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Creepiest Music Videos in Mainstream Music that I have seen

Music videos are a good way of promoting music and I do enjoy watching them. I have been watching MTV since my younger years and shifted to YouTube because MTV is not anymore the source of music videos as it shows more reality programs.

There are lots of music videos that turns out creepy for me and I listed them below:

Linkin Park- In the End
This video may not be totally scary but Linkin Park often shows odd images that are hard to explain and only them knows. In thsi video, I was bothered with the statues and the one they are playing in.

Michael Jackson- Thriller
I did not put this at the top because it’s not very scary for me but I was convinced that Michael looks scary as a monster.

Beyonce- Haunted
There’s something about the aura of the music video and even at Beyonce’s eyes in this music video. I even noticed it in her music videos from her “Beyonce” album.

Prodigy- Breathe
Prodigy always looks scary but this one is the scariest. Everytime it was played on MTV, I changed the channel.

Evanescence- Call Me When You’re Sober
Evanescence has always been scary in many music videos they did. In this video, Amy’s eyes are scary also when she floated on air. Gothic themes are always creepy for me.

My Chemical Romance- Welcome to the Black Parade
There were imagery of walking dead people and even skeletons. Well, it just fits the song but I don’t want to watch its music video.

Madonna- Frozen
Madonna is in the desert at night with the moon and even floats on air. She even turned into a black dog. Then sips blood from the desert ground through her hands.The cinematography contributed to its creepiness.

Evanescence- Going Under
Honestly, I found Amy Lee evilish in some parts. I never watched the music video again because it scared me and disturbed me in some parts.

My Chemical Romance- Helena
This music video shows some parts women dancing and floated on air too. Also, there’s a funeral and it means there’s coffin.The vocalist’s makeup is creepy too.