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Yearend Special: Underrated Albums of 2015

This year, there are some great albums that were too understated, thus, it affected the sales or performance of these records. Some of these albums released were almost unfelt when it was released, however, in this list, there are some which performed quite fine. but needed at least better attention from listeners.

Janet Jackson- Unbreakable
With slow performance in the charts of its carrier song “No Sleeep”, the album’s performance was affected. Even critics loved the album for not being formulaic and shown Janet’s courage to release an album with a sound we rarely hear. Janet’s vocals had matured for the better and you can feel through the wordings of great tracks that she really is ‘unbreakable’.

Carly Rae Jepsen- Emotion
I think this os one of the best pop albums this year. It was refreshing to hear 1980s sound in a modern pop album. The 80s beat from the tracks in this record can be heard and will make you groove like a retro person. It was a nostalgia for people who were 1980s kid. I am a 1990s kid and I appreciate the sound incorporated in the album. The album was just overstated which led to its moderate success.

Selena Gomez- Revival
Selena Gomez was all over the media few months and weeks before the album’s distribution. But due to the the hype of Justin Bieber and One Direction battle and the anticipation for Adele’s album, this album from Selena which was expected to do better quite underperformed despite its number 1 debut and two hit new songs.

One Direction- FOUR
Released last November 2014, this album should have continued success this year. It’s sales were high but not as successful as her previous records. Also, the hype with Taylor Swift’s 1989 shattered this record from 1D and that Tay’s album was overstated by media. The album released only two singles until Zayn left the pop band.

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly
One of the best rap albums this 2015, despite the success in US, it didn’t spread its success to the rest of the world. With more support, it could have been a blockbuster.

Yearend Special: Overrated Albums of 2015

There are lot of great mainstream albums being released this 2015. Some albums were overhyped which made them too overrated for many. Being considered overrated doesn’t mean negative perceptions with these records.

Here are the 5 overrated albums due to being overstated. These albums though were great and has been huge with its performance:

Taylor Swift- 1989
This record from Taylor Swift is one of the two biggest albums this year. With its success in sales, the album was too overstated knowing it was the former country star’s first full length pop record. Male singer Ryan Adams even recorded his own version of the album.

Adele- 25
Adele is the most anticipated artist to release a new record after several years since her recordbreaking album “21”. With the first week success (until now) of “Hello”, hype for “25” was heightened. Its first week sales was expected to sell a little above NSYNC’S “No Strings Attached”. However, sales went even higher than expected, by which according to Nielsen Soundscan, the album had sold more than 3.3 million. Now, the album is all over the media for its success.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
Few months before the album’s release, it had been all over media about this new record from the comebacking artist. With Justin’s over promotion and the battle with One Direction for same day of release, it is all-over the media and fans are even battling to in social media who will win for the first week showdown.

Sam Smith- In the Lonely Hour
Released during the mid-year of 2014, the album’s success ranged until this year. Let’s not forget about its Grammy wins and the hype about the “unrequited love” theme of this LP. Despite not reaching the top, It still became huge in market sales.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
Despite the lack of promotion from the guys, the album was talked-about due to releasing the record the same date with Justin Bieber’s. Media has been watching over this battle who will win which results favored Justin Bieber. This album is still a huge seller anyway.

Yearend Special: Top Albums of 2015

2015 is about to end and several music organizations are making their own list of the bests in music during the year. Since I am focused in mainstream music, I made my own list of the top or highly successful albums during this year. The albums listed below were in random position and not based on sales alone rather how it made impact in music this year.

Taylor Swift- 1989
Released during late 2014, this blockbuster album which was one of the biggest sellers last year is still one of the two biggest sellers this year along with 5 top 10 hits this year.

Ed Sheeran- x
Also released last year, during midyear, this sophomore effort from Ed remains one of the biggest seller this year which was also heightened by one of the biggest hits this year “Thinking Out Loud”.

Sam Smith- In the Lonely Hour
One of the albums with heartbreak themes, this debut record from Sam Smith was one of the biggest albums this year despit being released in 2014. With 3 top 10 hits, the album’s big win in Grammy helped the album to sell more.

Meghan Trainor- Title
This debut effort from Meghan was released at the beginning of the year. With doo-wop, Motown and pop influences, the album was a chart-topper and scored at least 3 top 10 singles.

Drake- If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late
This is the biggest rap album this year either critically or commercially. Drake has always been consistent with sales of his records.

One Direction- FOUR
One of the biggest November releases in 2014, this fourth record from the boyband is still one of the biggest sellers this 2015. It recorded 2 top 40 hits.

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp a Butterfly
With general praises from critics, this effort from the rapper eventually became a number 1 album.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
After some years out of the limelight due to troubles and underperforming record “Journals”, he came back this year with three hits which are included to this hit new album.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
This last record from the lads before hiatus may have been defeated by Justin Bieber but it’s sales can never be considered a failure due to its high sales. It even scored two top 10 singles.

Adele- 25
This hot new LP from Adele will effortlessly trump all records in sales at the end of the year after going multi-platinum in just one week. Aside from the album’s sales, “Hello” was also a record-breaker.