My Sunday 1.8.17

Sunday, January 08, 2017

I spend all morning working on a page of my graphic novel because it required redrawing, inking, and coloring. It took forever because of the details, and I am not sure if I am able to do two or three pages per day. I might be able to do it on some pages, but not all. Then, I turned on my computer to check on different sites. And, while watching youtube videos, I suddenly noticed that it was 10:10pm.

1st card reading video for 1.2.17 to 1.8.17

Ace of Cups card is for Monday and Tuesday, which is about fresh new beginnings and relationships. You have a lot of good feelings. Take care of yourself and make yourself happy. You might start new relationships. Communicate feelings freely, and do things differently. Try something new, or at least doing old ways differently. (I worked on my graphic novel all day, drawing and coloring the page my way, not the conventional way that most graphic novels are drawn. I am using markers and colored pencils, and I notice lots of contrast colors or symbolism colors on each page)

For Wednesday and Thursday, the Death card has to do with an ending. There will be a change in your life, and then new beginnings will start soon after. (I am not sure what this ending or change in my life is yet).

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, King of Cups card has to a mature man coming into your life.


2nd card reading is for Sunday, January 08, 2017

Choose Peace card is the message by Paramahansa Yogananada. (This sounds like the John Lennon message—Think Peace).

Yoga card is the message by Babaji. A daily yoga and meditation routine can help you get the peace you need. (When I work on my graphic novel, I feel it is a meditate process, and a long one because it takes me a couple of hours to do one page).

Health and Healing card is a message by Hilarion.

You are being guided in the right direction, as indicated with the eyes of the male figures in each card.


3rd card reading video is for Sunday, January 08, 2017

The 3 of Water card has to do with jumping into an experience and having fun. You might get an invitation to a party. Excitement, celebration, and working with others. You are feeling good about your life. Leap of faith into something, and you are enjoying the experience. Do whatever makes you happy. It will feel exhilarating. It might have to do with Germany or German language. You might want to relax in a Jacuzzi or move around in the pool, or relax in a gym’s sauna. (I stayed home all Sunday. But during the weekdays, I will probably go to the gym as well as do some local street hiking with a group).

The 2 of Earth card has to do with multitasking and making things work out without getting overwhelmed. You are juggling too many things. You will adjust quickly. And, sleep if you need it so you can get the energy you need to be productive. It might also have to do with nature, maybe taking a short nature hike with a meetup group. (This sounds like my life, juggling between drawing my graphic novel, and taking breaks at the gym and hiking, although I also need to do other stuff on my to-do list).

The 8 card has to do with working hard to make something beautiful and perfect by transforming your work into gold. Remain focuses on the goal, persevere, and it will work out at the end.


4th card reading video for January 2, 2017 to January 8, 2017

For Monday and Tuesday, Healthful Eating card has to do taking care of yourself and eating right, such eating organic apples and organic food. (Yeah, I am mostly eating vegan food as well as raw vegan food, but once in a while vegetarian. This month, I feel like detoxing).

For Wednesday and Thursday, Vision card has to do with trusting your visions and dreams. You will receive more visions in dreams, such as feathers, coins, and number sequences. Notice visual signs in your surroundings. (I did find a couple of dimes and pennies outside somewhere, but I forgot to look for any signs. I found a small feather on my car seat. I always see same number sequence, mostly in the time. But, again, I forgot to check for signs).

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Higher Education card is about opportunities to learn and growth. (I have had enough school, but I still ready a lot and do research).

Marriage card has to do meeting your soulmate, or mystical marriage. (Not sure who that is).

Self-employment card indicates it is a time for being self-employed. (That sounds good).


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