My Thursday 1.5.17

Thursday, January 5, 2016

My Actual Thursday

It rained all morning, which was relaxing as I made my breakfast and ate. Around noon, it stopped raining, and the sun came out in a peek-a-boo fashion. I decided to change my clothes and go to Michaels because I needed art supplies. It was a nice drive, and it occasionally sprinkled now and then, but it was very soft. The streets looked quiet. After buying what I needed, I came home and drew a couple of pages for my graphic novel.

1st card reading video for Thursday

The 3 of Action card has to do with your message is coming in or on its way. You need to prepare or pack to go somewhere, but you have to wait for a call or a door to open. You will work with others. You might go to different locations, such as city and countryside, maybe for a new job. You will be around people who are interested in working with you because you will attract only the right people. The wrong people will stay away from you, and it might even have to do with a relationship. You might ride bicycles together or take a stroll, while chatting and getting to each other. You might want to knit a new item. Something or someone new coming into your life and you need to adapt. Someone reaching out and waiting for your decision, and there will be a magnetic attraction. Someone is waiting for you, and it will work because you will start fresh together in the 2017. Be creative in your action, as you move to your destination.

The Emperor card indicates that you are moving toward major stability. You are in control of your destination. You need to ride along and fall into something naturally. Make plans. You need closure on something in order to start on something new because you will be in charge of the new opportunity. Bring some change into your situation. You will do it yourself and make it happen.

The 4 card has to do with a lot of stability entering your life. It is about a fresh new opportunity with someone new, and you need understand things differently from when you were young. You and the other person have changed. Meeting in the middle, and seeing what you need to do for growth. “color carpets.” It will happen naturally. Look for the number sequence 4:44. You need to go on a different way or path.

2nd card reading video for Thursday

Queen of Rods card has to do with being positive. There is a lot of yellow in this card.

King of Cups card is the ideal romantic man.

The Death card, 13th card, is in reverse, which indicates a new life, new beginning, and something new is coming your way.

The Queen of Rods and King of Cups make the perfect couple, almost like soul mates. You will meet the right person, where you will work together well and be good together, and it will be a perfect connection.

These three cards add up 15, and the number 15 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opportunity.



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