Frustrations Over My Hair


For the past few days, I’ve been looking to change my hairstyle, in vain. The weather here is so hot at the moment, trying to keep my hair straight, well coiffed and frizz free has become something of a battlefield. So I decided I’d get it braided and keep it in a protective style for a while, because it’s driving me nuts at the moment.

First up, I found this woman on Facebook. I liked that she has some nice pictures of her work on her profile. Plus it’s a bonus that she happens to live just up the road from me. I thought I’d struck lucky! I got on the phone and set an appointment for 10am Monday and thought that was that.

Come Monday, I took a short bus ride up the road to her’s, as she works from home. When I got off the bus, with about 10 minutes to spare, I rang her as agreed so she could meet me at a nearby service station, again as agreed. I just couldn’t believe what she said when she answered her phone!

I totally forgot all about you! I have an emergency and can’t be there right this minute, can you wait for me?”

I just couldn’t believe this lady’s cheek! I mean, she didn’t even have the decency to apologise! I was getting very wound up at this stage and pressed her for an ETA. After much arm twisting, she admitted she’d be about an hour!! I asked her where she proposed I wait for her, and what to do meantime, to which she responded,

“Do you not drive?!” sounding very surprised.

I told her no, not everybody can afford to drive and yes I’m one of those people.

She then said to go back to my place and that she’d call me once she was done, and because she’d inconvenienced me, she’d come to my house. Well, my gut instinct told me she was feeding me some flaming BS, but hey, why not give her the benefit of the doubt? By 3pm, I’d still not heard anything from her, so I called her. The story was now that her poor husband had had a heart attack and she was running around getting him some medication. I pray to god she wasn’t lying, because I didn’t believe her.

NOTE: she wasn’t taking him to the doctor’s. Even stranger was the fact that she said we could still get my hair done on Tuesday. She promised to call me around 10am when I was meant to be back in from work.

Anyway, yesterday I came home around 8.30am. 10am came and went and she still hadn’t called by 11.45am. I called her only for her to say she’d forgotten about me….again! Do you see a pattern here? She was actually doing someone else’s hair, and would call me “after lunch’ to arrange for her to come round to do my hair. I couldn’t believe it!! Anyway, I was done listening to this woman’s BS, so I got up and took myself off to a hair salon, where I got my hair done in like 3.5 hours. I’m super happy with it and wish I’d just gone there in the first place.

All I can say is, this lady is going up on the Botswana Name & Shame Facebook page. She clearly needs some lessons in customer service! 

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