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Your Face Sounds Familiar 2: Second Episode Recap

Last night, four artists impersonated four legendary artists. Sam Concepcion rapped Slim Shady, Eminem. Myrtle Sarosa as 2NE1’s Sandara Park, while KZ Tandingan did Vina Morales and Kakai Bautista as Australian singer, songwriter and producer, Sia.


Tonight, another set of four artists performed. Actress Denise Laurel was unexpectedly a good performer. She did an emulation of Latina singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. It was almost perfect as she got Jen’s voice except the body. The performance was followed by singer Michael Pangilinan acted out as George Michael’s huge hit “Careless Whisper”. Rocker and Callalily’s vocalist Kean Cipriano became a pop star as One Direction’s Harry Styles. The finale performer was comedian Eric Nicolas who had shown his Willie Revillame impersonation.


The first week’s winner ended up was Eric Nicolas who was cheered by the audience. All of the 3 judges voted for him and majority of the celebrity performers as well.


Based on the accumulated scores, here’s the ranking of the performers:

1. Eric Nicolas as Willie Revillame

2. Sam Concepcion as Eminem

3. Kakai Bautista as Sia Furler

4. Kean Cipriano as Harry Styles of One Direction

5. Denise Laurel as Jennifer Lopez

6. Myrtle Sarosa as Sandara Park of 2NE1

7. KZ Tandingan as Vina Morales (tie)

8. Michael Pangilinan as George Michael (tie)


So far, the ranking was okay except Kean and Denise. I think Denise did better as what she did is more difficult. Nevertheless, it is a good start for the show.


Each of the 8 artist seemed doing their comfort zones next week when the artists they’re going to copy were according to their tastes and style. Excited to see their performances next week. Can the winner this week attain his position? Or somebody will take the victory?


By the way, last season’s winner Melai will do her weekly impersonation that’s surely an anticipation for viewers.


Your Face Sounds Familiar 2 was aired by ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday night.




Watching “You’re Face Sounds Familiar 2”

I am currently watching a TV show which local celebrities impersonate music artists assigned to them. It was called “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. The show is the Philippine version which originated in Spain by the company Endemol, the same company which conceptualized the globally popular, Big Brother.


The program that currently shows in Philippine TV is the second season. The first season just ended last summer and second season quickly followed after the success of the first one. The first winner was Melai Cantiveros who won solely from votes. In her final performance, she copied Miley Cyrus and hanged in a wrecking ball, which made her win due to its entertainment value. She may not be a professional vocalist but she has that ‘EV’. She outperformed professional singers Nyoy Volante and Jay-R, and actor (who’s likely to become a future recording artist) Edgar Allan Guzman. Now, Melai is now part of the second season of the show but not as contestant.


Eight ‘new artists’ are vying to imitate the artists that will be assigned to them. These artists weren’t all professional singers. There are comedians and actors too. The first performer during the show’s pilot was R&B/pop singer and actor Sam Concepcion who impersonated Eminem. While the second performer was cosplayer and former Pinoy Big Brother winner Myrtle and showed her Sandara moves. Soul singer and X Factor Philippines winner KZ sang her inner Vina Morales out (though I think she had the poorest performance). But the most surprising performance came from theatre actress, singer and comedian Kakai Bautista who reached the Sia range of the song “Chandelier”.

Four more performances will be shown tomorrow. Scoring and the first winner of the second season will be announced tomorrow. I am excited to watch tomorrow’s performances and who will stand out among the eight artists.


Your Face Sounds Familiar (PH Edition) airs on Saturday and Sunday night on ABS-CBN.