.

The 9 of Coins card depicts a prosperous woman filled with love, and there are doves around you, giving you hope. You need to put effort, and walk through the doorway. Join activities and meetups, and get out in society. It requires a lot of effort and work. (I think I am already doing that).

These three cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means relationships.


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