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Underrated Artists Who Had Big Hits

There are so many singers nowadays and scoring a hit song or album is already a huge accomplishment for them. Many of those singers really did well but are just underrated. After accomplishing a hit song/s or album/s, succeeding releases underperformed. It may be promotional thing that they declined in sales but those artists really need more attention than what they received.

Nelly Furtado
Nelly won a Grammy and nominated several times on the awards show during her debut year. Her album even went multi-platinum and platinum in several countries. Her sophomore album may have been less successful but redeemed success with third LP “Loose” which became very successful globally and her most successful to date. A Spanish album succeeded then an underperforming album which was almost unheard.

Dido was one of the biggest UK artists in 2000s after breaking records in sales in her own country, she also sold extremely well in other countries which includes US through her first two albums “No Angel” and “Life for Rent” and the hit single “Thank You”. Her two following albums failed to match its predecessors.

Jason Mraz
Jason’s debut “Waiting for My Rocket to Come” was platinum and scored a top 40 hit with “The Remedy”. But his big break came through the sleeper hit “I’m Yours” and remained stationary in the charts for more than a year. His courageous song “I Won’t Give Up” hit the top ten in a number of territories but his following singles and album were less successful.

Norah Jones
Norah Jones is a big Grammy winner during her debut year which contributed to the success of her first album “Come Away With Me”, which according to estimates had sold at about 26 million copies. “Feels Like Home” is a million-seller on its debut week but her succeeding LPs sold below her first two LPs.