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Creed- Weathered: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

Creed- Weathered
United States- Creed achieved mainstream success with their album “Human Clay”. They attained that success with their follow-up album “Weathered”. However, the sales of “Human Clay” is higher as it went Diamond platinum in the country after certification from RIAA. Aside from the multiple platinum success of the album, it had success with its singles too. They actually released at least six singles off the record and the list below were those which went to top 10.
My Sacrifice- #4
One Last Breath- #6
Just like “Human Clay”, the album “Weathered” scored two top 10 singles. It started with the first one “My Sacrifice” for reaching number 4, their second biggest hit after the number1 hit from “Human Clay”, “With Arms Wide Open”. It was followed by the number 6 hit single “One Last Breath”. The other four singles failed to make a milestone for not reaching the top 100. Nevertheless, it was still a hit album with hit singles.

United Kingdom- If Creed only scored two singles to chart in UK from their album “Human Clay”, this time, they charted with three singles. However, no releases achieved a top 10 position. The album’s lead single which was “My Sacrifice” was the highest peak for peaking at number 18. It was next to the number 13 hit “With Arms Wide Open”. The second single “Bullets” peaked at number 47, which was also the peak position of the song “One Last Breath”. The other three singles failed to chart as well.

In United States, “My Sacrifice” was the band’s most popular single for reaching number 4. It was the same in United Kingdom for reaching number 18. In the Philippines, it is very popular too alongside “One Last Breath” single. I would be sharing the song as it has a rocking but good melody, though similar, to what they do from their previous record.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Album by: Creed
Video from YouTube / CreedVEVO