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Country Albums / Breakthrough Albums to Listen To

I am vocal before that I am not a country music fan. But I began to appreciate them and heard some great records. Here are the country albums that I listed and recommend them:

5. Thomas Rhett- Tangled Up
Thomas Rhett had some success over “It Goes Like This” LP but achieved bigger success with “Tangled Up”. I love the sounds of thsi record with some disco and country fusion on it.

4. Luke Bryan- Kill the Lights
Luke Bryan can ne said as the most successful male country singer of the recent years for his number one albums and hit country singles. His current album “Kill the Lights” gives you a nice eminiscence on a countryside.

3. Carrie Underwood- Storyteller
Carrie Underwood can be considered as one of the country music queens. She had successful country albums and now came to her fifth hit album “Storyteller”. It is a country album that lets country music fans to pay attention to.

2. Sam Hunt- Montevallo
Sam Hunt is one of the hottest country stars today. However, upon seeing comments online, he was criticized that he’s not really country and sounds more pop and R&B. But I think the country sound still dominated his music which still fits in the category. “Montevallo” sounds like a modernized country with elements of electronic.

1. Chris Stapleton- Traveller
This is an amazing debut country album from Chris Stapleton. You can feel the solemnity, the grief of a loss, and sounds like taking pyu to a journey. This album is highly recommended by country listeners.

Aside from country albums, I also recommend these albums currently making a breakthrough:
3. Twenty One Pilots- Blurryface
This is actually there fourth LP but their breaking through record. The album is too adventurous to listen to.

2. Charlie Puth- Nine Track Mind
This may had received postive reviews, but if you want some simple tunes, this record is good for you.

1. Alessia Cara- Know-It-All
One of the artists today, the young singer came out with good soulful sound in this record.

Artists Making a Breakthrough

2016 had just started but we are seeing a lot of artists now breaking through the music charts. They may had started for quite a long time but these artists are finally hitting the charts. It is really worth it when you dreamed of getting the success that you want and now, it is in your hands. Here are the artists that are now making a breakthrough in mainstream music:

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes already charted more than atear ago with an EP and a top 30 hit single. But he is now currently breaking music charts with his current single “Stitches” which hit to top 4 Billboard Hot 100 and knocked off the mighty single of Justin Bieber “Love Yourself” from UK singles chart. His album “Handwritten” already topped the Billboard albums chart.

Alessia Cara
This young Canadian singer is now making waves in the charts. She already released an EP in 2015 and top 10 with her album a few months ago. Now, her single “Here” is now making waves in the charts after hitting the top 5 in Billboard Hot 100.

Elle King
Despite being the daughter of actor Rob Schneider and model mom London King, Elle King is making a name of her own which is far from the career of her parents as she focused on music. After releasing her album hitting the top 30 last year, she had now broke the top 10 in the US charts. She even hit the top of the rock charts with her song “Ex’s and Oh’s”.

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth was known as a YouTube artist and now making waves in mainstream music. Last year, he had success with “See You Again”, a song with Wiz Khalifa, topped the charts worldwide. He gained success on his own with “Marvin Gaye” (collab with Meghan Trainor) and now climbing the charts with “One Call Away”. His album “Nine Track Mind” was just released.

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots already had releases back then, but only last 2015 when they gained success when the duo topped the US albums chart with “Blurryface”. However, they are getting known universally at the moment with their single “Stressed Out” which just recently hit the Billboard Hot100’s top 3.

Rachel Platten
Rachel Platten already had independent albums released back then but her first mainstream album was just released last January which hit the top 5. Her first major hit “Fight Song” hit the number 1 in UK and number 6 in Billboard. Now, she is proving she is not a one-hit wonder as she is climbing up the charts with new single.

Credits to Wikipedia / Billboard