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Reinvention and Transformation of Female Artists of 2000s to present

Due to competition in music scene nowadays, female artists from 2000s reinvent themselves a number of times in less than 20 years. Even those artists from less than 10 years ago reinvented themselves several times.

Take a look at some of the female artists’ reinvention during the mentioned era. The list also includes three artists who debuted in 1999:

Britney Spears- She’s every female teens and young kids dreamed to become during her debut year. From a wholesome young and sweet lady from her “…Baby One More Time” and “Oops… I Did it Again” era to a sensual “Britney” to sexier and even went naked on “Womanizer” video. Her music also evolved from bubblegum pop to R&B, dance, EDM and pure pop.

Christina Aguilera- She’s being tagged by many as “Britney Spears clone” and a wholesome singer. However, she can sing better than Britney. After 3 years from her initial success, she went “dirtier” and abandoned her bubblegum image, as well as her music to R&B and sexual theme. With “Back to Basics”, she jumped back decades to more jazzy and blues sound. She innovated to a futuristic woman for “Bionic” which was met with lukewarm response.

Jennifer Lopez- She’s one of the female singers who never changed her persona. Her appearance and physical identity has been the same. Her music from a R&B singer changed to EDM pop with “Love?”, which remained until the present time.

P!nk- During her debut, she was known as a R&B pop singer until she broke out after more than a year to a rock star. From time to time, she sings pop, but her identity as rock star is always there which made her more successful.

Rihanna- She may be the “Queen of Reinvention” for this decade. She was a wholesome singer until she had gone bad. Her music ranged from R&B, pop and EDM. She changed her look in every album she made. She maintained her relevance in 10 years of her career.

Lady Gaga- She can be credited for changing the music landscape when EDM became famous. Her avant garde fashion became more daring. Recently, she toned down to a more serious performer in recent big events.

Taylor Swift- From an American Sweetheart image of a country singer from her first 3 LPs, she combined pop and country for “Red”. Recently, she completely crossed over to pop which made her a bigger star not just in US but also internationally.

Reinvention & Transformation of Female Artists from 1980s and 1990s

Female artists do most of reinvention to themselves. Many of then succeeded, though some of them was received modestly. Involving in controversial changes may be a bad publicity but it is still a publicity that can contribute to record sales surge. It helped many artists propel their careers spanning decades. Take a look at these artists below:

Madonna- She is labeled as “Queen of Reinvention” after transforming a number of times, yet, she was still well-received in a span of more than 3 decades in the industry. Those who lived from the 1980s, they saw how her looks has evolved which may be more than 10 times based on her music videos. From a wholesome lady on her self-titled debut, she went more sexual and controversial with “Like a Virgin” and even shocked many with “Like a Prayer”. At the wake of 1990s, she went sassy and fashionista through “Vogue”. The most controversial era happened with her “Erotica” album with its sexual themes. However, many gave good reviews of it. We heard her evolve to dance music in this song. She toned down in her compilation release “Something to Remember” as a warm up for musical film and album “Evita”. Her big comeback came through the album which was generally well-received “Ray of Light” with its electronic sounds which continued through “Music”. At this time, she left her sexual image. She proved her reign as “Queen of the Dance Floor” through “Confessions on the Dance Floor”. We heard her in EDM recently with “Rebel Heart”.

Whitney Houston- She is one of the most successful divas because of her big voice. Whitney often has songs intended to motivate people and friendship songs. Most of her songs were ballad as heard in her first 3 albums. But she also had danceable hits with the likes of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”. She turned into a relevant actress with the success of the blockbuster film and its soundtrack which is the biggest selling from a film ever, “The Bodyguard”. The film was followed by two more films and soundtracks. Her first studio album after 8 years of soundtrack came out with the album “My Love is Your Love”. In this album, her music sounds more soulful and R&B and lower vocal register until her last album “I Look to You”.

Janet Jackson- Her success finally came after 2 less successful albums via “Control”. She was one of the female best dancers and singer at the same time. Her music expands to different topics that made her a role model. However, with the release of “janet.”, she took a more sexual role. From a musculine choreography or “Rhythm Nation” to sexier moves on this album. During the second half of 1990s, her “Velvet Rope” album was on a darker mode. Her come back in 2000s just shown her as an icon. Unfortunately, a nip slip incide in 2004 was the start of her career to diminish. But she’s still one of the biggest female pop stars ever.

Mariah Carey- At the start of the 1990, saw the rise of one of the biggest stars ever. Mariah Carey scored her first number one among her numerous chart-toppers, was know to be balladeer with wholesome image. In 1997, the sexual Mariah Carey was seen with her music reinvented to more R&B. Her music declined not just with its sales but also quality through “Glitter” but through “Emancipation of Mimi”, she flourished due to its new sound which is different from her usual ballads. Since 2005, she maintained that sound.

Reinvention and Transformation of Male Singers

Music artists come and eventually go. Many had officially stopped while others took hiatus and make comeback. Some of them never stopped singing (or rapping) because of their passion and love for their core. Thus, to maintain relevance, some of them reinvent themselves to look fresh and share something new to gain more fans, especially younger fans. Aside from their appearance, their music changes too to invite more listeners. Others follow the trend in music and leave their usual sound. Could it be male artists or a female, even groups, they do reinvent.

In this article, we’ll check some of the male artists who reinvented. It doesn’t matter if they succeeded or not. Check them below:

Michael Jackson

He may have been the reigning King of his time, Michael also did some major reinventions. During 1980s, we all seen him as a black guy, but starting in 1990s, his skin was totally whitened. He had undergone major transformation of his color. He maintained his look until his demise. With regards to his music, from the soul of Jackson 5 and earlier records, he went funkier from “Off the Wall” until “Bad”. In early 1990s, his music was more on new jack swing until he turned more pop and R&B later on. He remained one of the most iconic pop stars ever.


Eminem doesn’t have to transform his look to maintain his popularity. He looks the same since he started until his most recent music videos. With regards to his music, major reinvention was heard. He used to have comedic but controversial songs way back from his breakthrough release “Slim Shady LP” until his “Relapse” album. But with recovery, he turned more matured and serious. With the recent events in his life at that time, the album was more about that.

Justin Timberlake

From a teenybopper guy from boyband NSYNC, he went solo at early adult at “Justified”. With his sophomore album “Future Sex/Love Sounds”, his music sounds more matured including its lyrics. With his image at that time, he had trimmed hair which was believed by many, it has shown his sexiness. Recently with his album “20/20 Experience”, he went retro with black and white image in “Suit and Tie” and he had lengthy songs.

Justin Bieber

We first saw him as a very young guy with bubblegum pop and R&B sound with “My World”. As “Believe” took its turn, he is turning to adult stage and his music is slowly maturing, likewise his looks. With “Journals” it was pure and darker R&B. With his recent ┬ásingle released “What Do You Mean” shows an adult Bieber with its EDM pop sound.