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Toothpaste Treats Your Pimples? Answer- Aloe Vera


toothpaste is a popular pimple treatment myth by peachpurple



My teenager daughter was complaining of her pimples on her sweet chubby face.

There were quite a few of them, red shiny dots popping up here and there every month.


She wanted to squeeze them out but she knew that it will leave ugly scars when the squeezed skin dried up.

“Toothpaste!!” she exclaimed in delight.

“My BFF said that toothpaste could treat pimples super fast!”


Did it really worked out for her BFF?

Or this is just another pimple myth that people are spreading across the Internet?


If it really did worked out, I guess that all those branded companies which had been producing and manufacturing

pimple gels, cream and facial wash should pack up their bags and change their product soon.


Come to think of it, it is true that toothpaste contains some ingredients that might help to ease the pimples from popping

up further and dry them out.


However, Baking soda and menthol also irritate sensitive skin very much.

There is a higher chance that your smooth skin might end up with red skin and dry peeling surface instead of killing off those pimples.


Maybe, your pimples might clear up soon but it will leave skin redness due to the contents penetrates into your skin pores.


There are several home remedies treatment for pimples on the net.

Hence, I decided to ask my daughter to become the “guinea pig” for this homemade remedy.


Aloe vera. I had planted 2 flower pots of aloe vera in the backyard.

She said alright, give it a shot since she needn’t spend any money on the skin care products.


Here are the results of the home remedies for pimples which were tested out .



Freshly cut aloe vera from my backyard by peachpurple



My niece had used aloe vera for her scarred pimples on her face.

Her pimple condition had worsen after using a few pimple care products which had caused side effects on her skin, causing redness and bumps.

Aloe vera is highly known for its healing properties, kills pimple infection and reduces scars.




Aloe vera gel by peachpurple

Aloe vera gel by peachpurple


What to do:

  1. Cut the fresh aloe vera, peel off the skin , be careful of the thorns.
  2. Use a spoon to scrap off the aloe gel from the inner skin.
  3. Mash it up and apply on the pimples for 30min.
  4. Then, rinse off with cool water.
  5. Apply the fresh aloe gel 3x a day.
  6. Keep the aloe gel in a mayo jar, chill in fridge.


facial wash, use 3x a day by peachpurple

facial wash, use 3x a day by peachpurple


Keep applying the aloe gel on your pimples until they had reduced the size, no more redness.

Use non-alcohol facial wash 3x a day.

Avoid consuming fried and oily food and no carbonated beverages

Do not apply any make-up or facial product such as moisturizer for the time being.

Avoid sunlight as much as possible.

Drink 8 glasses of water daily, avoid citrus fruits or drinks.


I Did It! by peachpurple

I Did It! by peachpurple


My teenager did exactly as was told.

Amazingly, the red pimples and bumps had reduced greatly in just 3 days.

She said that the aloe vera gel was cool when applied on her skin that had made her feel relax and comfy.

So, do give it a shot if you have pimple breakout especially when you are having your menses ( period ) .

Tell me about it.


Copyright allrights reserved and photos by peachpurple








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    I have an aloe plant and I do use it a lot.

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    Great article, I would love to read more of your things. Perhaps you can read mine sometime https://www.facebook.com/posicionamiento.seo.chile

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    Glad I have no pimples 😊

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