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Why some people tend to hate Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift may have everything. She got the fame, fortune, friends, current lovelife with Calvin Harris and influence. Nevertheless, many people seems hating on her. That’s probably the reason why she wrote “Shake it Off”, which is an answer to all her haters.

Taylor used to be labeled as  “America’s Sweetheart” but it seems she had lost that. The more she got popular, the more haters existed.

I am not a hater of Taylor Swift. I love her especially during the days of “Fearless”. She looks pretty, charming and harmless. She writes her own songs. She doesn’t have to go naked to sell records and concert tickets. But I noticed some changes about her. Though, she had great pop songs recently.

I often checked social media news and articles from Billboard and other sites. Based on comments from netizens, I am able to make a lists of why many people hates Taylor Swift.

1. People criticize her for writing songs about her exes. At least in every album she made, that theme is always there. Well, maybe that’s her way of sharing about her life as she used to in her songs?

2. Some haters call her flirt for dating a lot of men and if the relationship failed she’ll write it into a song (as written at number 1). They even questioned why with a lot of guys she has been with, why nothing succeeded? They claimed Swift is the problem.

3. Some people say she’s hypocrite. She pretends to be a good role model and a person when in fact she’s the opposite. Well, that’s what some people thinks of her.

4. Taylor was called by others as “greedy”. First, she removed all of her catalogues from Spotify for higher compensation pursuits. Second, she trademarked some lyrics from her songs, which had many frowned.

5. Oh wait, someone said she’s superior like she can influence anybody. Remember about the open letter to Apple?

6. Billboard’s Facebook page became like her fan page. I laughed when someone said this after almost everyday, Taylor is in their news.

7. Many of her haters were Katy Perry fans. Everybody knew the riff about the two artists and Katycats came to rescue.


There you have it. I know there are more comments written about her, but all those written were just based on my observations. This is not to degrade Taylor Swift as I also listen to her music. It’s just like not everybody will be pleased at a person or an artist.