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Groups With Number 1 Albums is US and UK: Black Eyed Peas / S Club 7 / Ace of Base / Steps / The Fugees

Black Eyed Peas
United States- Black Eyed Peas had 3 multiplatinum albums, along with another platinum album. But with those albums, they only had 1 to manage the top spot which is “The E.N.D.”. Nevertheless, “Monkey Business” has been their biggest seller.
United Kingdom- Black Eyed Peas never scored a number 1 album in United Kingdom. However, all of their 4 albums went platinum and multi-platinum. “Elephunk” was their most successful there.

S Club 7
United States- S Club 7’s success in United States is limited but scored 2 albums to chart.
United Kingdom- S Club 7 did well in United Kingdom where they scored 3 top 3 albums. One of these albums, which is “7”, went to number 1. It even went 4x platinum there, as reported by BPI.

Ace of Base
United States- Ace of Base became very successful in the US when they managed to release their album “The Sign”. It went 9x platinum after reaching number 1 in Billboard albums.
United Kingdom- Ace of Base had been successful in the country with “Happy Nation” album which reached number 1. The album was called “The Sign” in the US. They had subsequent releases but weren’t that successful.

United States- Steps never had a number 1 album but they had a top 80 album charted.
United Kingdom- Steps scored 3 consecutive top 5 albums in UK. All these¬† 3 went multi-platinums, with “Steptacular” as their number 1 album. “Step One”- their first album- went 5x platinum by BPI.

The Fugees
United States- The Fugees had short-lived career but at least they had achieved a milestone. Their album “The Score” went to number 1 and certified by RIAA with 6x platinum. Another album of ¬†them failed to chart.
United Kingdom- The Fugees failed to reach number 1 but at least reached number 2 with “The Score”. The album was 5x platinum certified. They had other album which charted at low position and was not widely released.

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Video from YouTube / BlackEyedPeasVEVO

Corny Songs You Might Heard and Enjoyed

Pop music produces great songs, however, there are some corny songs that you might have heard and enjoyed. Despite gaining negative feedbacks from critics and those pop music haters, they still became popular as they were undeniably catchy. Here are my list of corny songs which became popular.

Los Del Rio- Macarena
Everybody danced in this Spanish dance hit in mid-’90s and went to numbet one worldwide. I remember then when I can hear this song anywhere then.

Las Ketchup- Asereje
Despite controversies of subliminal message this song contain, it became a worldwide hit, though success in the US is limited. It still became one of the biggest selling singles in 2002. I know many danced in this song but the dance steps and the song itself is corny.

Cheeky Girls- Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)
This song was sung by duo Cheeky Girls. This introductory song of theirs went to number 2 in the UK and scored high peak position in some countries. Honestly, I find it corny and not cheeky.

Steps- 5, 6, 7, 8
This song from UK pop group Steps has been successful particularly in Asia and Australia. I feel this song is cheesy especially its dance steps.

Crazy Frog- Axel F
This song may sound funny, but it is corny too. The song surprisingly went to number one in many countries and even a Billboard Hot 100 placement.

Eiffel 65- Blue (Da Ba Dee)
I kinda dislike this song then but I admit it is catchy. The song topped the charts worldwide particularly in Europe and even made a top 10 position in the US.

O-Zone- Dragostea din tei
I honestly find this song too annoying and hear it often on the radio. It became a hit worldwide as it placed at number one. It was also interpolated by T.I. wth his number one hit with Rihanna “Live Your Life”.

Vengaboys- We Like to Party
This song is too corny but catchy enough to be liked. It has become a hit in 1999 and even hit the top 30 of Billboard Hot 100.

Chumbawamba- Tubthumping
The song has been hitting the chart in 1997 and went to number one. Despite its corniness, it is my favorite song in this list.

Aqua- Barbie Girl
The song was too cartoonish which made it corny as well as Len’s voice. It’s lyrics was even highly criticized, however, it still became a worldwide number 1 hit and still highly recognized until now.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Pop Vocal Groups with Male and Female Members

If there are boybands and girlbands, there are groups which has male and female members. The list I made includes groups without instruments, either doing pop, R&B and hip-hop, as long as they were a vocal group.

ABBA- They were the most popular and the biggest selling in their genre. With two males and two females, their formula even extends until the present time and some pop groups even tried to be like them.

Ace of Base- Also from Sweden, they seemed to become the next ABBA (with two males and two females) but their first success was not sustained. They were known for their biggest hit “The Sign”.

The Fugees- This American hip-hop group became famous with their LP “The Score” as well as their version of “Killing Me Softly”. Consists of Wyclef Jean, Pras Michael and Lauryn Hill, all of them had solo successes.

Aqua- They came from Denmark, this group became popular through “Barbie Girl” and a huge debut album. The group had Lene (the only female member) and Rene as leads. They have two other male members.

Steps- With two male and three female members, their sound is somewhat similar to ABBA. Their song “One for Sorrow” sounds a duplicate of an ABBA song. Their success is limited though.

S Club 7- The group consisted of four ladies and three gents, their music which predominantly pop just like Steps as they were both from UK. They first became popular through a Disney TV show which was shown worldwide. Their biggest hit was the ballad “Never Had a Dream Come True”.

A-Teens- They became popular as a tribute group for ABBA, their first LP contains old hits from ABBA and was successful particularly in Europe.

City High- This group is a reminiscent of The Fugees which this group was completely formed by former Fugees member Wyclef Jean. The group scored two top 20 hits in US.

Black Eyed Peas- Originally a group without a lady, Black Eyed Peas had finally signed Fergie making them one of the biggest groups since 2000. They spanned four multi-platinum since then.

European Pop Groups that Didn’t Break American Market

There are lots of European pop groups who became successful in their territory but received moderate response in America. Even Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, initially, they were popular in Europe and Asia but were still unknown in their homeland. After their success in other countries, they broke the American music stores with millions of albums sold and top ten hits.


Some European pop groups though, made it big in America as well. Consider the Spice Girls who change the pop landscape and popularity crossed to America. One Direction is also one of these groups that hit it big Stateside. But how about the other groups who attempted but failed? Who are these bands? Check below:



These guys from Ireland are record breakers in UK for scoring 14 number 1 hits and more than 20 top 10 hits. They also sold millions in Asia. They tried to break American market with their debut but to no avail even though scoring 1 top 20 hit via “Swear it Again”. They attempted to crack American market again but didn’t push through. Still, they were one of the biggest selling boybands of all time.


Take That

Take That can be considered biggest selling British band in their own country. Despite their success, they remained one-hit wonder in the US. If not for “Back for Good”, they never got known in the US.



This Irish boyband came before Westlife and they became successful in Europe and Asia during their peak. Their biggest hit “No Matter What”, entered component charts of Billboard but never became a hit in official charts.


Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud became superstars in UK after several platinum albums and more than 20 top 10 hits. The girls focused in the UK and did not break the US market.



Sugababes used to have 3 members and when one of the member left, she was replaced. The group ended with no original member left. However, the group became huge in UK and Europe with numerous top 10 hits but performed moderately in the US with only one top 100 with “Hole in the Head”, which was almost at the bottom of the chart.



This five-piece male and female group scored multiple hits in UK and multi-platinum albums. They had an album that was sold in US but with modest reception.