Toothpaste Treats Your Pimples? Answer- Aloe Vera

    My teenager daughter was complaining of her pimples on her sweet chubby face. There were quite a few of them, red shiny dots p [...]

How to Stop Hiccups-if Your Kid Listens to You

  Babies have hiccups, kids have hiccups, even adults have hiccups. Hiccups usually occurs once in a blue moon or to some people, quite [...]

Son had Red Eye = Pink Eye= Conjunctivitis

My son had a red bloodshot eye, on his left hand side. Initially, it wasn’t that obvious, just rubbing his left eye with his fingers b [...]

How to treat Split Ends and Have Silky Hair

  I was sick and tired of my dry hair with split ends. It was driving me crazy that I resorted to use a pair of [...]

Why You Should Take a Short Nap

The next time when your boss / mum / teacher catches you sleeping on your job/ home /  school lessons, tell him/her th [...]

Treatment for Gum Bleeding Disease

  Yes, I have a serious case of gum bleeding disease for the past 10 years of my life. During my last visit to the local dentist which [...]

Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables To Treat Wrinkles And Age Spots

  Every girls or ladies fret over their skin problems and face complexion woes every day. Even men do fret over acne popping on their h [...]

Home Remedies for Family Constipation

Constipation runs in my family. Constipation is usually caused by harden stool and dry that had been in the transverse colon for at least 3- [...]

Educate Yourself with Stroke Symptoms

When my mom had a sudden stroke, nobody knew the signs nor symptoms. I had managed to check online of the symptoms and treatment , which I f [...]

TCM Neck Massage

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck on the right hand-side.  It was sore and I could hardly turn my left neither [...]
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