Wedding Photography Workshop

Counselling / Pixabay

Monday, April 24, 2017

After one hour of yoga, I came back home, ate, and did a little bit of cleaning. Then, I went on the internet until 6pm. I decided to go to a wedding photography workshop because I have some experience in wedding photography. This workshop was mostly about starting a business as a wedding photographer, which involves a lot of sales, marketing and traveling. I am not a salesman, and I don’t do too much traveling, but I enjoy photography as a hobby, although I am not sure where my niche is. I am mostly into surreal mannequin photography, some wedding photography, street photography, and candid photography. I arrived home at 10 pm, and I decided to make a cup of hot cocoa, as I watched the move, The Wiz, on the indie channel.

Monday, April 24, 2017 video

There is an opportunity for a real change in your life as you let your light shine.

The 6 of Pentacles card depicts a wealthy man giving two poor kids some money. You will have a choice, and one will lead you to wealth, while the other choice will lead you to poverty. (I didn’t have any choice to make today because it was just another day. I went to yoga class at noon, chatted with a woman from yoga until we went to our cars, and I drove back home and mostly hung out at the internet because I knew that I need to get ready for an evening photography workshop).

The Tower card, 16th card, depicts a tower erupting, being stuck by lightning, and people falling out, which indicates a problem.  He adds a fourth card, Queen of Wands, on The Tower card for clarification, which indicates that you should address the problem and deal with the issue. (What problem? The mice that are still hiding somewhere, probably in the utility attic. Not sure what I am going to do. The two Hold & Release traps are still empty, and Gumby cannot really get to them).

The Star card, 17th card, indicates that you will be productive and resolve certain problems. Your light will shine brightly, in which others will help you thrive. (The only things that I am productive at are working on my graphic novels as well as occasionally going to events for blogging and videos).

These three cards add up to 40, and the number 40 reduces to 4. The number 4 means security, structure, and stability.

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Sunday, 4.23.17 Last Week of April 2017

skeeze / Pixabay

Sunday, April 23, 2017 video

The 4 of Swords card is in reverse, indicates it is the time to just take action and move forward. (Well, I didn’t go out anywhere on Sunday. I mostly just worked on my graphic novel and browsed on the internet. I am not sure what action I should have taken).

The 4 of Cups card is in reverse, indicates you should accept guidance and blessings, which will help you move forward with whatever comes along on Sunday. (The only message I feel I got was in the movie, Nerve, where the main character gets a “lighthouse” tattoo, which is symbolic for me because I have always been into lighthouses. So, maybe I should keep moving fearlessly toward my dreams).

The Tower card, 16th card, is in reverse, indicates has to do with building a new tower or structure that will lead to permanency. (I am not sure what new tower to build in my life…).

These 3 cards add up to 24, and the number 24 reduces to 6. The number 6 means temporary opening or opportunity. You might hear some news or ideas that will lead you somewhere…so, just move along with your feelings today. (Well, I haven’t heard from yet. I haven’t heard from Blizzard Entertainment yet. But I will probably do more videos and blogs this week on such topics as photography, hiking, Spring Garden Show 2017 tips).


Spiritual Messages for last week of April 2017 video

Break Free card has to do with trying something different so that you learn and grow. You need a change in your life. (I haven’t gotten any opportunity to try something new yet..).

Have Faith card has to do with your prayers are manifesting and it is important to stay positive and follow your guidance.

Alchemy card has to do with having midas touch, and whatever you do will turn into gold.

Self-Forgiveness card has to do with letting go of past guilt, and realize that you are God’s perfect creation.

Pay attention in your circle to hang out with people who are happy and peaceful. Do you feel comfortable with these people?

Matthew 13: It has to do with listening to others, as you be open to your surroundings.


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Saturday 4.22.17 Earth Day 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I drew one page and colored parts of it during the morning hours. Then, at noon, I decided to walk across the street to UCI to check out their Celebrate UCI event. It was hot and sunny day, and I am glad I wore my foundation with sunscreen, although I was also wearing my UCI Alumni cap. I took some snapshots, as well as sat in a VW bus photo booth for a couple of snapshots of myself at 52. I look OK, but it really shows that I gained 5 pounds, which is quite depressing.  I browsed some booths and played some games for fun, to mostly check out new information. I picked up a pen, two lanyards, bottle opener keychain, and information on Antrepreneur opportunities, Illuminations Author series, Coup de Comedy Festival 2017 Improv Revolution, and a batch of 10 notecards with envelopes from UCI Paul Merage School of Business. I noticed that there are more changes on campus.

At 4:30pm, I drove to the Showcase Gallery art reception, and I arrived at 4:44pm in the parking lot. The art reception artists were mostly kids, from 4 years old to teenagers. Many of them were good artists for their age group. I don’t really like abstract art that much, but I liked the paint splash abstract of 5-year-olds. I did two videos, and I will probably upload 3 or 4 because I was also at the Celebrate UCI at noon.

When I arrived home at around 7:13pm, I decided to make a cup of Turkish coffee, and I did it really good this time because I added the nice crema on top, although I made a 6-ounce cup, in which I added 2 teaspoons of sugar when making it, even though I don’t put any sugar in my coffees. I spooned some crema into my cup, over the Turkish delight, a couple of times, before I poured the Turkish coffee into my cup over the Turkish delight candy.


Saturday, April 22, 2017 video

The Hermit card, 9th card, has to do with wisdom and shining light of truth. Do some meditation. (I continue to check out videos as well as sites that promote the truth, and I share these videos on social network sites).

The 10 of Rods card has to do with working hard and being productive, but it can be overwhelming and draining. Consider what changes you need to make in your life to simplify your life without overdoing it. (I continued to work on my graphic novel. It is draining but still meditative, and I just need to pace and balance my life between drawing my graphic novel and doing other activities).

Queen of Rods card has to do with getting answers on what you should do and not do to become happier. (I check out meetup sites of locals events and activities. I think I will be busy this last week of April, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, it appears that Wednesday is really my day off, where I will probably just go to yoga class and then come home to work on my graphic novel).

These three cards add up 20, and the number 20 reduces to 2. The number 2 means relationship. I think I need to simplify my life and do a lot of spring cleaning as well as reorganizing. It is that time of year again! I recently received a flyer for the townhomes association which mentions that the spring cleaning dumpsters will be available in May.

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Friday, 4.21.17: The Big Project

Friday, April 21, 2017 video

All three cards for Friday are cups, which indicate emotions, romance, creativity, and intuition.

The 8 of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates that you continue to work on your current project until completion, and you are enjoying every minute of the process, and you don’t need to throw anything out because you are doing a good job.

Ace of Cups card indicates that you will have a positive and happy outcome with your work.

The 5 of Cups card is in reverse, which indicates that you will have a positive perspective about your life.  You will be rewarded for sticking to something until its completion.

These three cards add up to 14, and the number 14 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom. (Yeah, this one seems true for my current life, as well…).

I worked on my graphic novel in the morning, then I took a break at yoga class at the gym, and then I returned to work more on my graphic novel, and I took another break going on a one-hour 2-mile street hiking meetup with a local group. Today is very hot, around 88 degrees that it felt like a hot and humid summer day).

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4.20.17: Art is Meditative

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I continue to work on my graphic novel, redrawing chapter one before I continue with the other chapters. It is tiring, but it is also very meditative. I often took breaks for food and coffee, as well as some snacks. Then, I went on the internet to browse.

The phone rang at 9am, and I woke up, feeling it might be important, although I should have just let the answering machine get it, and I would have returned their call, if it was important. I picked it up late, and I noticed it was for a Focus Group about people who own cats. If chosen, the participants would be paid $85. I went on the internet to look up the Focus Group company phone number so that I could call them back. When I called them, someone asked me some questions, and then they told me I am not qualified for whatever reason. Oh well, whatever…that is the second time it happened to me, when the focus group called to ask me to participate, and then they tell me I am not qualified after all. The first one was for people who drive a VW Beetle, and it paid more money.

4.20.17 video

The 4 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates that you are free and open to new adventures and opportunities. (I feel this is true for me because I plan on going to different places on weekend, which includes yoga, hiking meetup, art gallery reception, and earth day activities at the college. But I didn’t go out anywhere on Thursday. I mostly worked on my graphic novel).

Prince of Wands card is in reverse, which indicates that you are calm and balance, enjoying your experience. (Yeah, doing my artwork is very meditative, even though it is a lot of work).

The 7 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates that you will not work very hard today because it is mostly about having fun. (But I still plan on working on my graphic novel, doing a couple of pages, around my schedule, because it is meditative. I have noticed that I am drawing between 1 to 3 pages per day, depending on the actual work for that particular page).

These 3 cards add up to 12, and the number 12 reduces to 3. The number 3 means expression, which about new beginnings and communications. Check out something new and explore a new area in order to bring something fresh into your life. (The places that I am going to aren’t new. I cannot think of any new places to visit. I did explore something new on the internet. I decided to apply to site by submitting three links of my blogging works, although ehow is about writing how-tos. I used to be on that site long time ago, and I remember that I paid part-time salary, which was OK. But the scammers and spammers on the site were really annoying, and I eventually got sick of them and left the site. Today, I noticed that the site looks different and modern-looking, almost like Bubblews toward the end of its life with its new makeover, which didn’t really help that site. But this ehow site seems to be still active, although I am not sure if it still pays. If they accept my application, then I plan to join for fun).

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4.18.17 and 4.19.17 Summaries

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I redrew two pages from the final draft, and I took breaks on the internet. I didn’t hear or see the mice, and the traps are empty. So, I am not sure where they are, whether they are hiding somewhere or they left my townhouse by the same way they entered. Gumby occasionally walks around in the hallway area as well as the kitchen, and he waits quietly for them to appear. But he seems to get tired and eventually walks away.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 video

Knight of Wands card has to do with having a lot of passion for something, and just going for it to get something done.

The Fool card, 0 card, is in reverse, has to do with working on your project by trying to perfect your work and finish the whole process.

The 2 of Pentacles card is also in reverse, has to do with the infinity symbol and a full moon. It has to do with working on your project to finish it by working hard every day.

These 3 cards add to 3, and the number 3 means expression. (This one sounds true for me).


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I ate my breakfast before I finished last night’s page. Then, I dropped by the gas station before I drove to yoga class at Spectrum Center. For some reason, the parking lot where I always park was full, and I couldn’t find an empty space. I am not sure why today is very busy at the mall. I wonder if some schools still have their Spring Break. I parked at the adjacent lot. After sauna and yoga, I returned, and accidentally walked to my usual parking lot. Then, I remembered that I parked elsewhere. I went home, had my lunch, and drew another page. I didn’t see any mice today, and both traps are empty. So, I am not sure where they are right now.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 video

The 6 of Swords card is in reverse, which indicates you journey that you need to take is internal, and not something you need to seek outside or go to a place. You just need to meditate with God for guidance. Look inside yourself for the right opportunities.

The 3 of Swords card is also in reverse, which indicates that your love and romance appear to be positive.

The 5 of Wands card has to do with hanging out with others at a casual environment, doing light activities for fun.

These 3 cards add up to 14, and the number 14 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom.

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Eeek, I found 3 Mice inside my Townhouse!

Meditations / Pixabay

Monday, April 17, 2017

I dropped by the post office before I went to yoga class at Spectrum Center. After yoga and sitting in the sauna, I returned home to notice that I have 3 mice running around. I saw one in the kitchen, and I thought it was dead because it was flag against the tile floor. When I tried to pick it up to throw it away, it moved, and I jumped back. Then, Gumby kept sitting in front of the hallway closet door, just staring at it and waiting. I opened the door for him so he can go inside. But he just stayed out of the closet, sniffing around. So, I decided to take out the items and reorganize the closet. There wasn’t really much inside this closet. But I noticed a lot of mice turds. Gumby went inside to investigate because he sensed there was a mouse inside, but he couldn’t get at it, and he eventually walked out. I brushed out all the turds and threw it in the trash. It was really sick! Two mice ran out of the closet, and I don’t know where they went. I hope not more than 3 are here, and I hope Gumby gets them soon. I decided to go to Ace Hardware to buy mouse traps. I chose two Hold & Release trap, and I hope it really works. The poison might be too dangerous because Gumby might play with it or he might eat the dead mouse that eats the poison. And, Gumby might also play with the Sticky Glue trap. I put a little bit of noodles from yesterday in each trap as bait. Then, I placed one trap in the hallway closet, just in case they return, and the other trap on the stove because I always hear a mouse walking on the counter. Then, I decided to clean the inside of the stove because I noticed a lot of turds. Yuck! I am really started to feel sick of all this! So far, it is quiet tonight, and the mice are still in hiding somewhere in the townhouse. I hope I get rid of them somehow and soon.

I also did laundry. And, I noticed some turds at the bottom of the hamper where I had the white dirty clothes. So, I took it outside and shook it clean, before bringing it inside.


Monday, 4.17.17 video

The Judgment card, 20th card, is in reverse, which indicates that you are doing the right thing, and you should continue on your current project.

Ace of Cups card has to do with receiving blessings of positive feelings in your life.

Ace of Pentacles card has to do with receiving blessings of finance and belongings. You will be naturally guided on a daily basis, and everything will fall into place.

These 3 cards add up to 22, and the number 22 means builder. You will build something that will be permanent.


Fairies Messages for week of 4.17.17 to 4.23.17

Express your Individuality card has to do with expressing your style in a unique way in order to let you true self shine.

Flower Power card has to do with spending time amidst flowers to improve personal healing power.

Spiritual Teacher card has to do with teaching other people about healing and spirituality.


These two card reading videos had nothing to do with my actual Monday because my Monday was mostly trying to figure out how to rid these mice from my townhouse.

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Easter Sunday 2017 in Irvine

Happy Easter 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I woke up around 8am. When I went downstairs, I noticed something black and gooey on the tile floor, in front of the front door. There is also red smeared on the off-white tile floor. It looked like a CSI murder case, which happened overnight. I used a paper towel to pick up the gook, and sprayed the area with cleaning solution before wiping the mess with another paper towel. I did some investigation, for like 5 seconds, and it looked like a little and narrow tail curled up. Gumby must have killed and eaten the little mouse, and this mess was the leftovers, I am assuming, because I don’t know what else it could be. I will wait and see if I will hear anything walking on the counter tonight leaving tiny trail of turds.

After eating my breakfast, I drew one page and colored it until 3pm. Then, I decided to stop and go to Wholesome Choice, for a change. I found Turkish coffee and Turkish delight, which I usually buy at the other grocery store on Walnut Street. I decided to buy some Turkish coffee and Turkish delight. I learned how to make my own Turkish coffee by watching many youtube videos, although everyone has their own demo version. My version is that I prefer not to put sugar in my Turkish coffee, and I heat it on medium heat. The can instructions state to use low heat, but low heat takes forever, and I don’t want to stand by the stove for one hour or more. After buying groceries, I ate some Chinese takeout at the outside courtyard, which consisted of noodles, tofu, and mixed veggies. As I was driving home, I noticed that the park was crowded and closed off. When I came home, I noticed on my calendar that today is Easter. I made a cup of Turkish coffee, and I placed a pomegranate aroma Turkish delight in the cup. It looked water. Maybe I will put less water next time. it tasted good. I wish I could read the Turkish coffee cup. But sometimes I just like to try for fun, even though I don’t know what the hell I am doing.

I also noticed that Wholesome Choice was very crowded, probably for the Easter holiday. Many people were also eating outside, although I didn’t see anyone I know.

I turned on my computer and entered IMVU. I received an Easter gift from IMVU, which is a tree with large decorated Easter eggs hanging with string. Under the tree, there are lots of nodes for many avatars to hang out together and chat, maybe an Easter picnic. I placed this Easter tree at my beach house yard, which overlooks a private beach. I took four snapshots of my avatar modeling different poses by this tree.

I made some Peerless brand Coconut Cream espresso coffee in my Bialetti Moka, and it is quite good because it tasted sweet and smooth.

Sunday, 4.16.17 video

The 7 of Arrows card has to do with Insecurity. You hear negative information or negative feedback, and it makes you feel insecure. Just go out and have fun.

The 3 of Bows card has to do with Fulfillment. It has to do with making a choice at a crossroad, which will help you move forward. You will be fulfilled because taking action will rid insecurity. (I decided to draw another page all morning, and then go to Wholesome Choice in the afternoon. The grocery store was crowded but I didn’t see anyone I know. But I think Gumby caught the mouse early this morning and ate it because I notice gross leftovers on the tile floor).

Forest Lovers card is the 6th card, and it has to do with love and romance. Go out to public places, and you will meet someone.

These three cards add up to 16, and the number 16 reduces to 7. The number 7 means mind and creativity.

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Good Friday in Irvine


falco / Pixabay

Friday, April 14, 2017

After taking out the trash, I made my morning espresso and I drew another page until 10:20am. Then, I decided to go to yoga class and then continue later. It was warm today, but breezy.  I returned home, ate food, and finished today’s page.

Then, I turned on the computer to see what is going on everywhere. Someone on my Facebook page stated that there was a FBI Raid at a local Irvine high school in Northwood area, as well as helicopters flying everywhere in that area that is six miles from my townhouse. They also mentioned that there is also sex trafficking of Asian women in Irvine. Wow, what is going on here! I am not even aware of this, but crazy things are suddenly occurring in Irvine.

When I glanced at my calendar, I noticed that today is Good Friday.

Friday, April 14, 2017 video

The 5 of Stones card is about Endurance. You might have been difficulties lately, and you keep worrying about things and/or people in your life.

Ace of Vessels card is about the Waters of Life. But everything will work out and be OK because you will receive blessings filled with contentment, love, joy and peace.

Page of Vessels card is about a cute Otter. It is all a learning experience, in which you will grow spiritually into a stronger person.

These three cards add up to 7, the number 7 means mind and creativity.


Saturday, April 15, 2017 video

The Hooded Man card, 9th card, is similar to the Hermit card. You suddenly realize something about yourself that you weren’t aware of before. As you meditate today, a little cute bird will drop by and give you some useful answers. (What answers?).

The 9 of Arrows card is about Dedication, and it is in reverse, which indications that you won’t have demands from others. You are able to work on your project.

The 5 of Arrows card is about Frustration, and it is in reverse, which indicates that you are free of any frustrations. You aren’t after anything and you aren’t running away from anything. You just meditate in peace and quiet.

These three cards add up to 23, and the number 23 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom.

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Blog for 4.11.17 to 4.13.17 Summaries

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 video

The 10 of Staffs card indicates that there appears to be a blockage in your path, and you might need to take a detour to move around these annoying obstacles in order to move forward. (I woke up at noon, and I spend my time working on my graphic novel).

King of Pentacles card indicates that a man will advise you on ways to move past these obstacles and blockage in order to teach you how to creatively and successfully move ahead and forward toward your goals. This man is an expert, and he will help you, and you will likely help each other out in order to help each other move forward because of teamwork and collaboration. (I didn’t meet any man or any expert).

The 3 of Staffs card indicates a new beginning because you will walk through a doorway toward magical opportunities.

These three cards add up to 14, and the number 14 reduces to 5. The number 5 means freedom, which indicates your progression and this helpful man will lead you to freedom. (I didn’t meet any helpful man today.I woke up at noon, and worked on my graphic novel. Then, I got ready for a local street hiking meetup at 6:30pm. After two hours of Sidewalks of Turtle Rock, we went to the University Center for a small snack, in which I just drank a cup of hot cocoa. Then, at 10pm, I went home and drank a cup of herb tea, while checking stuff on the internet).

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I woke up at 7am to bright sunshine from my bedroom window. The day looked lovely, filled with hope and happiness. But I remained in bed until 7:30am because I was still a little bit tired. After I made a cup of French Press cappuccino, eating something simple, and feeding Gumby, I changed my clothes and did some inking on my latest drawing. I noticed that the drawing with Berol colored pencils tended to come alive because the color is bold and vibrant. But I think the other colored pencils would work well for background scenes and small areas that are still a part of the scene, but not really in focus.

I drew a page until 8pm, and I decided to stop for a snack. Then, I went on the internet for a break before I finish off this page.

Wednesday, 4.12.17 video

King of Wands card indicates that you will be very creative and you will also likely have a lot of fun. . I notice a little lizard in this picture, which is a symbol of some kind.

The 6 of wands card indicates that as you pursue your passions, desires, goals, and agenda to-do list, you will likely succeed. People will recognize your work and talent, although you might not have all the qualifications and requirements. But you still do very good work, and small errors are likely overlooked because they aren’t a big deal. Your overall work is impressive. You will likely move forward.

The 3 of Pentacles card is in reverse, which indicates that you might not have a lot of experiences and qualification for a particular field. You still have a lot of good skills and you do a good job at it that others will still notice.

These 3 cards add up to 10, and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 means creation, fresh start, and taking action. You will have good luck and make progress.


Thursday, 4.13.17 video

The 4 of Wands card indicates a positive day, in which there is a possibility of love and romance.  You are moving forward through a doorway toward your happiness.

Page of Cups card is in reverse, indicates that you might meet someone in the afternoon hours. (I didn’t meet anyone today because I was at home working on my graphic novel).

The 8 of Swords card is in reverse, indicates you will see your future partner.

These three cards add up to 13, and the number 13 reduces to 4. The number 4 means structure, stability, and security. You will meet your long term partner. (I woke up late again, and mostly relaxed, meditated, and just enjoyed making an vegan omelet, vegan grill cheese, and a cappuccino and espresso. I enjoyed one juicy tangerine. As I was chatting on yoworld, someone told me about an interesting movie, Carrie Pilby. I wonder if it is on youtube. Coffee and Cigarettes came on, and I felt like watching it again because I think it is art. Meanwhile, I worked on another page of redrawing the first chapter, and I think the second version of the first chapter is looking better).

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