Asos: My Favourite Online Store


I’m a self confessed shopaholic and enjoy all sorts of shopping, online shopping included. The thing I love about online shopping is the convenience. I like the fact that quite often, when I’m mooching about town, if I see something I like in some of my favourite stores, rather than dive straight in and buy it there and then, I can hang fire and shop around for the best bargain. Such is the beauty of modern day technology! More often than not, I can find items for a snip of the Recommended Retail Price online and hey, who doesn’t like a bargain!?

Online shopping means I don’t have to leave my house; and this is especially ideal when the weather is horrible. If you can find online stores that work best for you, all the better. Many high street retailers have an eBay presence and often sell their stock cheaper on there. But I’m lucky to have gone one better and found a fantastic one-stop shop that beats even eBay; my favourite online store, Asos.

Asos is a popular and reputable UK online store that sells clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products at affordable prices. They also sell men’s fashions as well as children’s clothes across all ages. It carries a wide array of trendy brands as well as their own branded products. A lot of the designer gear they sell, is often priced lower than the regular price. It is very well known and respected for its outstanding customer service. The orders are delivered within a day or two of purchasing.

Asos appeals to me even more because unlike many online stores, they offer free worldwide shipping. If you ever need to return an item for a refund or exchange, Asos makes it extremely easy by providing you with a pre-paid return envelope! In all the years I have shopped with Asos, and I have bought a huge amount of items; I have only ever had to return one item because it was faulty. I promptly re-packaged and returned the item in the pre-paid envelope. Within two days, I had received the replacement as well as a goodwill 10% discount code for my next shopping experience, for the inconvenience. Asos also has a section dedicated to pages upon pages of ongoing sale items. There’s also a ‘market section’ where people can sell their ‘gently used’ clothes. Asos is very supportive of gifted, up and coming designers too. It’s just amazing!

Asos in my opinion just “gets it”, and is heads and shoulders above most of its competitors. I aspire to run an online clothing store in the future; and I hope to emulate Asos’ ethos and outstanding customer care.

Are you a keen shopper and do you enjoy online shopping? Do you have a great online store you van recommend?

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