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Sheryl Crow- The Globe Sessions / C’mon, C’mon: Top 10 / Top 40 Singles in US and UK

Sheryl Crow- The Globe Sessions
United States- Sheryl Crow has returned in late 1998 with the album “The Globe Sessions” which followed the success of “Tuesday Night Music Club” and “Sheryl Crow”. The album has gone to number 5 in the country with 2x platinum certifications by RIAA. Three songs were released as a single but nothing went to top 10. She at least scored a top 40 hit with the one listed below:
My Favorite Mistake- #20
Despite just a single charted inside the top 40 with “My Favorite Mistake”, Sheryl Crow reached number 49 with “Anything But Down”.

United Kingdom- Sheryl Crow has achieved something even bigger with her album “The Globe Sessions” in United Kingdom. The album has gone to number 2, higher than the number 8 album “Tuesday Night Music Club” and the number 5 “Sheryl Crow”. “The Globe Sessions” went platinum by BPI. The album has released three singles with the following has gone to the top 10:
My Favorite Mistake- #9
It’s just “My Favorite Mistake” had went to the top 10, but the album had two top 40 hits with the songs:
There Goes the Neighborhood- #19
Anything but Down- #19
Both songs “There Goes the Neighborhood” and “Anything but Down” went not just inside the top 40, rather at the top 20 and number 19.

Sheryl Crow- C’mon, C’mon
United States- After years, Sheryl Crow came back with this album “C’mon, C’mon”. It suddenly became her highest peaking album in the US when it settled at number 2 with 2x platinum RIAA certifications. No single went to top 10 too, but had a top 40 hit in this song:
Soak Up the Sun- #17
The song “Soak Up the Sun” was the biggest hit from the album peaking at number 17. Another single charted which was “Steve McQueen”, but only peaked at number 88.

United Kingdom- Sheryl Crow scored her second number 2 album in the UK with “C’mon, C’mon” which was next “The Globe Sessions”. However, for the first time, she never had a top 10 hit from her album. It had top 40 hit with:
Soak Up the Sun- #16
So, “Soak Up the Sun” peaked a little higher in UK than US at number 16. The second single “Steve McQueen” only peaked at number 44.

I had chosen “Soak Up the Sun” to share not just being her biggest hit for “C’mon, C’mon”, rather it sounds like a carefree song, and a good song to play during summer.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Albums by: Sheryl Crow
Video from YouTube / SherylCrowVEVO

Eminem- The Slim Shady LP: Top 10 and 40 Singles in US and UK

Eminem-The Slim Shady LP
United States- Eminem already had records released before this LP but this one can be considered as his breakthrough album. It was a hit number 2 album and was even gifted with certification of 5x platinum by RIAA. The words “Slim Shady” was his alter ego that’s why it was the title of his album. There were about three singles released from this album, however, nothing ever reached the top 10. It has scored a top 40 hit though which was listed below:
My Name Is- #36
Only one single even charted from the album as songs such as “Role Model” and “Guilty Conscience” with another rapper Dr. Dre. His songs also charted on Billboard’s component charts.

United Kingdom- Eminem certainly achieved success from the album “The Slim Shady LP”. Aside from hitting the top 10 spot, it was even a big seller as it was awarded by BPI with 3x platinum. Three songs were also released and those songs were listed below:
My Name Is- #2
Guilty Conscience (with Dr. Dre)- #5
Eminem had two hit songs from “The Slim Shady LP”. Success waa achieved when “My Name Is” peaked at number 2. His collaboration with fellow rapper and friend Dr. Dre “Guilty Conscience” was a top 5 hit when it took the fifth spot. Nevertheless, those were the only songs which made it to the charts. “Role Model” failed to chart, perhaps it was unreleased or ineligible to enter the chart.

The biggest hit by Eminem from the album was “My Name Is”. It was the only song from the album to chart in United States, and the highest peaking song in United Kingdom. Also, it was the most known song by Eminem from the album “The Slim Shady LP”. I will be sharing the song below to enjoy and hoping you will enjoy it, just in case you are not familiar of the song.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Album by: Eminem
Video from YouTube / EminemVEVO