Touchstones meditations for February 28

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Tennessee Williams, and it states “All of my life I been like a doubled up fist…poundin’, smashin’, drivin’,–now I am going to loosen these doubled up hands and touch things easy with them.”
Therefore, “Thanks to God for the many options opening up to me in this renewed life.”

Hanson-Roberts Card Reading for 2.28.16
The 10 of Rods card has to do with working hard for a better and happier future. (In my case, this reading appears to be encouraging me to work on my graphic novel, and just keep drawing pages in order to move my characters forward in the story).

The 6 of Swords card also has to do with moving forward and traveling around to get to a better place in life. As you move on in life, take your ideas and information with you. Sunday is a good day to figure out your dilemma in your work, whether you are a writer or artist, you will overcome your writer’s block or rut that you are currently in. (I should probably use the ideas and inspiration that I pick up each day from different areas into my story).

The 4 of Pentacles card has to do with increased abundance and money will enter your life because of your work, and it also indicates that you already have enough treasures in your life. (That sounds good).

In the numerology aspect of your life, the three cards add up to 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means cooperation, relationship and enthusiasm.

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My Saturday Adventure

Saturday, February 27, 2016

I woke up early this morning, and I enjoyed a raw vegan wrap and two vegan eggrolls, although the raw vegan wraps were enough. Then, I made a cup of Turkish coffee. After I finished drinking my Turkish coffee, I realized that I forgot to take my vitamins. So, I took my vitamins with a can of Acai Berry energy drink. It was cold and refreshing. At 9:30am, I drove a mile away to the OCmeetup independent filmmakers group to discuss their recent short film that they are working on in February. They just need to find a place to film it, and I think they got a couple of possibilities. We watched a video of their short film, and it appears to be a comedy, but it needs a little bit more work in order to polish it up.

At noon, I came home, ate my lunch of falafel and samosas while watching the Spirit Awards 2016 at 2pm. It was entertaining and interesting.

I will also check out Oscars 2016, which will be tomorrow night, to see who won in that awards show.

While blogging, I watched a movie, Deep Impact, on the independent channel, and I notice that it is very disturbing because it is about the New World Order Zionist agenda. Certain people are saved, and taken to an ark, I guess like Noah’s Ark, while others get to hide underground. But a large population is left to defend themselves from a comet, which is most likely a preplanned disaster for the depopulation agenda. I wasn’t aware of this movie before because I don’t watch this crap, which is a good thing I ignored such movies. Instead, I spent my time researching all kinds of information and symbolism on the internet, which include videos, and it helped me understand what these movies really mean and what they are really trying to do. I guess if I hadn’t researched all kinds of information on the internet and on youtube, I would probably think these stupid movies are just fiction. It is actually predictive programming for what they are planning on doing sometime in the future.

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The Independent Film Spirit Awards 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016
The 2016 Spirit Awards was hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Kate McKinnon at the Santa Monica Pier, in Los Angeles, CA, and it was a two-hour and thirty-minute live show on IFC. Throughout this year’s awards show, I noticed many celebrities stuffing their faces with bag of ham, and they were chewing it like they were chewing tobacco. But Jennifer Jason Leigh refused to touch the stuff. But I felt sorry for all the poor slaughtered piggies.
1. BEST SUPPORTING MALE ACTOR = Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation.
2. BEST FIRST SCREENPLAY = Emma Donoghue for Room
3. BEST DOCUMENTARY = The Look of Silence, which is a film about Indonesian Genocide of Mid-60s.
4. BEST FIRST FEATURE FILM = Diary of a Teenage Girl, which was based on a graphic novel.
6. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY = Carol, which is by Ed Lachman.
7. BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM = Son of Saul (Hungary)
8. JOHN CASSAVETES AWARD = Krisha (It is noted that this whole film was shot in 9 days, at the director’s mom’s house, and most of the actors in the film were actually his family).
9. BEST SCREENPLAY = Spotlight
10. BEST SUPPORTING FEMALE ACTRESS = Mya Taylor in Tangerine. (It is noted that Mya is the first transgender actress to receive an award).
11. BEST FEMALE LEAD ACTRESS = Brie Larson in Room
12. BEST DIRECTOR = Tom McCarthy for Spotlight
14. BEST EDITING = Tom McArdle for Spotlight
15. KIEHL’S SOMEONE TO WATCH AWARD = Felix Thompson for King Jack
16. BEST MALE LEAD ACTOR = Abraham Attah in Beasts of No Nation
17. BEST FEATURE FILM = Spotlight

18. TRUER THAN FICTION AWARD = Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Director for Incorruptible, and she received $25,000 unrestricted grant.
I haven’t seen any of these movies, but there were some on this list that I considered seeing, but I just wasn’t sure if they were good or not. I did consider seeing Diary of a Teenage Girl, Spotlight, Carol, and Room. Spotlight received the most awards. I haven’t heard of the other films on this list. I also noticed Beasts of No Nation received a lot of awards.

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Touchstones Meditations for February 27.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday’s Touchstones Meditations quote is by Henri Amiel, and it states “Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender.” Therefore, remember this quote, “Today, I surrender my self-interest again, knowing I must do it over and over.”

Hanson-Roberts Card Reading for Saturday, 2.27.16
He has a new tarot card deck, in which I have never seen before on youtube. These cards look interesting because the artwork looks like graphic arts, similar to how I am drawing my graphic novel.

The Strength card is the 8th card, and it depicts a woman holding a lion. There is an infinity symbol over her head. This card indicates that you have the strength to handle today’s situation, obstacles or conflicts. This card is about making peace, and it indicates that you have the strength to become the peacemaker.

The 5 of Rods card indicates that there will likely be some arguments or conflicts. It is better to stay out of other people’s arguments, issues, or conflicts because they might drag you in their conflicting situation, which might make things worse for you.

The 10 of Swords card indicates that if you get involved in other people’s arguments or conflicts, even to calm them down and make them peaceful, it won’t improve the situation, and you will be surrounded with lots of negativity, anger, and a big headache.

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 23, and the number 23 reduces to 5. The number 5 means instability, lose, and fear.

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Today’s Adventure: Hiking Around a Local Lake

Friday, February 26, 2016

Today’s agenda kept me busy from 10am to 7pm, even though I could have stayed out until 10pm. I wasn’t sure where to post today blog, but I finally decided that it would fit under my e-journal because it has to do with my daily adventure. This adventure has to do with joining OCmeetup groups and connecting with others. Photography at Canon was the first one I joined, before I checked out some hiking groups. And, today’s second hiking group turned out better than the first one. Tomorrow morning, I want to check out a local independent filmmakers group, and probably watch an independent film with them.

Anyway, at 10:30am, I dropped by the office to mail a bill, and I realized that all the change I have was bunch of pennies and one nickel. So, I gave the clerk 44 pennies and one nickel for a stamp. My wallet feels so much lighter now because I only have around five or six pennies. Then, I drove to the gym, sat in the sauna for a couple of minutes, and then I went to yoga class at noon. I felt more alert and awake at 1pm.

I drove back home, and I decided to go to Mother’s Market for some groceries. I enjoyed the vegan eggs last week, and I wanted some more, with some vegan bacon and vegan sausages on the side, which will be my lunch. For breakfast, I decided on a vegan cookie with my coffee or tea as well as a multiple vitamin. Other brunch meals that I bought include some raw vegan wraps, in which the wraps are leaves. I have eaten them before, and I loved these wraps. I also bought a small bag of basmati rice and some cans of beans and lentils. I also want to try to organic nature drinks, Guayaki Yerba Mate sparkling grapefruit ginger and Acai Berry energy drink. I just drank the Yerba Mate, and it is good. I think this grocery list should last me longer than a week.

I ate my dinner, which included a yummy vegan burger and vegan egg rolls. Then, I made a cup of Turkish coffee, and I used the last Turkish delight in the box. While I enjoyed my dinner, I watched the first thirty minutes of the dark comedy, The Voices, before I decided to leave. I arrived at the parking lot, in front of the theatre. And, I was searching for a good parking space, driving around until I noticed a familiar face. He was an old friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. He used to live in my neighborhood, and we used to go to the same small 24 Hour Fitness gym at UTC as well as hang out together, sometimes doing some street hiking. We chatted for a while in the parking lot. Then, he walked off and I parked my car next to a white Range Rover. I browsed the Woodbridge Village Center, checking out what is new at this mini mall, before I went to stand by the movie theatre. I checked out the movies, and none of them looked familiar. I am not even sure what any of them are about because I have never heard of these movies. I want to research them on the internet to see if any are interesting because I might see some later. These movies included The Boy, Ride Along 2, Concussion, Sisters, Creed, and The Good Dinosaur 3D. When I arrived home, I decided to research these movies to get an idea what they are about. And, after I researched them on the internet, I realized that the most interesting ones are Sisters and The Boy. The Sisters movie looks like an entertaining comedy starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The Boy movie looks like an interesting suspenseful thriller/horror movie. But we finished the two-mile street hiking at 7pm, and both of these movies start at 10:20pm and 10:30pm, which is late for me to go to a movie anyway. I might come back one morning and check out one of the movies. There were about thirty people on the hike, and we walked around a lake, surrounded by residential homes and a mini mall. These homes and mall have a nice view, especially the restaurant facing the lake. The two-mile hike wasn’t tiring at all because the ground was flat, unlike hilly streets and hills, which are tiring to walk, and I know that from experience. When I was young, I lived in hilly areas, whether in WV or Fullerton, CA.  It was an interesting outing, where we chatted and walked, in which that is what I usually do when I am on the treadmill, if I am not watching the TV connected to the treadmills. So, it was relaxing walk during all the two miles, and I didn’t even feel the duration. We returned to the movie theatre within one hour, which is 7pm. And, some people had tickets for a 7pm movie.  I wasn’t really familiar with any of the movies. So, I decided to go home and relax. Even if I was familiar with the movies, then I would have wanted to see either The Boy or Sisters, which would start around 10:30pm, and that would start in another three hours. And, it would probably finish around 12:30am or 1am, which is way too late for me to be going to a movie.

As I drove home, I noticed that streets were filled with traffic, and some of these crazy people were driving fast, like they were driving on the freeway. It was so busy tonight that it felt like driving in NYC or LA. But it is a good sign that many people are going out and enjoying their Friday nights. The streets looked different at night, in the dark, that I wasn’t sure where I was at because I couldn’t see the buildings in the dark. Sometimes, I get lost at night because it looks different, and I am not sure where I am at, although it might be in my city district. I had to carefully read the signs, looking for the familiar major streets to make a turn. And, some of the idiot drivers wouldn’t even let me change lanes. They were like speed racing. I just let the crazy people pass me so I can change lanes in peace.

I arrived home at around 7:30pm, and changed into my pajamas and slippers. I enjoyed a can of Yerba Mate sparkling grapefruit ginger drink, which was cold and refreshing.

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Touchstones meditations for February 26

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Maurice Maeterlinck, and it states “I have never for one instant seen clearly within myself. How then would you have me judge the deeds of others?”
Therefore, consider this quote, “I pray for a clear separation between what is on my path in this program and what is on someone else’s path. Then we can make good bridges between us.”

Green Witch Card Reading for Friday, 2.26.16
The Page of Athames card depicts a young girl in the dark forest. There is a full moon in the background as well as an owl sitting on a tree branch. She holds up a small sword or knife, and she has an open book and lit candle by her on a table. This card is all about learning and discovering something new in order to improve your current skills. (Well, my morning started out the same, which is I went to the gym for one hour of yoga. Then, I returned home, and I drove in my old car to Mother’s Market for more vegan meals. My old mazda is driving well with this new battery and new terminals. But I am sure I will probably end up buy more transmission fluid in the future when my current bottles run out. I think I am learning about handling car problems, especially with old cars).

The 7 of Athames card looks like the same forest, but during the daytime, where a woman stands by the doorway of a small and cute cottage, waiting for her husband, who has killed some poor dead rabbits. A skunk walks by, and hopefully it sprayed the area because he could be this couple’s next dead meat. After all, a skunk is also a wild rodent. So, this card has to do with using your skills in order to be more productive and get more work done. (Well, today, I wasn’t really productive because I just wanted to have fun, go out, and socialize. After I put my groceries in their place, I ate my dinner, and then I drove to the Woodbridge Village Center, which I used to hang out their back in the nineties and I haven’t been there in a long time. I noticed that the whole center has been remodeled and changed. Barnes & Noble is now there, but there used to be a small but cute bookstore in its place. And, there used to be a glasses store, where I bought my brown Pierre Cardin sunglasses when I used to wear contact lens. It is now a toy store. There also used to be a dance studio, where I once took jazzersize classes for fun. There is also a corepower yoga studio. And, the movie theatre looks different from before. It looks like a brand new mall that I have never seen before, but it still has a nice view of a huge lake across the street. I also discovered a remodeled mall and section that I haven’t been to in a long time).

Knight of Athames card depicts a man riding a horse. He looks happy, as he gallops along on this path. The skunk just watches this man go by, thinking what’s his problem. This card has to do moving forward with all kinds of cool ideas and you will move forward quickly. (I have been moving forward, checking out different events and outings lately because I need to get out and off the computer to do other stuff).

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 9, and the number 9 means spirituality and completion.

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Touchstones Meditations for February 25.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday’s Touchstones meditation quote is by Ashleigh Brilliant, and it states “Every time I close the door on Reality, it comes in through the window.” Therefore, it is always important to remember this quote, “Today, I will surrender to the truth. I will accept the reality which presses for attention in my life.”
Green Witch Card Reading for Thursday, February 25, 2016
He opens up a brand new tarot card deck, the Green Witch cards, and I notice that each card has colorful scenes amidst nature, Celtic cultures, and fairies. It actually reminds me of children fable stories, such as Hansel and Gretal. Remember, all these stories involved a witch who often messed with the minds of kids and princesses until they were saved.
The Moon card, 18th card, depicts a night scene in a park, where a woman stares at a pond with a fish, and the full moon appears to be sleeping but smiling. The moon has to do with fear, and moving through a difficult situation and facing the unknown. You have a scary obstacle. (The only thing I can think of that happened today was that I went to the local hiking spot, in which not many people showed up but two men, which was OK for me. But when I climbed up a very steep and rocky hill all the way to the top, I felt that my energy was drained and I was out of breath. Then, I noticed that the two men were way up in front, and they didn’t even wait for me. Then, I remembered it is a 4-mile hike, and this is the first time on this trail. So, I was afraid I would get lost and it would get dark. So, I decided I should go back down, and maybe I will do it again some other time with a group that will stick together).
The Standing Stone card, 11th card, depicts a forest during the daytime, and sunlight is coming from the top right. It shines brightly over a tombstone like rock with a carved maze, scale, and words “HARM NONE” engraved on top. There are other rocks encircling it as well as a black spider. Daisies are in the foreground. This card has to do with obstacles and something isn’t clear.(I am not sure what this is about, in accordance with my life. But lots of things that I have to do with in my life often isn’t clear, and I often need to figure things out, especially on how to do certain things. So, this can be anything).
The Wild Hunt card, 16th card, depicts a rook being blown up and destroyed by pagan horseman. There is also a rooster in the background. This card indicates that you can get rid of something in your life that isn’t serving you anymore, whether it is a belief, structure, or a problem. But you need to figure it out on your own. (I am not sure what I need to get rid of that isn’t really serving me anymore).
In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up to 45, and the number 45 reduces to 9. The number 9 means spirituality and completion, and it has to do with figuring something out that will enable to let go of something and move on.

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American Idol, Farewell Season, Choosing Top 10 Part 2

Thursday, February 25, 2016

This two-hour episode revealed who the viewers voted for from last night. The six hopefuls that made it into the top ten include Tristan McIntosh, Sonika Vaid, Gianna Isabella, Mackensie Bourg, Avalon Young, and Lee Jean. They joined the top four that the judges picked, Dalton R., Olivia Rox, La’Porsha Renae, and Trent Harmon, on the bleachers, located at the side of the stage. Kelly Clarkson, the AI winner from the first season, joined the judges as the guest and fourth judge.
Olivia Rox, 17, sang a Katy Perry song Unconditionally and the judges loved her voice. Keith thought it was the perfect song choice. Jennifer agreed. Kelly loved the beginning of the song, and Harry loved her performance of this song.
Gianna Isabella, 15, sang, and the judges didn’t like her performance, and her favorite AI performer was Scotty McCreery. Jennifer notes that it wasn’t Gianna best singing because it sounded shaky. She needs to choose better songs. Kelly thought it was a bold song choice, especially for someone her age, as well as it was a little pitchy. She needs to let go. Harry thought her singing just sounded too arranged and rehearsed. In other words, he advised her to be more natural. Keith advised her to believe in herself and go for it because she already has the talent.
Lee Jean, 16, sang while playing his guitar. He looked relaxed and calm, as he sang a song, which reminded me of a folk singer. His favorite AI performer was Chris Medina. Kelly noted that Lee found his niche, which is an easy, relaxed and chill performance to relax his viewers. Harry adds that Lee needs to control pitch. Keith adds that Lee needs to tell a story in a vulnerable way. Jennifer tells Lee to pick certain songs that help him express his vulnerable side. Chris Medina was sitting in the audience, and he added some comments about Lee’s performance, but I couldn’t hear anything because Chris didn’t have a microphone.
Avalon Young, 21, sang in a natural way. Harry notes that Avalon has a cool vibe, but the song wasn’t a good song choice. Keith advised her to try to stay relaxed throughout the whole song because her performance was better at the end. Jennifer agrees, and adds that by the middle of her performance, she started to improve and performed great. Kelly loved her cool appearance, personality, and performance.
Dalton R., mentioned his favorite AI performer was Chris, before he sang, and the judges loved his singing. Keith noticed confidence and a different version of the original song, which was really cool. Jennifer notes that Dalton is very cool and connected with the audience. Kelly thought Dalton looked very comfortable on the stage as well as he is very likeable. Harry was amazed how Dalton is able to change a song into his version, and still work it and make it his own.
Tristan McIntosh, 15, notes that her favorite AI performer was Jessica Sanchez, before she sings. Jennifer notes that this season has the most teenagers in its top ten. She didn’t like Tristan’s song choice. Kelly advises Tristan to sing a Trisha Yearwood country song because Tristan also likes country music. Harry advises her to choose songs that people know. Keith thought it was good, but she needs to control the pitch.
Mackenzie Bourg, sang a Ed Sheeran song, and his favorite AI performer was William Hong, who was that crazy performer who sang, She Bangs, and it went viral all over the internet that it started to get on my nerves. Kelly noted that Mackenzie knows exactly where he wants to go and he is already there as well as he connected with the audience. He was also in the zone. Keith adds the Mackenzie pulled everyone in. Jennifer agrees with Kelly and Keith. Harry asked Mackenzie what his song meant to him, and Mackenzie answered something like it was about what it was like to be her and his experience on the show.
La’Porsha Renae, 22, stated that her favorite AI performer was Kelly Clarkson, before she sings. She received a standing ovation from the audience, judges, and the other contestants. I noticed that she had tears in her eyes. Harry was speechless and in awe about everything. Kelly stated that La’Porsha is very talented and blessed. Jennifer thought La’Porsha was very controlled. Keith called her performance, “pure humanity.”
Sonika Vaid, 20, stated that her favorite AI performer was Kelly Clarkson, before she sang an Evanescence song, which sounded really good. Keith thought it was terrific. Jennifer thought Sonika is now “dangerous” performer because she has such an amazing voice. Kelly told Sonika that she never sounds pitchy. Harry noticed angst and passion in her singing.
Trent Harmon, 25, stated that his favorite AI performer was David A., before he sings. Jennifer thought that Trent was phenomenal and unique as well as he sings like an artist. Kelly told Trent that he has a natural gift. Harry thought it was fantastic and he noticed great runs. Keith thought it was great.
Kelly Clarkson performed her song, Piece by Piece, which I think had to do with her past and her personal struggles, and she gets emotional at certain areas of the song as she is reminded of her past. She gets a standing ovation from the judges, audience, and the top ten contestants.

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An Interesting Day

Thursday, February 25, 2016

At 4pm, I drove to the OCmeetup group for some local hiking at 4pm, which was close by, practically on the same street, but only two men showed up. We started hiking up a very steep, rocky hill with a narrow trail, and I was out of breath by the time I reached the peak. All the sudden, I looked up and noticed the two men were ahead of me, in which they did warn on the internet site that you have bring a pal to walk with if you don’t know the trail very well because I don’t think they will wait for anyone. But I thought since I went with a group, they will wait for everyone and walk together as a group. Anyway, since the trail was four miles, and filled with steep hills as well as some flat areas, I decided to walk back down because I didn’t want to end up stranded somewhere in the middle, all alone, and lost. And, then, it will get dark soon. As I walked down the steep hill slowly, other people were walking up, and one man said he jogs on the flatter areas of the trail. Two young women were chatting together as they walked, and that was what I was hoping to do, but not many people showed up except for two men from the group. So, I walked down and drove back home to rest. I felt drained from climbing up a very steep hill.

Meanwhile, my next door neighbors were fighting again, but this time it was in the parking lot. They are an older couple, and they always fight, usually in their backyard. She didn’t want him going somewhere, but he eventually drove off.

A little bit after 5pm, I called the court for the on-call jury duty summons, and it was the last day of my five-day on-call period. The recording told me that I don’t have to call anymore, and they don’t need me for this case.

I made a cup of vegan chocolate smoothie, and enjoyed my drink.

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Survivor, Episode 2: Brains, Beauty and Brawns in Kaoh Rong

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Night 3: Brawns return to their camp. Alicia thanks everyone for not voting her off. Jason is still annoyed by Alicia because she is a useless idiot.

Day 4: In the Beauty group, Tai wants to search for the idol, but he doesn’t want the others to see him searching. After a while, he goes off on his own and looks for the idol. He finds clues, and suddenly sees the key on top of the palm trees, near the coconuts. He climbs the palm tree, but it scratches his body, and his feet starts to bleed. He decides to go down and try again later.Brains light a fire to boil water. Debbie annoys her team members.Back in the Beauty group, Tai is obvious about being openly gay. Caleb doesn’t care about Tai’s homosexuality, and they become close friends, even though Caleb isn’t gay. Tai decides to entertain his team members with is personality in order to win them over.

Day 5: Brains wasted most of their kerosene, and they are now worried about drinking water without becoming sick. Joe and Liz clash because of their different methods. She decides to go on her own because she gets emotional.
Brawn members feel miserable because of the hot weather, and I noticed that most of them are sunburned. Alecia tries to make fire, and she works on it all day in order to prove herself. After five hours, even the monkeys become tired and bored, and one yawns. But Alecia finally creates a spark, and Jason quickly joins her to help get the spark going and start a fire.

Day 6: Immunity challenge involves an obstacles course in the ocean. They have to race in the water, and when they all arrive at their log, they work on untie it before carrying it over their head and walking with the long through obstacles on the beach and in the water. After place it in its place, they have to use a large slingshot in the water, and knock off targets into the ocean. Beauty group wins immunity, large fishing kit and a boat. Brains group wins a small fish kit as well as immunity. Brawn group has to go to tribal council again.
Brawns return to their camp, and Jason and Scot discuss voting out Alecia because she is stupid and useless. Alecia frantically looks for the idol, and the men laugh at her because she is too stupid to find the idol. Jennifer is annoyed by Jason. She goes up to Alecia and tells her that they should make an all-girl alliance to vote out Jason. Alecia agrees, and she is happy that she might not be voted out. Jennifer talks to Cydney, but Cydney looks confused because Jennifer keeps changing her mind. Jennifer appears to be playing both sides: the all-girl alliance and the two men.

Night 6: At tribal council, all the members are a mess because no one knows what is going on. Jennifer keeps lying as well as she keeps changing her mind. She talks so much that her members start to distrust her, her loyalty and her actions in the game. She even states that it was all Alecia’s idea, and Alecia should be voted out because she is creating all the problems and lying. Then, Jenny begs them not to vote her off. Jeff is shocked what is going on in this group. After each member votes, it is between Jenny and Alecia, and Jenny is the second person voted out.

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