Touchstones meditations for March 31

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday’s Touchstones meditations quote is by Swedish proverb, which states “Shared joy is double joy, and shared sorrow is half-sorrow. Today, I will let the people around me know about my joys and my sorrows. It will enrich my whole experience.”

Gay Card Reading for Friday, 3.31.16

The 9 of Coins card depicts a young man in shorts overalls, holding a bouquet of flowers, and there is a parrot sitting on his shoulder, as he walks in a park or garden, filled with a  variety of different flowers blossoming and growing big and healthy, which could indicate springtime and new beginnings. This card has to do with prosperity and success through discipline.

The Guide of Coins card depicts a naked and bald man with wings holding a coin, which indicates that he is the angel of money. You will receive some kind of financial gift, blessing, or inspiration on Friday.  You have to be alert and awake in order to listen to this inspiration and opportunities. There might be some kind of conflict going on, and within such conflicting matters, you will spot the opportunity. (That sounds interesting).

The Justice card, 8th card, depicts two inmates in a prison reaching their arm out to touch each other from their cell, in which these two cells are across from each other, and they each try to hold hands. This card has to do with cause and effect. The kind of effort you put into your work or project will affect the actual result that will be created at the end. It is important to choose the right things that are positive and useful to your needs, and ignore any negative and conflicting ideas and information.

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 18, and the number 18 reduces to 9. The number 9 means spirituality, completion, and the end of a cycle or chapter. It is also the end of the month of March.

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Getting Stuff Done

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I woke up around my usual time and got ready for my usual yoga workout at the Spectrum Center. Since it was still early, I decided to get some work done. Yesterday, I received mail from the DMV, reminding me that I need to do a SMOG Check on my Mazda MX-3 before I pay the renewal fee. So, I called up to local gas stations for prices on SMOG check, which include my usual one on Culver Drive and the Mobile gas station, and I decided to go to my usual one on Culver Drive. So, I called him up and told him that I will show up for the SMOG check on Thursday.

Then, I called my bank customer service 800-number to activate my new debit/ATM card, which now has an embedded microchip.

I also noticed that I got a new Anthem card, and it noted on the card to register. I remember I have already registered, but I couldn’t remember anything my username, password, and security questions’ answers. Actually, I remember the answer to my security question, but I couldn’t remember how I wrote it, whether it was all caps, all lowercase, mixed, or however I wrote it; I kept typing the right answer, and it still didn’t work because I kept getting wrong answer and I knew I answered the question correctly. So, I finally decided to call the 800 technical support number in order to change my password as well as to remind me what I used for a username on that site, which ended up being middle names. I made sure to write everything down inside a small address booklet that I bought specifically for online addresses, usernames and passwords in order to help me organize my online pages and internet life better. I even changed my password as well as the answer to the security questions, and I wrote everything down in my booklet.

It is now 10:32am, and I decided to go to the Spectrum Center for a little bit of yoga and meditating, before I return and work on blogging, drawing, and other organization requirements.

After one hour of yoga, I returned to enjoy a raw vegan salad with some walnuts as well as a cup of Turkish coffee.

I tried to clean the oil stain on my carport by scrubbing some dishwashing detergent on the area with a brush. And, I decided to leave the sudsy area to soak into the stain, hoping it will fade. Then, I went inside to browse on the internet. By 7:21pm, I went to the evening yoga class, and I felt that my poses were very smooth and my body seemed tension-free. I glanced at the digital clock at 8:19pm, which I consider some kind of sign, but I am not quite sure what it is telling me yet.

At 9pm, I returned home to watch the recorded Survivor episode.






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Touchstones meditations for March 30

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday’s Touchstones Meditations quote is by Huston Smith, and it states “We all carry it within us; supreme strength, the fullness of wisdom, unquenchable joy. It is never thwarted and cannot be destroyed. But it is hidden deep, which is what makes life a problem. I will have faith that the innermost places in me can never be destroyed.”

Gay Card Reading for Wednesday, 3.30.16

In the gay tarot cards, I notice that all the characters in each card scene are men, as well as all three cards are upright.

Sage of Wands card depicts a scene, where a man is celebrating that he won at a political election. He expresses happiness and success. Everyone is supporting him, his beliefs, and ideas, and he is very happy for this special honor.  You aren’t alone in life because others agree with your ideas and personal beliefs.

The 6 of Coins card has to do with a temporary balance and harmony. The scene is about a man asking a bank teller for money. It indicates an imbalanced period that might appear balanced.

Sage of Cups card has to do with love and compassion.

Therefore, your ideas will lead you to new connections that you aren’t likely to meet otherwise. And, this temporary window of opportunity with this new connection will lead to a permanent and lasting relationship.  So, be alert and aware of your surroundings on Wednesday in order to grasp these temporary opportunities before you miss any.

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 8, and the number 8 means power. You have the power to attract the right opportunities by using your ideas and going with it wherever it take you. It will likely lead you in a different path of life than you are used to, but it will help you move forward in your life.

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Lucky Dime

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I drove to the local Mobile gas station at 7am, and I noticed a bright sunlight coming out and trying to blind me, which is dangerous. So, I drove slowly and cautiously until it was hidden by some trees to obstruct it from my view. When I arrived there, which wasn’t far, maybe only two miles, I noticed that the garage wasn’t opened yet because I came early. But there were people using the gas station as well as the snack section. It was a nice, sunny and warm morning with cloudless blue sky. All the mechanics arrived at 8am, and they started working on my engine soon after. I walked around in the center, browsing inside the Asian grocery store, and other stores. I took some notes for my graphic novel, as I tried to figure out the path toward the conclusion. I am still not sure about the conclusion yet. It was hot outside, and I decided to buy a cup of cappuccino at Cielo Coffee. Then, I stopped at Subway to try out their Veggie Flatizza. Actually, I wanted to compare it to my own homemade veggie and vegan pizzas I make at home, and I noticed it is very similar to my combinations, but I often vary my combos. I walked by the garage at around 2pm, and I was informed that they finished. They changed the transmission sealer for $11, which was probably worn out and old, to see if hopefully that is all I need. I now need to monitor it for a week to see if the transmission stops leaking. If not, then I will need to return for inspection to see if another transmission part needs to be changed. But let’s hope the new sealer was enough because I paid a lot for the new Distributor, a couple of days ago. I also bought a new battery and terminals, which were average price. I am just hoping there are no more leaks anywhere by now because it drives well now, similar to an almost new car. It is kind of like an old car rebirth.  I paid the small amount, drove home, and hosed the old transmission oil leak stain on the carport. There is a dark stain. When it dries off, I will be able to monitor the engine leak.

I had found a dime at the center, and this is the first time that a lucky dime made any sense. But I hope it really is a “lucky” sign and this new sealer is all I need to stop the transmission leak.

While at the Asian grocery store, I also noticed a couple of interesting bottled veggie and/or fruit juices, which I wanted to try, but I wasn’t thirsty. They also had those natural juice bar Popsicles that I always buy at Mother’s Market. I told that guy there that I will probably come back to try the juices, teas and coffees in this Asian grocery store because they have interesting combinations. The food there is mostly meat.

I think I will now make a cup of green juice with some lemon juice.


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Touchstones Meditations for March 29

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday’s meditations quote is by Bhagavad-Gita, and it states “Restless man’s mind is, So strongly shaken In the grip of the senses….Truly I think The wind is no wilder. I am learning to make room in life for my senses, my mind, and my Higher Power.”

Card Reading for Tuesday, 3.29.16

The King of Pentacles card is in reverse, and it has to do with finances and money, but it is in reverse and it indicates you just want to get certain things done, regardless if they might be expensive. Although you are concerned about money matter, and you are often practical, you also prefer to use your money in certain matters to fix things and get things done, which are sometimes more important. You are currently living for the present moment, and doing what needs to be done for the present moment, regardless of money matters and costs. You just want to be able to enjoy your life and live life to your fullest. (But this makes sense for me because I have decided to fix the transmission leak on Tuesday morning, even though it will be expensive. I just want to finally fix it and move on with my life because I don’t think I will find a cheaper fixing solution, and I have decided to keep my old car as a part-time errand car).

Princess of Swords card depicts a woman dressed in materialistic fashion style of the 80s, and she also wears an Illuminati pin. There is an eagle and lotus flower in front of her, and a partly cloudy sky behind her. To me, it looks like she is very determined to make things happen for herself because the eagle or falcon has to do with freedom and wisdom, and maybe the flower has to do with opportunities. And, the partly cloudy sky is behind her, indicating beautiful sunny skies ahead. This card has to do with new ideas and new beginnings. Work on your ideas in order to turn them into reality. Think and dream big today before turning these ideas and dreams into reality. (Yeah, I do seem determined to get certain things done in my life, whether on my writing, graphic novel, or fixing my old car as well as things around the house. I guess, if there is a will, there will always be a way).

Prince of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates you no longer are a beginner. You have enough experience and expertise to do things on your own, in your own way. So, just concentrate on your ideas, what you want to do with these ideas, and how you are going to accomplish it and turn it into reality. Yeah, this is interesting, because it indicates that you can do whatever you want to do on your own, regardless of any negative feedback from negative obstacles in your life, like certain stupid people who try to prevent you from pursuing your dreams in some way.  (Yeah, I feel I am very knowledgeable because of my education as well as my inquisitive and curious ability to keep researching everything in order to keep learning, growing, and living in all aspects of life).

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 3, and the number 3 means expression, freedom, and new beginnings. So, you have the freedom to express yourself and create your new beginnings in your current life. Therefore, it is important to think for yourself, and do whatever you want to do with your life. This reading seems to be career-related. Maybe it is encouraging me to continue with my graphic novel and work on certain ideas for it in order to further build up the story.

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Touchstones Meditations for March 28, 2016, which is Easter Monday

Sunday, March 27, 2016

For Easter Sunday dessert, I decided to make a vegan chocolate pudding. I just mashed one avocado, and added four tablespoons of 100% pure cocoa. Then, I added some agave sweetener. It tastes creamy.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday’s Touchstones meditations quote is by Han Suyin, and it states “There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness. Today, may I treat myself with gentleness and learn the strength it has to teach me.”

Cosmic Card Reading for Monday, 3.28.16 for Easter Monday

The Justice card, 8th card, indicates that whatever you look at, you can make bigger and create your life the way you want it to be like, and you have the freedom to shape your day in a certain way. The video states that your life today has to do with what you decided in the past. (Yeah, I decided that I wanted to be a writer/artist since my college years, or maybe even younger, and I have been pursuing this independent starving artist/writer career ever since, hoping to make it a full time job by now; God-willing, I will get there this year.  I woke up early this morning to notice that it is raining. So, I just made myself a green smoothie, which actually includes carrot, cucumber, lemon and ginger juiced together in a juicer. I plan to use the pulp as filling for my raw vegan wrap, in which I ate later at 11am. I noticed the rain stopped, and the ground was drying up. At noon, I drove to Mobile gas station, and they checked the oil leak detector in the old mazda to indicate that there is a transmission leak, in which is what I had suspected all along because of my research on the matter. But they didn’t do the oil leak detector right away because they were trying to create more work and make more money off me, which pissed me off. And, Friday I had bugged the idiots to do the oil leak detector in order to detect the exact location so that the morons don’t waste my money doing more maintenance than required. I know I will end up paying a lot on the actual needed work, which is fixing the transmission leak. This is why it is very important to do your own research, talk to others, and maybe get second opinions, before deciding your next action).

So, today, it is important to start over and make the right decisions about your future. Whatever you think, decide, and talk about has a big impact. So, affirm your dream and it will likely happen. (Wow, this reading is inspirational).

The 5 of Swords card is in reverse, indicates that your inner dreams and desires have more power than your external world’s influence on your life. Your inner vision has more strength, and you can take the right action to overcome the physical world and make your dreams come true, and God supports and gives you strength today to overcome things. (This is encouraging because it indicates that with determination and God’s help, anything can be accomplished).

The 9 of Cups card has to do with dreams and wishes coming true by dreaming big. Look for inspiration and ideas today in order to help you make your dreams come true. (I am not sure if I noticed any inspirational ideas today. I was mostly on the internet watching video, before I went to yoga class in the evening and then watch recorded episode of DWTS).

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 22, and the number 22 means builder, which indicates that you are Divine-inspired to create your own life and future. Be positive, and go for it. This reading seems to be about career-related matters, or just about making your personal life better by accomplishing your goals.

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Touchstones Meditations for March 27 and Happy Easter Sunday 2016!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday’s Touchstones meditations quote is by W. B. Yeats, and it states, “Man is in love And loves what vanishes; What more is there to say? God, help me to engage with life fully and to accept change.”

Osho Zen Card Reading for Sunday, 3.27.16, Easter Sunday 2016

It is cool that he is using more of the Osho Zen cards in his sample readings, but I created my own cards via the internet for fun. I just need to watch more videos about how to properly interpret the meanings of these pictures.

Easter Sunday is mostly about the Last Supper, when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Moreover, Jesus’ actual birthday was around the same time, somewhere around March-April, but no one really knows his exact birthdate. So, Easter Sunday is a symbol for rebirth, hope, and Messiah.

I noticed positive signs today, which started when I woke up at 11:11am. As I was making my raw vegan zucchini salad and watching the marinated mushrooms, I glanced at the clock to notice 12:12pm. I enjoyed eating my very filling zucchini salad. After eating half of it, I decided to add an avocado over the other half because I had a craving for avocados, as well as I know that it is a good idea to eat avocados fast before they go bad. Then, I made a cup of Turkish coffee, but I added a little bit of honey, although honey is considered vegetarian instead of vegan. It is a peaceful day, and I have no plans. I called my mother last night, and she said that she doesn’t have any plans yet. But she might drop by with one of my brothers.  Meanwhile, I decided to turn on my computer, and a cover screen came on, in which I noticed that it is currently 1:11pm. What are the odds? These occurred three times in a row on Easter Sunday. I think this is a Spiritual sign, and I am hoping it is positive.

More information about 11:11 includes “make a wish,” a window of opportunity opening in my life, something significant currently happening in my surroundings and I need to pay attention, and it is a sign from God that everything is in alignment for me because I am exactly where I need to be at this current moment. It is also about meeting one’s soulmate very soon, and carefully watching for signs that will connect two people together in true love.  Also, it is also the way that angels communicate with people on earth. Moreover, the number 11 has to do with being patient, honest, spiritual, intuitive, sensitive, and idealistic. I think I possess these qualities.

It is best to meditate at this moment, in complete stillness, asking the angels to reveal their message or answers clearly. It is important to remain positive by focusing on desires and hopes, rather than any negative fears or insecurities which will create problems.

The 12:12 angel numbers has to do with stepping out of my comfort zone in order to be able to achieve my goals and reach my ultimate possibilities. I am also closer to my desired outcome than ever before. It is important now to trust what comes my way, always remain positive, and take steps to move forward in life. So, the number 1 has to do with my thoughts creating, and it is important to always remain positive. And, the number 2 is a reminder that everything is OK because many angels are all around you, helping me remain positive and attract positive results. It also indicates that are many positive changes ahead. The 12:12 angel numbers signify ”completion of energetic download”  because apparently I have recently been through some kind of portal, gateway or doorway that has made me closer toward my desired outcome than ever before.

Romans 12:12 states “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Turning In card, 4th card, which has to do with turning inwards because the card depicts a woman meditating, is about seeking your own truth. It will lead to peace and tranquility, which is already in the atmosphere anyway.

turning in

The Lovers card, 6th card, has to do with discovering love, whether with a particular person, lifestyle, or anything else that really makes you happy. But it is most likely you will meet a new love in your life as well as a Spiritual connection.

the lovers

Ripeness card, 9th card is in reverse, and it has to do with completion when it is upright. But in your case, it isn’t quite ripe yet. It is important to keep moving on, doing whatever you love and enjoy, as you pursue your goals.


In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 19, and the number 19 reduces to 1. The number 1 means new beginnings, leadership, and creations. You will discover a new love in your life of some kind.

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Considering Business Related Updates

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I am playing a virtual reality game, Smallworlds, and I am trying to save up coins and credits to buy the bunny backpack for my avatar. It is taking me forever as I watch videos and slideshows. All of the sudden, I notice it is now 12:12am, and I need to go to sleep so I can wake up early. But I stayed a little bit longer on the internet because I was working on some mission in a game. I finally went to bed, an hour later. I woke up at around 7am, changed my clothes to wine-colored yoga pants and velvet hoodie as well as white thong flat sandals with braided details. I have always liked the braided detail accessories since the 80s, but these days I am making sure these items are pleather. These sandals were a good price because I recently bought it half price for $5. And, they are very practical for spring and summer outfits, worn with short skirts, dresses, and shorts and halters.

A little after eight, I decided to drive to The District mini mall. When I sat in the driver’s seat of my Beetle, getting ready to back out of the garage, I glanced at the digital clock to notice 8:19am, and at that time I was thinking about fixing the oil leak in my mazda on Monday or Tuesday. So, I am hoping this is a good sign.

I walked inside the Panera Bread restaurant, and noticed only three people showed up. I think there were supposed to be 9 or 10 people. We mostly discussed marketing our business on Linkedin. We each had different business. Of course, I was the creative one, in the arts, graphic design, writing, photography, and blogging. They just summarized a list of important things to do on one’s Linkedin page, which wasn’t something new for me, but it also reminded me to update stuff on my page. My picture on my profile page was taken when I was 24, and the only reason I am still using it is because it posed and the photo looks professional. None of my recent pictures and selfies is posed because I don’t really pose anymore, at my age of 51. So, I am not sure if I should keep my old photo for creative marketing purposes, or take some selfies of my recent look and use that instead. Or, I just might add a recent photo of myself on my page somewhere. I also need to create a new logo, but I don’t have any interesting and unique ideas.

At 10:30am, everyone dispersed after the meetup. I went to Michaels to do some research. I checked out the cords, and I noticed various colors and textures. So, I have a lot of options. I checked out the number 6 yarns, and saw dark green and faded denim colors, which are nice. But I realized I don’t know how much yarn I need to loom a halter top. For the previous three that I already did, I used number 4 yarn, which is kind of thin, compared to yarn numbers 5 and 6. And, different size yarns create different outcomes in texture and appearance of knit. Since this Sunday is Easter Sunday, one of the clerks mentioned that Michaels will be closed. So, I might go back later next week.

I returned home, ate my lunch, which is a quinoa and roasted artichoke, as well as a cup of Turkish coffee.


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Touchstones meditations for March 26

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday’s Touchstones Meditations quote is by Henri J. M. Nouwen, and it states “As long as I am constantly concerned about what I ‘ought’ to say, think, do, or feel, I am still the victim of my surroundings and am not liberated….But when I can accept my identity from God and allow him to be the center of my life, I am liberated from compulsion and can move without restraints. Today, I will set aside my shoulds and return to trust in my Higher Power.”

Osho Zen Card Reading for Saturday, 3.26.16

Oh, cool, he is using my favorite cards again. I bought the booklet for these cards at a used book sale because I had liked the surreal, colorful, psychedelic-like pictures on each card, which I initially bought for inspiration and meditation on the artwork.


Flowering card indicates that lots of things are opening up for you as well as coming to a close in a positive way on Saturday.  Therefore, recent discussion and long term plans opens up and blossoms in a very positive way, just in time for springtime flowers blossoming.


Adventure card is in reverse, which indicates that there will be increased stability in your life because of what will open up to you as well as certain things coming to a close in a positive way. You will suddenly feel more certain about yourself, filled with confidence and positivity.


Aloneness card, 9th card, which is like the Hermit card, and it indicates that you will be confident enough to make new plans for yourself. You will likely be able to be more focused on your work or project, particularly the message that you plan to convey in your artwork or writing, which is about a unique message. Everything will become in focus, and you start connecting with your inner truth, which allows you to better expose the truth in a unique way.

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these cards add up to 11, and the number 11 means serving others.

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What did I do on Good Friday?

Friday, March 25, 2016

I woke up, changed my clothes, ate breakfast and fed Gumby. Then, I called AAA, but I got the number of another repair place to ask for an estimate, even though I knew he wouldn’t give me an estimate on the phone. I just wanted to try. Then, I called the Mobile station to tell to them that I hope they can properly fix my oil leak this time because I don’t want to waste my money with unnecessary parts. I then called AAA to tell them to send over a tow truck. The girl on the phone said that this Mobile isn’t really an AAA-approved garage. There is another Mobile at a farther location, which isn’t really too far and it is AAA-approved, but I am looking for a very close one in my area, and I already bought the new battery, terminals, and distributor from this one. I just hope he fixes it this time because I think they are all the same anyway.

At 9:30am, the AAA tow truck came, and we tried started the car. It worked today, and I could have driven it, but I decided it might not be good to drive with the oil leak. I don’t know why the car didn’t work yesterday. We towed the mazda to the Mobile gas station, about two miles away, and I stayed one hour while the sprayed something, washed the engine to rinse it, and placed the oil leak detector. Then, they told me that this stuff will work in a couple of days, and I should return on Monday or Tuesday so they are able to see where the detected oil leak is and hopefully fix it permanently. I just hope it is something basic and not something expensive. I drove home at around 11am. When I parked my car, I noticed that the time was 11:11am. I entered my home to glance at the digital clocks, and I noticed 11:11am again. I guess all my clocks are a couple of minutes off. But I think this is another sign, where I am seeing the time, 11:11 in my car and inside my house.

I went inside the downstairs bathroom and noticed a noise in the toilet. I open the lid, and noticed a loose tube just hanging. I placed it in its correct place. I hope it is back to normal.

For lunch, I enjoyed a cup of cold green juice with one squeezed lime, a vegetarian mushroom pot pie calzone, and a cup of Turkish coffee. Today’s Turkish coffee looked good because of the nice colored crema and texture.

Now, I need to watch the oil leak of the old car until Monday or Tuesday. I might go on Tuesday because I should probably drive it for evening yoga on Monday. And, on Tuesday, I will go to Mobile again to see what they detect. I hope they can fix it this time without overcharging me.

In two hours, I will go to Woodbridge for the 2-mile street hike around the lake, amidst a residential area, filled with nice homes. And, tomorrow morning, I have another event to attend at The District, which is a Linkedin business networking group. I use social networks a lot for blogging purposes as well as for socializing.

I drove to Woodbridge at 5:20pm, and the group walked the figure-8 trail around a lake within an hour. Afterwards, most of them went to see a movie. The only one that I would have seen is the new Star Wars movie, which I have already seen when it first came out. I had seen it in 3D for fun, to make it more interesting. I remember that they polished the story up, getting rid of the silliness and the usual nonsense in previous Star Wars movies. This movie also introduced a new cast, which includes a teenage girl who will take Han Solo’s place in the future with her sidekick and pet, Chewbacca. The son of Han Solo and Leia is dark and evil because he looked up to Darth Vader. So, it appears this young man will be the new Darth Vader. But in this movie, he kills his father, Han Solo in the glowing sword fight, I am assuming because Harrison Ford probably wanted to retire for Star Wars movies. Like any normal pet, Chewbacca went berserk shooting bullets everywhere when he saw his master being killed. But he eventually calmed down and went with this new owner, the girl. Leia showed up toward the middle, and I think Carrie Fisher looked really old and bored, like she didn’t really want to be in these Star Wars movies anymore. Her role was kind of small. An African-American soldier joins the girl because he went AWOL. He no longer wants to fight the Zionist war machine in the Star Wars because he would rather help the girl fight her battles. Luke Skywalker showed up in the last scene, and he didn’t have much or any dialogue. But I thought Mark Hamill looked very old because he looked more like the old character, OB1-Kenobi. So, I think that in the next Star Wars movie, Luke might train the young girl to fight dark forces. For some reason, the old OB1-Kenobi reminded me of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.

As I drove home at 7pm, I noticed that it was still daylight. I think 7:30pm starts getting dark. I love longer days because I love sunshine and doing different activities outside all day, whether hiking, swimming, walking, cycling, or all of the above at different times. It is now almost 8pm, and I am snacking on raw cashews. I should stop now and have some herb tea, instead.


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