Kinder Bueno Chocolate- A Review


I like most people have a lot of love for chocolate. In all my life, I have never come across anyone who hates chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate to varying degrees. I however, have a clutch of different chocolates that I can’t get enough of and will very rarely deviate away from them. I know that to some people, chocolate is chocolate and they eat anything that’s available to them. Not me!

For instance, I really don’t like the taste of white chocolate. To me, it tastes like sugar coated with chocolate and little to no flavor whatsoever. I’d rather skip chocolate than eat white chocolate. I also don’t like dark, even as good for your health as it is. I don’t like the bitter after taste that often comes with it. But milk chocolate; oh, I love milk chocolate!

I have quite a few favourites, but Kinder Bueno is right up there with the best of them! It’s very light and doesn’t feel very heavy at all. I’d even go so far as to say that besides the Kit Kat, it’s the kind of chocolate that people who are mindful of their waistlines could do well to go with. Not surprisingly, Kinder Bueno is made by the same company that makes the decadent Ferrero Rocher chocolate that has proven a huge hit in many a household up and down the world.

Kinder Bueno comes in a few different types, but my personal favourite is the one that comes in pairs, with each individually wrapped within the package. I like that because I can have one and save the other ‘finger’ for another time, although sometimes resistance is futile; and I end up gobbling both fingers up in one sitting!

The chocolate is a thin, almost flimsy wafer filled with deliciously luxurious hazelnut cream. This is decadently coated in smooth chocolate over the top, and the result is what I like to call a bite of heaven in my mouth. The chocolate just melts in my mouth without much effort on my part, which is something that appeals to me. I like that because I can just savour it and feel it melting away without worrying about any bits in it. I also like that it very light and doesn’t leave me wracked with guilt.

Have you ever tasted this chocolate? Do you even like chocolate? –and what’s your favourite?

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Beyers Nutty Choc Bites: A Review



*This review is for the peri peri flavour

I love chocolate, but quite frankly, who doesn’t?! Now, like many women, I try to curb my chocolate cravings because as we all know, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips! As disciplined and focused as I can be however, there are those times when I find myself caving in to the urges because I just have to have some chocolate, and nothing else will do.

Last week I had one such ‘episode’. I had gone into a store for a quick visit, when suddenly I was hit by the strong urge to get a chocolate bar! I really, really tried to resist the temptation, but somehow found myself gravitating towards the chocolate isle as if I were being drawn there by some invisible, but very powerful force! Well, that was a big mistake! There I was confronted by a variety of enticing chocolates, some of which I’d never seen before, most of them adorned in such irresistibly alluring packaging, they were literally screaming out to me, begging me to please just have a taste of them! I mean, I clearly had to do something about this.

I was drawn to one in particular, the Beyers Nutty Choc Bites, peri peri flavor. Well, simply put, I was beyond intrigued. I thought the packaging was so cute and colourful; it really stood out for me. Packaging is a huge thing for me, so I was sold. I was also fascinated by the addition of the peri peri, which I’m sure you’ll agree is very unusual. I’ve previously heard of these weird and wonderful chocolate flavours, but have never actually had a taste. What’s more, I thought because they were chocolate flavoured nuts, I wouldn’t feel as guilty stuffing my face full of them.

Decision made, I happily bought a packet and went about my business. When I finally got to eat them, I didn’t really expect to like them, but I was blown away!!! Sure, it’s a bit of a weird taste at first, it does take a little getting used to, but you soon realize just how nice they really are. The fact that they are peanuts covered in chocolate allowed me to enjoy the little treat without feeling as guilty. The peri peri is not overly done, just enough to give you a delicious kick. Plus I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that spicy food revs up your metabolism; so it can’t get better than spicy chocolate! The chocolate covering the peanuts is nice and smooth. For me, the overall taste is a winning formula, I’ll definitely go back for more.

Have you ever heard of these before? Would you try peri peri flavoured chocolate?


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