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Take That- Beautiful World / The Circus: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

Take That- Beautiful World

United States- Take That made a comeback but the album was not released in the country, so no singles ever made it to chart.

United Kingdom- After more than a decade, Take That made a comeback through “Beautiful World”, which even became their biggest selling album in the country ever for achieving multiple platinum status. It released four singles from the album. The top 10 singles from the album were:
Patience- #1
Shine- #1
Rule the World- #2
Three singles went to top 10 from “Beautiful World”. Since there were four singles released from it, they had one single which failed to reach the top 10. “I’d Wait for Life” only peaked at number 17. While “Patience” and “Shine”, were big chart-toppers.

The biggest selling single from the album was “Patience” after going platinum in United Kingdom by BPI. Enjoy the song that I will share below:

Take That- The Circus
United States- The group wasn’t able to release the album in United States again, thus, the incapability to earn another top 10 single for the group.

United Kingdom- Take That released the album “The Circus” to follow their previous comeback album. It was again a big seller, and they released at least four singles and all charted and was their second biggest seller ever. However, not all of the singles from the album reached the top 10. Check which songs made it to that upper 10 position:
Greatest Day- #1
Said It All- #9
Only two single from the four released made it to the top 10. The two single which failed to reach the top 10 were “Up All Night” at number 14, and “The Garden” at number 97. “Greatest Day” was their biggest hit for reaching number 1.

Since “Greatest Day” was their highest peak and their only number 1 single, I will share the song below and hope you will do enjoy it especially Take That fans:

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