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How do you Choose your Username

    Everyone has  a username which symbolize your identity in the virtual world. All writing online sites, forums, online games, paypal or bank accounts required your username and password in …Read more

Rusty and Broken Playground

As you can see from this picture I had taken today, it is a rusty slide located at a playground near our residential area.   This playground was meant for …Read more

Home Remedies for Coughs

Don’t Cough Cash! The next time when you feel you need to cure your itchy, sore throat that gave you a few coughs, think about home remedy instead of reaching …Read more

8 Facts About Peachpurple

My username is peachpurple. I am a newbie at Blogjob, started to post 8 sites ( current status) and 5 photos since 3rd Sept 2015. How did I get to …Read more

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