8 Fat Busting Super Foods


We’ve all been there, a holiday such as the Easter break rolls around and suddenly we throw caution to the wind and join in with eating all the gorgeous food on offer! Let’s face it, nobody wants to be a party pooper or miss out on all the good food by saying no to everything on offer, right? Sadly, all those Easter eggs and delicious food have a way of sticking around for longer on our hips and everywhere else than we’d all like.

Luckily, help is on hand! Here is a list of eight super foods to help you on your way to a trimmer post-Easter break body.

Broccoli feel free to pile onto your plate as much of broccoli as you desire, because it’s very low on carbohydrates, but packed with fibre. It’ll fill you up for longer, without the added worry of piling on the pounds! It’s packed full of calcium, potassium and iron. Enjoy it steamed, sautéed or even raw.

Radishes admittedly not one of my favourite things to eat, but it’s a good snack option if you’re craving something savoury. It takes some getting used and is probably best paired with something else to take off the edge and spicy bite it’s known for!

Cucumber is very low on calories, given the fact it’s made mostly of water and fibre. It’s also packed full of vitamins, and can be enjoyed as a snack; cut into strips and dipped in houmous, salsa or guacamole. Cucumber also makes for a very refreshing drink sliced thinly and thrown in your water!

Eggs are some of my favourite food items, and I’m happy that they’ve made this list! Not only are they cheap; but are filling and packed full of protein, which is handy is regulating levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone, ahrelin. The good thing is that eggs are very versatile, and can be eaten poached, boiled and scrambled, among others.

Tomatoes are another favourite of mine! They’re full of powerful health-promoting properties such as the antioxidant lycopene and can be eaten alone as a quick snack, or tossed in to a salad.

Cottage Cheese is rich in calcium, vitamin D and protein, but low on fat. It makes for a very delicious alternative to full fat cheese, and what’s more, it derives its sleep-inducing properties from the chemical tryptophan, which also regulates hormones such as cortisol. Some people are able to make their own, but it’s readily available in stores, and comes in a variety of flavoursome versions, both savoury and sweet! Cottage cheese can be enjoyed on its own or paired with rice crackers for a low-fat snack.

Turkey is another one that’s packed full of sleep-inducing tryptophan, and helps keep your hormones balanced. Low in fat, turkey is rich in protein and will help in turning fat into muscles.

Lentils are a good vegetable-based protein alternative, and are packed full of fibre. They will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and also keep bloating at bay, helping you on your way to a flatter tummy. Lentils make a good addition to soups, stews and curries.

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