Spotlight on Coconut oil, ‘the wonder oil’

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, far removed from planet earth, you’ll have noticed the growing popularity of coconut oil, right across the globe. Coconut oil, it would appear, is the answer to all manner of ailments as well as a beauty staple in many a woman’s life nowadays! Having first heard about this wonder oil a few years ago, I was admittedly quick to dismiss it as just another trendy fad. Fast forward a few years, and this ‘miracle oil’ ‘s popularity doesn’t seem to be on the wane, instead, it’s more popular than ever!


I resisted buying it until very recently, eventually caving in and buying a very pricey jar to see what all the fuss is all about! It’s still early days yet, but so far, I’m pleased with it. I’ve used it as a heel balm, and it works like magic. My feet get extremely dry to the point of cracking, but it has done wonders for them. They’re less irritated and are softer and more supple.


I’ve also noticed coconut oil is fantastic as a moisturiser. You’d expect it to be very greasy, but it sinks right in and doesn’t leave any residue! – and I have greasy skin, too! I also use it on my hands, elbows, cuticles and hairline. So far, so good.


Some of the fantastic claims made about Coconut oil


Coconut oil can be used in food preparation such as baking, smoothies, salad, as a spread in place of butter or margarine…. the list is endless. There

are claims that used as an alternative remedy, coconut oil offers the following health benefits. I must stress that there’s limited are Scientific research to support these claims:


Speeds up metabolism, thus aiding in weight loss

Improves blood pressure

Improves cholesterol levels

Aids in managing diabetes

Aids hair and skin health

Aids digestion

Boosts immunity

There has however, been some research to support the fact that coconut oil can help in the reduction of belly fat and weight loss. Something that many women, including me, will take great delight in hearing! Luckily, there are dietary supplements in capsule form on the market for those who don’t relish taking it in its raw form.


So where do you buy coconut oil?


Luckily, any decent health store will carry Coconut oil. Experts advise against buying hydrogenated oil (oil that’s been treated with heat, solvents or bleach) Instead, you’re best sticking with extra virgin, unrefined, organic versions.


Have you tried out Coconut oil, and how has your experience of it been like so far; negative or positive? I’d love to hear how you have found the experience, and if you think this ‘wonder oil’ lives up to its very lofty expectations!

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