Clothes Shopping on Saturday!


I am a self confessed shopaholic and derive a lot of pleasure from going out to shopping malls and seeing what’s out there. I know a lot of people hate being among throngs of people and elbowing their way through crowds, which often happens when you go shopping, especially in the run up to Christmas. But that doesn’t bother me at all. I actually get a rush out of it, and the anticipation of what gems I’m likely to unearth combines with all that to give me a very heady rush!

Ever since I moved from England to Botswana two years ago, I’ve never really had a proper shopping spree because money is a little tight; I have to watch every penny until we’re back on our feet. What’s more, the clothing stores here tend to be the same, and don’t always offer much variety. I don’t like wearing the same stuff as everyone else, so that narrows down my choices to almost nothing. The clothes (in my opinion), are too pricey for my liking, and the stores seldom run promotions and sales. So I sometimes buy my clothes from UK online stores, even though it means having to pay the extortionate customs duty.

Anyway, I was on the mini bus on my way to work early this week when I saw a store that looked vaguely familiar. On closer inspection, it had branding that’s very reminiscent of one of my favourite stores, TK Maxx. I just had to find out if it was part of that group, if it was any good. The more I looked at it all through the week as I went past, the more I was convinced it was TK Maxx. Probably just wishful thinking!

I excitedly told my husband about it, as he too likes TK Maxx. On Saturday, we set off to go and see what this store’s all about. The butterflies in the bottom of my stomach were almost too much to bear! On getting there, we noticed that everything screamed TK Maxx; the store lay out, the types of clothes, the fact the store sells ‘heavily discounted’ designer gear, among others. I was very excited to see the store carries a lot of brands that I instantly recognized such as Mango, H&M, Tom Tailor, Marks and Spencer, Gap and Pink Champagne. I was even happier to find the prices are reasonable and competitive compared to local prices. I bit the bullet and asked the store assistants if they got their stock from TK Maxx,; they bashfully denied it, but did confirm the stock came from the UK

I found a lot of gorgeous jeans that I really liked, which I sadly couldn’t get into! This upset me, because I clearly need to drop a few kgs! I mean, not a single pair fitted me! I woke up and smelt the coffee right that moment, and realized that I have to go very easy this Christmas and carry it through to 2016. I was able to pick up a cute boho chic dress in off white and a handful of smart tops. Everything I bought is very light and very suited to the extreme heat we’re experiencing at the moment. I can’t wait to go back with one of my girlfriends so I can take my time and not feel so rushed.

Do you enjoy shopping? Which stores do you frequent?

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