Path to Peace for December 1.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The first day of the last month of the year has already arrived. It is sad that 2015 is coming to an end soon, but a New Year can be a fresh start for bigger things ahead.

Tuesday’s Path to Peace quote is “the young have ambition and energy born of dreams; the elderly have wisdom and patience born of experience. Tragically, those who are young forget that the elderly also dream of happy children and caring families also work hard to improve their lives. Foolish youth will dismiss their efforts as outdated. Those more intelligent will listen, learn, and grow wise.”

Art of Life Card Reading for 12.1.15

The World card, 21, states “All that Adam had, all that Caesar could, you have and can do…Build, therefore, your own world,” which is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote is encouraging because it is telling you to dream big and make your dreams come true because you have the ability to be and do whatever you want to do. Start by thinking outside of the box and be more creative because that is the answer to overcoming writer’s block.

The 7 of Cups card states “Who so loves, believes the impossible,” which is a quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Consider connect with love, by connecting with the Holy Spirit for further guidance.

The Lovers card, 6, states “The Heart has reasons that reason cannot know,” which is a quote by Blaise Pascal. This quote has to do with God’s Plan for everyone. It is important to connect with God on a daily basis in order to make sure that you are on the right path toward what God wants you to do or what HE has already planned for you.

In the numerology aspect of this card reading, the three cards add up to 34, and the number 34 reduces to 7. The number 7 means mind and creativity. Use your mind and dream big, and an unexpected opportunity will turn up on Tuesday and it will lead you to a different direction than you expected, which appears to be positive and the answer you are looking for.

Wow, this reading sounds inspirational and magical. These cards are interesting.

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Today is Cyber Monday

Monday, November 30, 2015

What actually is that? Does it have to do with shopping online or chatting online or both? Oh, well, I am always online, and I feel like I live online, owning many homes on IMVU and Yo World, when I am not traveling to my many social network sites and pages as well as blogging.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep all night. When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t sure if I should go to the gym, but at 10:30am, I seemed to regain wake up and decide that I need one hour of yoga to fully wake up. After I dropped off a bill at the post office, I drove to the gym, and I noticed it was cold today, although still sunny. I sat in the sauna for a couple of minutes before class starts. At the end of yoga class, I was fully awake and alert.
I returned home, ate my lunch, and drank a cup of espresso, before I continued looming the other leg of the legwarmers. And, I finished it around 5pm.

I still have some chenille yarn left for the sandy shades and plum-berry shades yarn, but I am wondering now if I have enough to make a pair of fingerless mittens. I would need to use my Rainbow Loom so that I can make it narrow enough to fit my small-boned lower arm, hand and wrist. I need to decide what length I can make two match fingerless mittens before running out of yarn. I think I will use the plum-berry chenille yarn before I have more leftover. So, this will be my next project I want to work on.

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Path to Peace for November 30.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday’s Path to Peace quote is “do not be concerned if the next person is not doing his or her best. Instead, focus on how you yourself are doing.”

This is the end of November as well as the end of a four-day relaxing holiday. New beginnings for December, as well as the New Year ahead, involves setting an agenda to focus and work more productively.

Rider Waite Card Reading for 11.30.15
The Chariot card, 7th card, is in reverse, indicates Monday morning will appear to be slow, and you are likely to be unproductive. (Yeah, this sums up my Thanksgiving holiday 4-day weekend. I didn’t really do much).

9 of Wands card is in reverse, indicates that your day will improve in the afternoon. (Yeah, I usually do feel better after I work out in the gym, even when I just do one hour of yoga, which energizes me and makes me fully alert to my surroundings).

The Sun card, 19th card, indicates that by the end of Monday, you will feel happy, positive and joyful again. (Yeah, I can see that because on Mondays, I have two yoga classes, one at noon and one in the evening. So, Mondays are my rejuvenation spa days).

In the numerology aspect of this reading, these three cards add up 35, and the number 35 reduces to 8. The number 8 means power. So, take charge of you day and life, and make things happen the way you want it to, as you try to move ahead in the right direction toward your goals.

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End of Thanksgiving Holiday

IMG_1190 IMG_1186

(I added photos of the plum-berry colored infinity scarf with matching hat as well as the wide and long sandy colored scarf with its matching hat, modeled by my old vintage Barbie mannequin head I had when I was a kid. I just loomed a wide headband for my winter wardrobe in the sandy colored chenille yarn. I plan to attempt to loom legwarmers in the plum-berry chenille yarn next. I added these photos as reference so that you can follow me on my occasional looming projects and you will get an idea what I am doing or up to next).

Sunday, November 29, 2015

During this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I seem to be sleeping really late and waking up really late, around noon, which isn’t good idea as well as not very healthy. But, hopefully, my daily or semi-daily gym workouts on weekdays will encourage me to sleep early and wake up early again, starting tomorrow.

After I ate my breakfast, I decided to loom a wide headband with the chenille yarn in multicolored sandy shades. It soft and warm, and I had also loomed a large scarf with matching hat in the same yarn, last month.

It is already 4pm, and it looks cloudy and dark outside, probably because of the cool autumn weather. I made a cup of coffee to warm up as well as to help my hangover because of my weird sleeping habits. I need my beauty sleep.

I need to take a photo of this new item that I recently loomed so that I download recent photos into my computer. But I haven’t done anything productive all day. I just need to find ideas and ways to break the usual routine because I desperate need some kind of change.

It is sad to see Thanksgiving four-day holiday come to an end today, because holidays are all about relaxation and enjoyment. Starting Monday, I need to do some serious blogging to make up for my holiday breaks.

I am also considering looming a pair of legwarmers with the other chenille yarn that I have, but it has plum-berry and green shades. I had already loomed an infinity scarf and matching hat with this yarn. So, I am just wondering if I have enough for a pair of legwarmers as well as how long should I make my legwarmers.

Now, I need to do some laundry and maintenance around the house, which I don’t really want to do.

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Path to Peace for November 29.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday’s Path to Peace quote is “to be at peace is to create peace.”

Wow, November is almost finished, and there is only one month left until 2016. Time is going by so fast that I feel I need to get more productive in order to do more stuff.
Wheel of the Year Card Reading for 11.29.15
Death card, 13th card, has to do with an ending as well as a new beginning. It has to do with a transitional period in your life, which includes the ending of something as well as the start of something new ahead. It is currently the end of November, which could me a new beginning in December and the New Year ahead.

High Priestess card, 2nd card, is in reverse, which indicates that you are starting something new, in which you will use all the knowledge and information you currently have.

9 of Chalices card is in reverse, which indicates that there is an end of the community or gatherings that were in your life. It is time to meet new people or move on with others. (True, I do need to meet new people or hang out at new events or groups. Every couple of years, people I know move on elsewhere, and I am alone again. I need to also move on elsewhere, but not sure where).

In the numerology aspect of this reading, the three cards add up to 24, and the number 24 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opening or shift in your life. There will be a change in your life path, and there will be a door of opportunity, which opens up new beginnings for you. Look for the new opportunities ahead, which will be positive. You will receive new insights and inspiration that will help you move forward. (I hope I am aware of such new opportunities because I really am looking for new opportunities, but I might be looking in the wrong places, and that is why I never see the right ones).


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Path to Peace for November 28.

IMG_1181 IMG_1180 IMG_1023 IMG_1021 (1)

(I added my photos from the Spectrum mall of some cocktail party fashions for Autumn 2015 holiday parties).

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday’s Path to Peace quote is “have hope for the future, but do not forget about today.”
Yeah, this quote seems to be something I try to follow on a daily basis. I always try to remain present and live for the present moment, but still hope for the future.

Wheel of the Year Card Reading for 11.28.15
The 8 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates that something might appear sick and terrible on Saturday, but it actually will turn out to be a positive day for you.(Well, so far, I have no plans for Saturday. But since I went to South Coast Plaza on Black Friday, I am consider going to Spectrum on Small Business Saturday to check what is going on in that mall).

The 5 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates that something that normally would be boring for you will turn out fun, exciting and positive. (Yeah, mall events are becoming boring for me these days. Maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow).

The 10 of Chalices card is in reverse, which indicates that there might be some issues with family or family member, and you might not want to hang out with any family events during the holidays. (My family are all busy with their own life. My mother is hanging out with her friend, one brother is with his lover and probably her family, and the other brother is with his wife, 3 sons, and her mother).

So, Saturday’s reading involves three reversed cards. It is important to keep an open mind on Saturday, and go with the flow because everything will work out for you in a positive way. It isn’t a bad as it appears.

In the numerology aspect of this reading, the three cards add up to 23, and the number 23 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom, in which it indicates that you turn it into a fun and positive Saturday, regardless of what it initially appears to be at first glance.

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Home Decor at IMVU and Yo World

knit9 beach house by city 5 beach house by city 1 beach house by city 2

(I added some snapshots of my IMVU avatar playing with three cats inside her bedroom of her three story beach house. Her hairstyle and outfits is different in these snapshot. The three cats are animated, and there is also a small brown mouse, where the gray kitty is watching him in the fourth snapshot).

Friday, November 27, 2015

When I turned on my computer, IMVU reminded me that Saturday, November 28th is Small Business Saturday Event. As they are encouraging many IMVU residents to check out IMVU designer boutiques and showroom to shop from these designers, I am sure many people in life will check out small business sales to shop for the holidays.

I also noticed that the neighborhood garbage bins were outside tonight because garbage pickup will be on Saturday during the holidays. So, I took out my garbage right away before I forget tomorrow morning.

I went back to my computer blog, as I also watch the Exorcist series.

I also noticed that I received another gift from IMVU. This gift is an animated wardrobe, filled with clothes and accessories, which actually looks like an closet organizer, similar to the ones in IKEA. I placed it in my three story beach house, which is sometimes hard to maneuver because it is so big. I wonder if this gift is for Black Friday event or Small Business Saturday event since it is 11:30pm Saturday night right now.

I probably should stop at Yo World to see what they have going on today because I remember that they announced that they will have their own Black Friday Yo World events on that chat game. I am currently decorating my Suburban winter home on Yo World. I might get some free decor items today for this house.

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Dinner and the Exorcist Series

122 decor 4 halloween2013neighborhooddecorations 007

(I added my photos of some neighbor’s Halloween decorations from the past, or ghosts from the past).

Friday, November 27, 2015

I ate some hummus and French bread as well as a vegan wrap. Inside the sprouted grain wrap, I placed some spinach leaves, broccoli slaw, white mushroom slices, vegan mayo, and avocado. But it was too bulky and I couldn’t roll it. So I just folded the ends on top, and it still worked out.

Then, I heated some almond milk, before added three tablespoon of hot chocolate mix, which has bittersweet chocolate shavings and peppermint. Although the milk was vegan, the chocolate powder was vegetarian. It is hard to shop consistent vegan products.

As I ate my dinner, I watched the Exorcist l movie, which is not a good idea to watch when you are eating. As I was enjoying my vegan wrap sandwich, I looked up and saw Regan’s creepy face, and she spit disgusting green stuff all over the priest, which made me sick because I was eating, although that is a classic scene of the first Exorcist movie. I also noticed that Exorcist II and III will come on afterwards. I plan to watch all three because I consider the Exorcist movies as the classic horror movies. I think that they are more dramatic, and the actors are actually acting as well as there is a story being told, even though the movie is more famous for its creepy and disgusting special effects.

I also decided to heat some chestnuts in the microwave and snack on warm chestnuts, which were good. I think I will also buy some for the Christmas holiday season.

As I was posting my blogs on Blogjob, all of the sudden, my computer turned off on its own for one second, and turned back on, on its own. That was creepy. Either my computer is possessed by the devil, or it is the free download of Windows 10 issues? Maybe my computer needs an exorcism…or, maybe I am going to regret downloading Windows 10 via my desktop for free.

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Black Friday at South Coast Plaza

south coast plaza 113013 025 south coast plaza 113013 029 south coast plaza 113013 034 south coast plaza 113013 005 south coast plaza 113013 023 south coast plaza 113013 022 south coast plaza 113013 021

(I added my photos from last year’s South Coast Plaza decoration for Christmas holiday season).

Friday, November 27, 2015

After I ate my brunch at noon, I decided to check out what is going on in South Coast Plaza mall. I changed into warm clothes, which includes reddish-brown skinny jeans, cable knit tank top, gray trench pea coat, fake uggs ankle boots, and Afghanistan beret.

As I was driving, I drove by Alston building, which used to be the headquarters for RB Furniture, and I worked there for about a year, although the building looks like it is repainted to look different. Anyway, the logo for Alston looks like a three-dimensional Illuminati pyramid. And, the small top peak is separated from the bottom part.

When I arrived at the Bristol Street/ Sunflower Avenue intersection, I noticed police cars everywhere to control the chaos. The malls were very crowded, beyond belief. I didn’t even realize the malls were that crowded during Black Friday events because it really looked scary. If I was aware of it, then I wouldn’t have gone to the mall during this mess. The caravan of cars made a long line, inching their way toward the mall exists and into the parking lots. I finally made it into the parking lot, but as soon as I drove inside, I found an empty parking. Actually, a man walking by pointed to it, telling me to go to this one, which was empty. I excitedly went to it, but I entered the aisle from the wrong side, which was difficult trying to get my car into the space, but luckily I made it because car is a small Beetle and it easy to maneuver and adjust.

I browsed through the overcrowded mall, checking out Christmas decorations and performers. I browsed through some sale items, but I realized that I didn’t bring along my checkbook, which was a good idea. I didn’t bring my iPhone because I had forgotten to charge it, and I plugged it into the outlet before I left the house. So, it is currently charging.

Now, I know where everyone went during this thanksgiving holiday. They are all at malls and outlets looking for bargains and sales, probably shopping for their December holiday season, whether Christmas, Eid, or Hannukah.

Lots of stores were rearranged throughout the mall. Starbucks is now on the other side of the mall. Some stores closed down, and new ones opened in their place. The malls are constantly changing. I didn’t run into anyone in the mall, like I usually do, but it was interesting to browse and check out what is new in 2015. There were some children activities at certain areas, which includes coloring pages with crayons as well as coloring wooden sculptures with markers. I plan to go back to buy two of the wooden structures because I would like to paint them. I want to get a little wooden sleigh and a little wooden nutcracker. They are a good price at $6 each.

At around 6pm, I decided to go back home, and the mall was still crowded. The streets were still very busy. When I arrived home, I decided to change my clothes, relax, and eat my dinner.

It is a good thing I didn’t check out the midnight Black Friday event at Irvine Spectrum because that was is too late and could be too tiring, although it sounded fun. It was from 12am to 8am, early morning Friday.

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Path to Peace for November 26.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday’s Path to Peace quote is “the largest building begins with one brick. So, too, we begin to improve with one small act.”

And, now, for the Black Friday card reading:
Morgan Greer card reading for 11.27.15
The 3 of Cups card depicts three women, each wearing a flower or berry halo crown on their head, and they look like goddesses. This card has to do with friendship and celebration. Try to connect with others today because you will have fun. (Well, I don’t have any plans for Saturday yet. But I might drop by the mall, just to people watch the Black Friday chaos, if I get that bored).

The 7 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicating you are not focusing on work this weekend. You just want to relax and have fun with friends and family.

The 2 of Swords card depicts a blindfolded man holding two swords. This card has to do with not being aware of certain information, and connecting with people on Friday will help become more aware of certain information. You will become more enriched and change the way you are doing things because of this extra important information. (I hope I get some new and valuable information on Friday. I need a change).

In the numerology aspect of this reading, the three cards add up to 12, and the number twelve reduces to 3. The number 3 means expression. By expressing yourself and connecting with others on Friday, you will learn some new information that you really need.

After Black Friday, don’t forget Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday.

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