Touchstones meditation for November 30

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Mark Twain, and it states “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. Today, I will nourish a relationship with myself by facing my own disapproval and growing toward greater comfort.”

1st card reading video for Wednesday, 11.30.16

Princess of Summer card has to do with doing something you love. You have a youthful outlook about life, where you might start a new love with someone, and it is a sweet relationship. You will have a chance to start fresh. You might get an invitation for an activity. You will bond with someone at a new activity. There appears to be lots of children activity, like s Slip and Slide. It is a light relationship. There are childhood adventures with this new romantic partner. There are clues, and you have to seek clues to discover something new together as you get to know each other. You will grow together in a new relationship, and the past is forgotten. It is all very casual, just happens naturally. There is lots of clarity in your head, and you think differently now than you would have when you were younger. It appears to be a playful relationship. She is very intuitive and emotionally emphatic.

Children card has to do with feeling like a child with this person. Your love life will be affected by your connection with children. You will experience life for the first time, in the eyes of a child, with someone from your past or a new person. You will absorb a loving environment.

The7 of Waters card involves having many choices, and choosing the right path. You might need to do research and stop procrastinating. You will experience spiritual change. Take action to move elsewhere, but you need to start with making a choice.  Check out a schedule for dance classes, and pursue a class, and you might connect with younger people.

The 4 of Pentacles card involves holding on too much to something and you need to let go, such as sharing knowledge to teach others.

It has to do with putting something together until it works. You are communicating and connecting with someone, and you will grow together as you get to know each other. Stay focused on your goals, keep going until the end, and it will lead you to the result and it will be worth it.


2nd card reading video for Wednesday

The Tower card, 16th card, is in reverse, which apparently is a positive sign. It has to do with building something new. (I am building the second phase of my graphic novel, which is in editing phase. So, I am moving forward with this project and I am making progress).

The Ace of Cups is also in reverse, which indicating figuring out what is missing in your life.

The Hermit card, the 9th card, indicates do some meditating to seek some answers. You are fearless, as you delve down seek the answers that you need.

These three cards add up to 26, and the number 26 reduces to 8. The number 8 means power.


3rd card reading video for Wednesday

The 5 of Rods card is in reverse, which indicates that you are now more willing to change and be flexible in order to allow certain situations and circumstances to develop and you will move with the flow. Any new venture you start now will be blessed under a new star.

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Touchstones meditation for November 29

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Sigurd F. Olson, and it states “As with expeditions into the wilds when we have endured storms and rapids, cold and sleet, and sometimes lack of food, it is ultimately the good things we remember, not the bad. Today, help me remember this corner of serenity as I meet the tasks and activities on my path.”

1st card reading video for Tuesday, 11.29.16

The Chariot card has to do with the big victory. You are in control of your life, moving on the right path. You will likely use your camera to do videos, maybe at a park. Take lots of photos here and there, in order put together your storybook. You will do everything with great ease. You are enjoying your project, and the artistic expression that you are creating. You will create spiritual change in your world, without effort because everything flows better. You will move around to take photos at different places, and you will go on a ride of a lifetime. (Today, I did finish drawing 205 pages of my graphic novel, but it is still the first draft, which is kind of rough and some pages are a mess with notes. The second phase is editing phase as well as writing out a script for each page. And, the third page will be redrawing all 205 pages neatly, so I can ink, color and fill in the type. It gives me a headache just thinking about it).

Knight of Swords card has to do with creating a plan and seeking truth. You are calling bullshit on someone, and understand how others might react. It is very cold where you are, but there is still sun coming out from a cloudy sky. See the truth and move forward. There is information that you don’t see, and you need to observe the area before you move forward. There is a bigger plan coming through, bigger than you thought. (I am not sure what this is about, but there is bullshit everywhere).

King of Water card has to do with something you have been thinking about for a long time, which might involve facing fears and obstacles, taking action, and moving forward. Pursue what you love, and make things happen. Don’t be afraid of romance. Dress up and look good for romance just around the corner. A genie is about to grant a wish. Know when to say no about something, if it isn’t right for you at this moment. Release something in order to let new things enter.  Maybe change your focus and get a different perspective on a situation.

The Strength card has to do with visualizing and using third eye. There are lots of colors, experience, and you have been through a lot. The whole journey and process will bring you a great victory. Historical films and documentaries might be in the future but now stay focused on your current goals. It will all be worth it at the end, and it will be golden.


2nd card reading video for Tuesday

The 10 of Cups card is very positive and happy. It depicts a happy family and dreams coming true, which has a lovely rainbow, loving couple, and happy kids. There is a castle in the background, under the rainbow, at the right end, as well as a river flowing underneath.

The 6 of Rods card indicates that you are pursuing what you really want to do, and you are doing a good job on your creative project. Relationship situation is positive.

Knight of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates that you are taking your time as you work on your creative project. It involves being nurturing, intuitive, artistic, and creative in your project.

These three cards add up to 17, and the number 17 reduces to 8. The number 8 means power, which is about having creative power and being productive. (Yes, I finished the first phase of my graphic novel today, and now I need to move forward to second phase–editing phase).


3rd card reading video for the week of November 28 to December 4

For Monday and Tuesday, the Ace of Cups card has to do with a blessing from God, filled with peace and love, and a new beginning. You will have a new beginning in a relationship, which has to do with starting over with someone, where you feel fulfilled and you want to share your feelings with others. It starts out with making peace with a past relationship and moving forward. Share your feelings openly.

For Wednesday and Thursday, the 4 of Swords card has to do with resting, meditating, and relaxing the mind. Always remain in the present moment, especially when you are driving. (Yeah, it is important to focus and concentrate as well as be alert when driving)

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the 7 of Swords card has to do with someone that cannot be trusted. Or, you might feel that you don’t belong somewhere. You might abandon certain relationships in your life.


4th card reading video for November 28 to December 4 with Archangel Michael

For Monday and Tuesday, Prayer will help you with this situation Card involves asking God to help you.

For Wednesday and Thursday, Believe and Trust card has to do with trusting God.

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Spend more time Outdoors card has to do with meditating in nature for inspiration and guidance. This is a sign that I need to do more hiking and riding my bicycle during the weekend.

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Touchstones meditation for November 28

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Pierre Mornell, and it states “Our job gives most of us a clear role…Although we may feel relatively lost at home, we know who we are and what to do at work. I am thankful for the humanizing effect of my relationships at home.”

1st card reading video for Monday, 11.28.16

He uses his Hansel and Gretel tarot card deck, which looks similar to Rider Waite card deck. I thought it would look more like a dark fairy tale card deck, like the kids’ story.

The 2 of Swords card has to do with negativity, worries and fears. There might be some important information that you aren’t aware of because you are working on your own project.

The 3 of Rods card has to do with focusing on your own passions and desires as you continue to work on your project. Listen to your feelings and move forward.

The 9 of Swords card has to do with worries, fears and negativity.

These three cards add up 14, and the number 14 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom, and you have the freedom to live the life you want and do whatever makes you happy.


2nd card reading video for Leo Weekly November 23 to 30

She is using the Osho Zen card, in which I like because they have fun and artistic pictures. She uses five cards.

Go with the flow card has to do with let go and move with the flow. Trust God and whatever HE brings for you each day. (I think that is what I normally do on a daily basis).

Dream card has to do with dreaming about romance, and you are waiting for someone, and you might appear not empowered. You feel unfulfilled. You might have had some expectations from the past. It is important to be self-sufficient.

New Vision card has to do with someone or something entering your life to change your perspective. It has to do with seeing love differently. It teaches you something new.

Ice-olation card has to do with sadness and dissatisfaction.

Schizophrenia card has to do with being caught in your mind, and you think too much. You are caught between two different things, and you don’t know which one to decide or pick. It is limiting and restricting you from living.


3rd card reading video for Monday

Divine Guidance card has to do with a Spiritual Light around you and searching for a deeper meaning in your life. You are seeking to answer some questions in your life. Something huge, like a miracle, will happen to you, and you want to share it with others. Take something out of your life in order to connect with something better, which will come on Monday. It might have to do a big structure in your life, which will drive you to do something else. Organization, marriage, or anything big that you connect with that will change your life. There is a big change in life, filled with grace, spiritual confidence, and you can handle more. You are connecting with others who are like you, and leaving others out of your life. Make your own connections worldwide, and reconnecting with others in the past. You are preparing for your future with a loyal companion. (My day was average on Monday, where I went to yoga class, worked on my graphic novel, and then connected with others on the internet. Nothing different or big happened, and I didn’t feel a big change of some sort).

The 7 of Wands card has to do with standing up with your beliefs and having higher grounds. You will go through a golden gateway.  There will be a spiritual change, and it will push you towards your destiny. You will see the crossroads from a different perspective.  You are trying to make your way through a crowd of people and get out on the other side.

Calling in your Soulmate card could be anyone you meet who leads you to your spouse. Don’t be negative and worry about anything if it doesn’t happen right away. You will meet someone on Monday that will help you with divine guidance. It will be unexpected, and it can happen anywhere, and go with the idea discussed. You will have a deep spiritual connection with same integrity.

Ace of Winter card has to do with clarity, beautiful direction, and truth coming forth. Speaking with positive affirmations, and have a clean start with someone by communicating clearly and accurately your ideas. Take actions and make things happen.

Mirrors card indicates that you might be trapped. You have been inside your home too long, and the walls are filled with too much mirrors. It has to do with obsession, delusion, and self-interest, which is making you stuck in the same place. Go out and explore life and people. (I think I do go out, when something interesting comes up, which isn’t on a daily basis).

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What will 2017 Hold for Leos?

The Leo reading for 2017 looked interesting. So, I decided to check it out because it claims that Leos will have their best year ever.

For January 2017, the card is 3 of Pentacles, which indicates that you have been working hard on a creative project. So far, it makes sense to me, because I have this graphic novel I am working on. It states that there is more work to do and lots of effort to put into this project. But what you have been doing so far is really looking really good. There is definitely progress, movement and success in finalizing the first draft of my graphic novel.

For February, there is the 4 of Pentacles card. You continue to move forward on your project with progress and it is working well for you. (Pentacle has to do with physical, material, and finance matters). You will suddenly see money flowing through to you or coming to you in some way. You are building your project slowly, based on a solid foundation. You might start receiving some income in February. You might be hanging tightly to your money, afraid to lose or waste your finances. You might get too focused on your finances and work that you forget other areas of your life.

For March, the Wheel of Fortune card has to do with success, luck, fulfillment and achievement. You will start noticing the success of your project, and how far you have come. You will already start to receive some rewards or money for your work, which probably has to do with your fate and destiny. The timing of your project is for a reason. There is perfect timing and Divine timing. You are finally experience everything going in the right way for you.

For April, the Empress card has to do with success and abundance. It is very happy and positive because you will notice all the positive results around you in your work and life. You feel prosperous. It could also mean fertility and motherhood.

For May, the Moon card has to do with intuition, meditation, mystery, spirituality, and connecting with God.

For June, the Queen of Cups card has to do with intuition, creativity, and meditation. Good healers or counselors for others. There might be a new person coming into your life. You can trust this person, who is loyal and supportive.

For July, the Page of Pentacles has to do with change in news and information, involving your life in some way, such as finances. You will receive good news.

For August, the 9 of Wands card has to do with you will be closer to completing your project. It could also have to do with relationship. You are on solid ground.

For September, the 5 of Pentacles card has to do with hardships or being sad, and you might feel left out because your finances aren’t very good.

For October, the King of Swords has to do with being objective, rational, and detached. You need to be clear, focused and analytical with your thoughts. Or, you might need to get legal advice from accountants, lawyers, and other professionals.

For November, the Knight of Swords card has to do with rushing forward or moving forward quickly with lots of energy.  Make sure it is right for you.

For December, 6 of Cups card has to do with gathering with people, happiness, and positive results. Sharing and reconnecting with others, as you reflect together about old times. You reconnect with someone from your past. You might meet your soulmate.

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Touchstones meditation for November 27

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Richard Bach, and it states “The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Today, I will keep my attention on the basics in my life.
  1st card reading video for Sunday, 11.27.16

The 4 of Pentacles card depicts a man sitting in front of a city and holding his money tightly. Maybe it has to do with keeping your money, wallet, or purse close to you because of surrounding circumstances. You could appear contradictory today, maybe like an oxymoron, or just confused about something that it is best not to take any action until you are sure. Be careful when you go outside, or even inside, because you might slip by accident. It is best to take care of yourself and your belongings on Sunday. (In my case, it was raining all day, and I stayed home, cozy and comfortable, sipping hot cocoa, drawing, and checking out internet sites).

2nd card reading video for Sunday

Knight of Wands card is in reverse, and it has to do with creativity. Since it is in reverse, you might be slow on Sunday morning.

The 8 of Wands card is also in reverse, which has to do with obstacles being removed and you receive information. But since it is in reverse, there might still be some blockage. You are likely to do some research or meditation, which can help rid these obstacles in order to bring some creative ideas.

The Page of Pentacles card involves someone inexperienced discovering something new, as he aspires to learn and grow. He hopes to be an expert.

These three cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means creation, leadership, and new beginnings. Take action and make things happen. It will likely lead you to positive and productive results. (Well, I drew a page, and I just thought about what I will draw for the last two pages of the rough draft. I feel tired today because it is cold and wet outside).

3rd card reading video for Leos’ week of November 21 to 27

This third reading was for this past week until today. So, I will just analyze what the person said on the video to see if anything sound familiar to my week.

The 4 of Cups, 4 of Wands, 2 of Swords, 2 of Cups, the Chariot, and 3 of Cups: You will be around others this week, whether friends, family, acquaintances, or all of the above. You might be doing some kind of activity. You might be dealing with understanding some kind of reality check in your life.  You might be going out, attending some events and meeting others. (I did go to a couple of local hikes, grocery store, mall, and I was mostly getting a good workout and socializing with others).

For single Leos, 9 of Cups, 6 of Wands, and Ace of Cups, which appears to be good, filled with happiness and connections. There is lots of love energy.

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Touchstones meditation for November 26

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Meister Eckhart, and it states “If the only prayer you say in your whole life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice. God, thank you for all that comes to me without my efforts.”

1st card reading video for Saturday, 11.26.16

Ace of Swords card indicates decisive communication. You are free to speak about whatever has been frustrating you, and the conversation will lead to success. You are standing in your own power.

2nd card reading video for Saturday

Saturday is all about love, romance, and relationship.

The 2 of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates that you appear to be single at this moment.

The 4 of Wands card depicts two people walking through a doorway together, and they look very happy. It appears to be a celebration of some kind, like a wedding, and there is a huge castle in the background.

The Strength card, 8th card, indicates that you have strength and power to handle the situation. There is an eternity/infinity sign, and you will likely meet your prince charming.

He adds a 4th card, which is the 7 of Swords card in reverse, which indicates that you need to move on by letting go all of the burdens.

These four cards add up to 21, and the number 21 reduces to 3. The number 3 is all about expression.

Weekend of November 26 and 27, 2016

I decided to check out this card reading video for Saturday and Sunday, and then compare it to my actual weekend for fun.

The 4 of Pentacles card appears about being a miser, which isn’t a good idea. Be careful with your finances, and don’t ever spend on items that you really don’t need. Make sure you will actually use it before deciding to buy something just because it looks good. You need a change in the way you are currently doing things because you might be lacking in something and you might be trying to fill a void.

This could be the one card might have to do with a relationship. You have already met the right romantic partner in the past. But it didn’t work out at that time, and he might appear in the future at the right time, and it might work out this time with courtship, friendship, going through files and drawers, forgiveness, someone trying to explain something while the other person is surprised. Both people weren’t actually aware that they were right for each other in the past. You will likely experience a “blast from the past” and you feel like you have always known each other. There will also be work opportunity for you in the future. Maybe this man will give you a work opportunity, or maybe you will work together at something.

Queen of Winter card indicates that you didn’t open up in the past and you didn’t want to put up with his BS. She is more into the truth, and she ignores shit. Think clearly about this situation because you seem detached. Defend the truth and know what you want as you communicate clearly and focus on your project. She looks for the truth, but she sees the humor. If she encounters drama, she will be harsh because she doesn’t want to be a part of crap.

Knight of Wands card has to do with being passionate to get out of the stagnant hole. Act like a man by going after what you want. You might meet someone this weekend who will be the one for you.

Queen of Raphael card has to do with emotions. There are lots of feelings going on because of someone you meet this weekend, and it has to do with deep knowing and understanding. Your experiences have made you wise and mature. Communication, book, information and phone book are clues.

Breaking the Code card has to do with looking up information and putting everything together, which has to do with communication, typing, researching, books, messages, understanding past, and you are becoming professional at something that you are working with. There are pages falling out, and you need to put everything together to make it work out correctly. There is something taking a long time to work, but keep it moving along to build it right, which might involve starting a story right, maybe with an outline, but you should be open and just live your life. It is a matter of time and effort in order to build something, and you will be fulfilled. (I am not sure if this is about my graphic novel process or real life…).

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Touchstones meditation for November 25, Black Friday

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Frederick S. Perls, and it states “It’s the awareness, the full experience…of how you are stuck, that makes you recover. I pray for awareness today as my doorway to spiritual healing.”

Also, along with prayer, meditation can lead to this awareness and full experience to help get out of the rut and move forward.

1st card reading video for Friday, 11.25.16

The 8 of Earth card has to do with practicing something as well as releasing something in order to get something else. If there is something you have always wanted to do but kept putting off because it might be a big investment? It is time to just get it and practice your calling. It could be a hobby of some sort, or anything you really enjoy. You might be doing something where you have been putting too much effort, which makes it feel like hard work, and the trick is to put less effort by using your own style to make it fun, unique, and your way, but still do a good job. It brings you into the present moment, and you will gain more at the end of the project. You will create a portfolio of your artwork and style because you are becoming natural and better, and everything will come together and you will appear more professional. You are recording or putting together a script.  Take breaks when you are tired to relax so you can continue with your work later. It will bring abundance into your world later, like money, film script, and acknowledgment. (This sounds like my graphic novel process).

Past Life Relationship card has to do with meeting someone and feeling that you have always known them or supposed to meet them for some reason. It is a déjà vu feeling that you are meant with each other. It will bring out an issue, and it will bring clarity about something, and you need to recognize your feelings and acknowledge your feelings. You are comfortable with a romance because it feels familiar. You will understand why you both are together in the present, and you will be able to deal with the situation in a positive way. It could be the connection which leads you elsewhere on your path.

Justice card has to do with your power returning to you, and you have positive energies. You walk in a doorway and walk out of another doorway. Stand up for your beliefs and do what you feel is right, when you move into this, and you will be happy. You will know how to act and react, in a fair and just manner, because you now understand the situation better.

You are practicing something you love because you are natural at this work, as you work on your project. You are allowing something to unfold as you immerse yourself in your work and become a part of your work because it puts you in a meditative state, one with the universe and God, as God guides you on your journey. You will realize what is right for you.

2nd card reading video for Friday

The 10 of Swords card indicates that you will realize that some of your beliefs or thoughts might be getting too old. You will decide that you need a fresh start or a new outlook on life. You will be now going through a rebirth or new beginning. You have freed lots of mental clutter in your head.

3rd card reading video for Friday

After laying out the three cards in view, he states that it is a positive day.

The 4 of Wands card indicates some kind of celebration, whether a party, wedding, or big event. They are happily walking through a doorway together, which has an opportunity to walk through a new chapter in your life.

The 5 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which is a good sign. It indicates that the hardships are over, and you will enter a happy relationship with the right person. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

The 9 of Cups card has to do with making your hopes and dreams come true, but you need to figure out what you want to transform. What makes you happy?

These three cards add up to 18, and the number 18 reduces to 9. The number 9 means completion and spirituality. You will feel whole with God.


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Touchstones meditation for November 24, Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Abraham Heschel, and it states “Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. Saying no to my negative behavior today will improve my self-respect.”

1st card reading video for Thursday, 11.24.16, Thanksgiving 2016

The Sun card has to do with an opportunity waiting for you, which is about remaining in the present moment, leaving something behind, and receiving new gifts. It will be a transition in these changes. Grab the opportunity and do it your way. It can be an invitation, conversation, relationship, or a miracle incident. It is a time to shine, be yourself, and have fun. It can be something unexpected, or when you least expect it, you will connect with the right people. Music will also put you in a good mood. Expand on what you knew before for new opportunity to enter your life. Although it will be quiet today, still look for the light ahead in the city, which could lead you to déjà vu opportunity. (I went on the Sand Canyon hike all morning, from 9am until 11:30am. By noon, I was back home, making my raw vegan Thanksgiving meal. It was a big group at this hike, and we had a reststop at the Turtle Rock Community Park, before continue back to the Sand Canyon mall area, where are cars are parked).

Spiritual Teacher card has to do with teaching others about healing. You will reveal something spiritual to others to help them heal. There might be some fears. You have magnet attraction to right opportunity in the parking lot or dinner table. It starts out with a small conversation. You might talk about dreams and premonition dreams. You might bond with someone you met like thirty years ago who you weren’t close with back then, but you suddenly become close now for some reason.

Worth Waiting For card has to do with finding the right opportunities. You will recognize something today, and it will lead you to move forward. Patience is the key because it is about timing.

Queen of Air card has to do with thinking clearly, detached, and not emotional. Understand where others are coming from, and just listen.  You have companions with you, and everything will come together in the end.

Control card has to do with gaining control and creativity. You create your journey, focusing on each piece to bring it to life. It has to do with productivity, control, and organization, one step at a time, to create your project. It will come together at the end and become much better.

2nd card reading video for Thursday

Queen of Wands card appears to be a happy card because the queen is dressed in a yellow gown, and she holds a sunflower in her left hand. There is also a cute black cat sitting in front of her and looking up at her, which appears to be a positive morning. It is about a happy and contented woman who is protected, and she can really enjoy herself.  There is also a lot of hope, passion and desire.

Page of Swords card has to do with inexperience, but interested in learning as well as being open-minded.  You are observing what is out there, and just learning from everyone’s perspective.

Ace of Cups card has to do with love, peace, and a positive feeling, and your cup is running over with blessings and positive feelings.

These three cards add up to 3, and the number 3 means expression and creativity. So, just connect and have fun together on Thanksgiving Day 2016. Then, express yourself creatively on your project.

3rd card reading video for Thursday

The 9 of Pentacles card has to do with abundance and enjoying one’s harvest. Take time to appreciate your accomplishments and achievements. Be proud of how far you came, as you recognize and acknowledge everything around you in your current life. You will also recognize how rich you actually are and that your life is better that you give it credit.

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Touchstones meditation for November 23

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by T.S. Eliot, and it states “We shall not cease from exploration. And at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. I will make peace with my past and explore the deeper knowledge I’ve always held within me.”

1st card reading video for Wednesday

The Sun card has to do with a beautiful start and a celebration with a couple dancing, a little white dog, and sunflowers. Seasons are changing, and you should reach for certain opportunities before it disappears.  Live in the present, be happy, and have fun. It is about victory and growth, where you are releasing whatever didn’t work, and you are letting go and enjoying life. You will meet your soulmate, where you will work well together as a perfect couple. You will have a good connection, and it will lead to a deeper relationship. You will notice miracles today, and you might notice such miracles with others. (I did some errands, and I stay home because the Cox Guy will come in the afternoon. He states that Cox has recently moved the two indie channels, IFC and Sundance, to a bigger movie package. So, I don’t have them anymore. My package is the startup and basic package, which includes the rest of the indie films. Oh, well, I will probably be busy doing other things anyway).

Free Yourself card has to do with exploring and moving around. You can do impossible and magical things. You are powerful. Take control of your life. Allow miracles to enter your life.

Ace of Winter card has to do with Ace of Pentacles—which is a golden opportunity. But Ace of Winter card has to do with having clarity about working on your project. You will receive truth and communicate clearly. Make the first step by taking a chance. You knew a little bit of truth, but there was a lot of information hidden that you didn’t understand. You now see the whole picture and how deep it all is. You have come a long way. Everything makes more sense.

The 4 of Air card has to do with resting to recharge before you continue. Take breaks to recharge before you continue. Maybe sleep more or take naps. Also, meditate and relax before you continue on your work.

Danger and Fear card has to do with being lost and fearful of the sounds. You have fears of different things, which probably are from your past. Use your instincts to decide whether to use caution or be bold in order to move forward and make the right decisions.

2nd card reading video for Wednesday

King of Wands card indicates that you are living your life purpose. There is an expert in your life who can guide you in something.

The Judgment card, 20th card, is in reverse, which indicates it might be a subdued wake-up call.

Queen of Swords card is also in reverse, which indicates that you might not know what you are doing. You are uncertain and unsure about things because you might feel you aren’t getting anywhere, and you might need to ask an expert for help.

These cards add up to 22, and the number 22 means builder.

3rd card reading video for Wednesday

The Hanged Man card, 13th card, has to do with going direct, but you are still stationary and just hanging there, wondering what to do next in order to move forward. By December, you should be starting to quickly moving forward. So, use this week to meditate and observe as well as relax, have fun, and sleep well in order to energize and become stronger. God will present signs for you to guide you, or maybe make you aware of something, which will likely happen when you are inactive, helpless, or just mediating.


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Touchstones meditation for November 22

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Bernard Malamud, and it states “Without heroes, we are all plain people and don’t know how far we can go. As I think about people I admire, I learn about myself from them.”

1st card reading video for Tuesday, 11.22.16

Vows card has to do with promises, new beginning, and unions. It also has to do with unity, and making a promise to do something, such as a wedding or any other situation. Putting artistic energy and effort into something to make it work, or you are discovering what marriage and family really means to you.

Worth waiting for card has to do with having a lot of patience, which probably have to do with a relationship that hasn’t happened yet. It is likely to happen at the right timing, when both people are ready. It will likely happen by fate and Divine Intervention. Trust in God. Making space will slowly reveal something that was lost or hidden. Angels are helping you figure out what is good for you and what isn’t.

The 3 of Cups card is about abundance, celebration, living, having fun, and happiness. Enjoy your hobbies and talents. It is about working on your project, which maybe it has to do with psychology, art, creativity, and inspiring others. It is important to work on yourself and what makes you happy. Certain incidents in the past didn’t work out for you, and you are seeking a new path and new ways, and you appear to be rising up from all that. It appears to be positive and happy.

Queen of Gabriel card has to do with just do what makes you happy and work on what you are passionate. You can do anything you want. It has to do with confidence, and doing things without effort. You are relaxed because you enjoy your work, which will lead to a good life later. Others ideas inspire you, and you use certain ideas, but you make it your own by doing it in your own style and art.  Always adapt and change to improve your artwork and creativity.

The Fool card has to do with light, doves, unity, and a new beginning. You are releasing something from the past, and getting ready to move on to three new beginnings. Do something new that you love. Big things are ahead. Do 3 new things today.


2nd card reading video for Tuesday

Queen of Wands card indicates that you have made a shift into a positive phase.

The Emperor card is in reverse, which indicates you are thinking about certain things that you want for the present. Maybe it has to do with your project, or maybe it has to do with other things in your life.

The 2 of Swords card is also in reverse, which indicates that this project involves a new talent, and it will eventually lead to solidity and structure in your life.

These three cards add up to 7, and the number 7 means mind and creativity. Do whatever makes you happy in your work, in which it would involve your specific talents.


3rd card reading video for 4th Week of November 2016, Thanksgiving week

Fire Signs: the 2 of Rods card is in reverse, which indicates that you might be less adventurous than usual. You will choose to stay within your comfort zone. You will most likely focus on the present situation and present moment. You prefer to stay in the area that you are most familiar with because you aren’t really exploring new locations. You might be focusing inward instead of outward.

(She also does a reading for the other three element signs on the video, but I just wrote the fire sign reading here because I am a fire sign. If you are one of the other signs, Earth, Water, or Air, then you can check out the video).


My actual day for Tuesday, 11.22.16

Well, I woke up and did my usual morning routine, and I just relaxed on the couch, watching some movies on cable as well as browsing in my Raw Foods book to look for Raw Vegan Thanksgiving dishes. I noticed a mashed cauliflower dish with raw vegan gravy as well as a raw vegan sweet potato dish. I decided to go to Trader Joes to get some food. I noticed that there are some organic avocados this time. I still have some raw vegan wrap bread left. So, I also decided to get some vegan filling for my raw vegan burritos. Trader Joes was very busy today, probably because many people were getting ready for family reunions and Thanksgiving. Cox called to confirm tomorrow’s appointment. I noticed that Trader Joes had mini vegan marshmallows this time, instead of the whole vegan one’s that I bought before. Oh, I think the mini ones are for the sweet potato dish. But it won’t work for me because I plan to make a raw vegan sweet potato dish.

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