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Yearend Special: Top Pop Albums of 2015

Pop music dominated the year and during the entire run of 2015, it is Taylor Swift who’s undoubtedly reigned the year. Though at this moment, Adele was reigning globally, thanks to her blockbuster record “25”. To check the top pop albums this year, they were listed below:

Taylor Swift- 1989
She has already been dominating the album charts during the last few weeks of 2014, its success was extended until this 2015. With five songs entering the top 10 from the album and multi-platinum success worldwide, this record is one of the most successful pop albums this year.

Meghan Trainor- Title
Incorporating 1970s sound to today’s pop music made the sound of this hit pop record from newcomer Meghan Trainor. With hit singles and a top debut, this became one of the top pop albums this year.

Justin Bieber- Purpose
Justin is back with a purpose and this comeback brought him back on top as well as two (already 3) hit singles he made in the entire globe. He just prove that he can be today’s Prince of Pop.

One Direction- Made in the A.M.
With 4 number one albums under their name, this record was the only album from them which failed a top debut in the US after being defeated by Justin Bieber. Still, its critical and commercial performance made it as one of the most successful pop records this year.

Adele- 25
Adele is invinciple and now becoming a legendary artist through this big selling album. It is expected that at the end of 2015, this album will easily be the biggest selling album based on its latest number. Thus, it was one of the two biggest pop albuns this year along with Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Ed Sheeran- x
This album has become a sleeper hit. After one of the top albums last year, its performance at the albums chart this 2015 made it as one of the top pop albums.