January 9th is National Hugging Day

Monday, January 09, 2017

It was raining in the morning when I work up, and I felt groggy and tired. So, I decided to stay home to work on my graphic novel. It took me all day to draw another page, mostly because of all the steps I have to go through as well as coloring in small details. But I finished one page by 6:30pm, and I had my dinner. Then, I decided to take a break on go on the internet for a while.

January 9th is National Hugging Day. I decided to hug my Gumby. I changed my avatar’s clothes to denim pants, sweatshirt, hiking boots and Burberry-style cap and matching scarf. I added two of her big dogs, a German Shephard and Rotteweiler.

I moved on to the next site until I checked on all my sites. Then, I checked out the seven pages I have already done, wondering if they are good enough. I had messed up in a couple of areas, and I tried to fix it. I wonder if it is noticeable or good enough. I also wonder if I made the narration boxes too small, or maybe it is better because I don’t want to make it too wordy.


1st card reading video for Monday, January 9, 2017

King of Chalices card depicts a jolly fat and wealthy man enjoying his dinner, which includes a whole turkey or chicken as well as cheese cake. He holds up his shiny silver chalice to say cheers for this meal, and there is also a bouquet of blue flowers in a white vase as well as three bumblebees buzzing around him and the flowers. This card is positive and happy, which indicates that Monday is a positive day.

The Nature card, 15th card, depicts a hunter setting a trap in a dark forest, and a bear sneaks up behind him and watches him set this trap. The poor, cute bear looks sad because he knows that this fucking asshole wants to kill him and all his wildlife friends. He must go and warn his friends to beware of traps set up by sick Zionists. In the background, there are Baphomet group dancing together to celebrate their power over others. This card indicates that you might become trapped and tricked into taking unnecessary action that you really don’t need. These other forces are just after your money or something else. It is best to stop and pause for a second, and take a better look at this situation before proceeding with any action. (I don’t think I was trapped or tricked in any way today, but I hope it doesn’t have to do with these bills increasing all of the sudden).

The 6 of Chalices card depicts a cute and sweet picnic between a young boy and girl. There is a tea set and chalices set up for six people on a checkered blanket. In the background, there is a path that goes on to a village, and it appears that the boy and girl have finished drinking their tea. They hold hands while walking toward the village. And, the girl also holds a bouquet of purple flowers, while the boy holds a birdcage with a cute yellow bird. It looks like a scene of true love, happiness, and bliss, as they both walk off together toward their future. It is best to focus on positive opportunities for your future.

These three cards add up to 22. The number 22 means builder. Talk to someone about the situation before you take any action.

2nd card reading video for Monday

The Grouse card has to do with expressing yourself via drumming and dancing. You feel the sound inside your body. Feel the rhythm, beat, and vibration move through your body. Move your body and find your beat and rhythm. It will give you the energy you need in order to be more productive. Walk through the door into a dance studio, which has a tape player and other vintage products. Go on a platform and dance or do your own thing and it will lead you to other things because it allows you to see the bigger picture and a different perspective. Start from the beginning and move forward. Be like a grouse because it blends with its surroundings as well as stand out; being grounded into nature might help achieve that. If there is too much going on, then take out some stuff so there is space to breathe. Do some writing for the graphic novel.

Your wish is granted card indicates that you wish has come true today, or you might be making a wish on Monday. What you asked for is going happen soon. It will happen in the right time, and you might even get a sign in your surroundings. Be open to your surroundings because you don’t know what is coming your way or what it is. You might need to physically move around, take action, or just go somewhere for this wish to actually come true immediately. Go with whatever idea that you suddenly get because it might be a sign or message that will lead you to a direction.

Prince of Autumn card indicates being steady, having willpower, and having the drive and determination to get things done. It will be a long journey. You will always get your goal, no matter how long it takes. Someone helpful will advise you on something, while hanging out at a place, eating pizza and beer. The bigger picture and broad perspective is giving lots of clarity. A whole new world will open up for you because something is working with you to move you forward.

Guardian of Emotions card indicates starting over with something, whether work-related or relationship, and it has to do with using your emotions without being affected by these emotions. Using your emotions can help you work something out, and use your feelings to help you navigate where to go and where not to go. Be aware of your surroundings, but use logic. A generous humanitarian can be trusted, and this person will help you in some way. You will move up higher.

The 28th card has to do with reaching out and communicating with others. You realize that you have gained a lot after everything you went through. There is an ending and a beginning, and it has to do with reaching through the glass. Meditate and then connect with God. You will move forward toward something reaching out, and you will accept it and move forward.


3rd card reading video for 2017

Truth card has to do with being honest with yourself and others. She sees American tanks on American soil and Marshall Law to control Americans. Many people are fed up with all the bullshit. Peaceful activism such as don’t support any Zionist corporation or media, as well as doing your own research. Whistleblowing will continue in 2017, and whistleblower information will be labelled as fake news. God will create a lot of miracles during the dark hours. Everyone should band together and pray for the earth. Meditation is also good, especially if you meditate in nature to connect to God. Stay away from negative people and situations. Stay away from any public riots! Truthseekers and Truth Speakers are important, and more people need to speak up, but be careful when speaking with mental Zionists who will try take you down.

2017 is about new beginnings and change. And, the best solution is praying and preparing for the future.

January 2017:  Shield Yourself card has to do with a lot of harsh energy and presidential inauguration. There will be lots of disasters, natural and other. It is important to be strong. Meditate to keep negativity away.

February:  Decide to by Happy Now card has to do with living life in the present and in the fullest, and do whatever makes you happy. Detach from negative and bullshit, such as don’t watch the Zionist TV networks.

March:  A Favorable Outcome card:  A giant reality show will create trauma and drama, and many people watch it because they are bored. It is probably another false flag or MK-Ultra Programming.

April:  Your Children Are Watched by Angels card has to do with God and Angels are there for you when you need them to protect you from harm. Connect with God for answers and help.

May: Decide to be Happy Now card indicates to just live your life and be happy.

June:  Go Forward Fearlessly card indicates being fearless and making things happen. Expose the truth, work on projects, and do whatever you need to do.

July:  Believe and Trust card indicates everyone will come together as one because a tragedy will bring everyone together as one.

August:  Explore your Options card indicates you should leave behind any negative and harsh situations.

September: This is Your Life’s Purpose card indicates that your life purpose has to do with making a different in your society and community. Look around you to see who needs your help—family, friends, and neighbors. You might also want to volunteer at homeless shelters to help homeless people and animals as well as do other service work in your community. There will be organized group prayers going on worldwide for the whole world. It is likely to happen to heal many people, especially after a tragedy occurs that will shock everyone.

October:  Take your Time with This Decision card has to do with taking your time to make a certain decisions. Many artists and writers will be submitting their work for self-publishing and self-employment.

November:  This Situation is Already Resolved card

December: Guarded and Protected card indicates you will be safe by connecting with God for guidance and inspiration.

Jesus message: Peace I leave with you, Peace I give unto you. Pray always.

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