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Oasis- Standing on the Shoulder of Giants / Heathen Chemistry: Top 10 Singles in US and UK

Oasis- Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
United States- Three singles were released from this album, however, none of them charted at the top 10, as well as the Hot 100. But their song “Go Let it Out” reached number 14 at the alternative charts.

United Kingdom- Oasis never failed to score top 10 hits in United Kingdom. “Standing on Shoulder or Giants” is a hit 2x platinum BPI certified, also scored top 10 singles. They had released three singles and see what went to top 10:
Go Let it Out- #1
Who Feels Love?- #4
Sunday Morning Call- #4
Oasis’ all three singles from “Standing on Shoulder of Giants” made it to the top 10 and top 5. “Go Let it Out”, the carrier singles, made it to number 1, their fifth chart-topping single in the country. “Who Feels Love?” and “Sunday Morning Call”, both made it to number 4.

Oasis- Heathen Chemistry
United States- Oasis’ “Heathen Chemistry” never scored a Hot 100 single, as well as not charting at the alternative music charts.

United Kingdom- Oasis is still a big band in United Kingdom with the hit album “Heathen Chemistry” which went 3x platinum by BPI. The album produced four singles, and here’s what made it to the top 10:
The Hindu Times- #1
Stop Crying Your Heart Out- #2
Little by Little / She is Love- #2
Songbird- #3
It shows that all of the singles from “Heathen Chemistry” managed to reach not just the top 10, likewise, the top 3. “The Hindu Times” became the band’s sixth number 1. “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” as well as the songs “Little by Little” and “She is Love” as double-sided single, both reached the second place. The last single “Songbird” was a number 3 hit.

The song I had chosen to share was “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”. The number 1 single from “Standing on Shoulder of Giants” which was “Go Let it Out” was just certified by BPI  with Silver, as well as the “Heathem Chemistry” chart-topper “The Hindu Times”. “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”, which went to number 2, was a bigger seller with Gold Record status. See the song and enjoy it below:

Credits: Billboard / OCC / Wikipedia
Albums by: Oasis
Video from YouTube / OasisVEVO