My Monday 1.2.17

This year, I am not going to use the Touchstones quotes because I just want to do something different. Instead, I will just compare my actual days with the card reading videos from youtube for fun.

1st card reading video for 1.2.17

The 2 of Wands card is in reverse and the 2 Wands make up a “V” sign as well as the background has rainbow colors, which indicates everything becoming positive, and a doorway will naturally open. This doorway will naturally lead you to your destination without a need to walk through. You just need to keep taking action and move forward in life.

The High Priestess card, 2nd card, is also in reverse, and it depicts a white tiger with a colorful globe in purple and blue shades. There is a crescent moon in the background, and the colorful globe looks mystical, almost like fortune teller’s globe. It is about having lots of knowledge but being very passive, observer. Since it is in reverse, it indicates that you are now taking the right action.

Daughter of Swords card depicts a wise owl perched on a sword with rainbow-colored specks in the sky. It is important to take more risks and actions, and it will lead to good fortune and prosperity.

These three cards add up to 5, and the number 5 means freedom.

2nd card reading video for Monday, 1.2.17

The Emperor card has to do with taking charge with a situation. It requires independence and organization. There is a “desirable surrendering” to something in order to get stability and foundation. “Ancient Egyptian items and old stories” could be clues to stories and hidden history. Check out nature trails for interesting history and things. Do your own research to expose the truth and speak the truth. You will have a conversation, which will empower you because your connections with others are realistic. Just go out and communicate with people about the truth in your relaxed way.

Queen of Wands card has to do with having more confidence and independence. She might get companionship, kind of like “friends in crime.” A person will recognize your talent and inspire you to make things happen. You have natural attraction, and her work is effortless.

The 10 of Emotions card has to do with happily ever after, but make sure it is real, not a cartoony fantasy tale filled with shit. Have fun on your journey by understanding the experience. You will be ending something in order to start with something better.

Be Honest with Yourself card indicates focusing on true desires, and you will get what you want via the angels. Release all negative trash out of your life.

The 4 card: Start with a clean state during these first days of 2017. You are older and wiser as well as interested in seeing things fresh and new as you continue to explore everything. Use whatever you have and make the most of things. Change your perspective to get fresh, new ideas. You are exactly where you need to be right now, and the right things will happen.

My actual Monday, 1.2.17

I woke up late because I was tired. Then, I worked on editing my graphic novel rough draft. I am now ready to start redrawing the whole novel. Just looking at all the pages look so overwhelming and tiring. I should just work on it one day at a time. I took a break on Facebook, checking on different posts. There was a live interview in Irvine, were a shoe designer, David Chen, was being interviewed by Newgent. I chatted on the live feed, which was at a Peet’s coffee shop location. I decided to go there, which was close by. I received to Peet’s gift cards, in which I am sure I will use, especially after hiking. I chatted with the designer and the other guy, before I drove back home and went back on the computer.

I woke up tired today because I had slept late last night. So, I decided to stay home and work on my graphic novel. I think I did most of the editing for each page, adding missing links to the scene of each the 205 pages. Then, I decided to take a break. I went on the internet to check things. Facebook was having a live chat with shoe designer David Chen. He designs Hades Footwear, which have a Rock Star style, for women who like wild and urban-inspired fashions. Mark Newgent was interviewing David at Peet’s coffee shop in Irvine, CA. I decided to drop by to check thinks out for a couple of minutes since I live in the area, and I got a couple of Peet’s gift cards for showing up.

Interview owner and fashion designer of Hades Footwear David Chen.

-Mark Newgent


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I am not sure if these Monday’s videos were similar to my actual day. My day is very mundane and the usual stuff, with occasional checking out this and that, or going there and there, now and then.

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