Plastic Surgery: Yay or Nay?


We live in an image conscious age, where everyone wants to look “perfect”. The celebrity and pop culture makes matters worse, as celebrities never want to be caught dead looking less than perfect. The media also doesn’t help matters, as it promotes the celebrity culture at every turn. It’s rammed down our throats just how beautiful and perfect celebrities are. Consequently everyone wants to emulate their favourite celebrities who they hold in high regard.

This has given rise to the quest to seek out more and more daring procedures including plastic surgery, especially those favoured by celebrities. Celebrities in turn have become more and more open about their use of plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks; or in some cases, even re-shape their features beyond recognition. Celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne see no shame in holding their hands up and talking openly about what they’ve had done.

When I was younger, I used to be dead set against plastic surgery. My dislike of it was compounded by horror stories all over our TVs and newspapers. These horror stories as we all know, range from people being butchered and scarred for life at best, and at worst; losing their lives as a result. A lot of these people sadly have to live with the scars and botched up jobs, as they can’t afford to have them reversed or at the very least, corrected.

However, as I’ve got older; I’ve seen my strong position shift to that of acceptance. I feel that if people have money and they need to change something about themselves that bothers them, then why not? I’m talking here about a situation where someone has something “minor” that affects their confidence, or their health. Like for instance if they have extremely large breasts, that have resulted in chronic back pain; they may opt to have a breast reduction. Or on the flip side, if they are completely flat chested and they feel it affects their confidence; I believe it’s ok to enhance their chest area. I don’t agree with it being used to completely re-shape someone’s features beyond recognition, where it’s clear they are being driven solely by vanity. For me it also raises concern where it’s become an obsession. However, I wouldn’t judge anyone for doing whatever they want to themselves. After all, it’s a free world, and if they’re happy with their new look, why not?

What is your take on this subject? If you could afford it, would you consider having plastic surgery?

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