My Quest For Strong, Gorgeous Nails

The look I'm going for

The look I’m going for

My quest for strong, gorgeous nails never seems to go anywhere! As far back as I can remember; it doesn’t matter what I do, my nails always seem to be fragile, dry and brittle! I’m really not sure what I’m doing wrong because my diet includes foods rich in calcium like yoghurt and milk in my cereal almost every single day. Some of the supplements I take religiously even contain calcium. I even take a skin, nails and hair supplement, but nothing changes! Granted, sometimes I skip it out of frustration.

I’m sure like me, a lot of women like nice strong nails. The thing with me is, I’m not big on acrylics because whenever I’ve tried them, they’ve left my natural nails in a worse state than before! I also find the natural look prettier. I find fake nails also get in the way. Plus when you have an itch, it’s nicer to scratch with your real nails haha.

So what do you ladies do to help your nails grow longer and stronger? I’m not really asking for much because I don’t like very long nails. I just want them to be long enough to give them a pretty shape, and to be able to have French manicure whenever I want to. My nails actually grow, but then one or two will suddenly snap and break! Usually it’s at such a weird angle that there’s no point plodding along with it like that, and it’s too painful to ignore as it keeps catching on clothes. So I always end up having to cut all of them to start all over again. There must be a name for this sort of thing, because it consistently happens to me. I’ll suddenly notice a crack on the side of a nail, as far down into the nailbed as you can go, and I really wish I knew what causes it! What’s even weirder is the fact that even at their shortest, this can still happen!

Does anyone else experience this, or is it just my own personal, weird thing? What do you do to nurture your nails and keep them strong and supple? Please feel free to share your secret tricks, anything that works for you!

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