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Artists With Successful Debut 1995-1999

For many music artists, starting or entering the music industry is very difficult to make a good shot. There were other artists who did very well with their first single but turned out as one-hit wonder. However, there were artists who did very well with this debut single and their album did well too.

Since 1995, there were some artists which did very well with their first albums. Some had maintained their success but not everyone did well in their succeeding releases. Most in the list below were pop artists, do there were those with rock and R&B sound. Pop music just had a major change with bubblegum pop rose to popularity.

Alanis Morissette
Alanis may already had releases back then in her own country, her first album internationally became the biggest selling album by a newcomer. Based on estimates listed in Wikipedia, her debut album “Jagged Little Pill” became a record setter as it sold about 33 million. Her second album went #1 too but due to changes in music landscaped, it sold below than predecessor.

The Fugees
The Fugees is leading the hip-hop scene in 1996 via “The Score” album. It was multi-platinum worldwide when it became one of the biggest sellers in 1996, which was also assisted by their successful cover of “Killing Me Softly”. They haven’t released a follow-up after that.

Spice Girls
Spice Girls led the music scene during this era because of their contribution not just through record sales but also in pop culture. Their debut album “Spice” was believed with sales of 30 million (according to Wikipedia) scored 4 UK number 1s and 3 US top 5s. Their second album was very successful as well, though, it became their last studio album when Geri Halliwell departed from the group.

The Hanson brothers priorly released independent albums but success came in 1997 when their first mainstream album “Middle of Nowhere” went multi-platinum by which its success was attributed to the stellar hit “Mmmbop”. Despite their success, no other albums from them became as successful.

Savage Garden
The Australian duo scored success with debut single “I Want You”, however, bigger succeed came with the ballad “Truly, Madly, Deeply” when it settled to the top. The album then caught up in sales and became one of the top sellers of 1998.

The cartoonish songs and videos of Danish pop group Aqua made them very popular. Apart from “Barbie Girl” which had estimated 8 million in sales helped their first LP “Aquarium” go multi-platinum worldwide. They also had multiple hit songs for the album. However, their second album was just moderately successful.

All Saints
The four-piece British girl group was said to be the rival of Spice Girls, though, success of the Spices was never matched by All Saints. Still, they became successful with their self-titled album which went multi-platinum in UK and Europe. It received a platinum award from RIAA which helped the album’s status after the hit “Never Ever”. Their second album had limited success.

Natalie Imbruglia
Natalie Imbruglia became a household name with her global smash “Torn”. Her album “Left of the Middle” became as successful with platinum and multi-platinum successes elsewhere. It took several years for her to release her second album which was less successful.

Lauryn Hill
Despite the success of The Fugees, the members of the group pursued solo careers like Lauryn Hill did. Her debut album ” The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill had multi-million sales which was preceded by her successful hip-hop jam “(Doo Wop) That Thing”. She never released a studio album after that.

Britney Spears
It was 1999 when young female pop artists became popular which was first led by Britney Spears. Her song “…Baby One More Time” was extremely popular as well her album with the same title. The album estimatedly sold 30 million as claimed according to Wikipedia. She became a legend with her prolonged success and her succeeding albums went multi-platinum and had multiple number 1 albums.

Christina Aguilera
Coming from the same genre with Spears when she released her first album, Christina Aguilera was believed as Spears’ closest competitor. Christina never failed as her debut single went to number one worldwide. Her self titled album, according to the number of sales in her website, had sold 17 million which is a hefty amount of records. She had successful album right after too.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez became famous with her single “If You Had My Love” which spent several weeks at number 1. Her album “On the Six” became multi-platinum. She remained successful with all her other albums.

Some facts from Wikipedia

Memorable Lines in Songs: Spice Girls

Spice Girls became top pop artist during the second half of 1990s due to their style and catchy songs. Their songs encompasses theme about girl power, friendships, love and even about becoming a star.

” If you want my future forget my past, 
If you wanna get with me better make it fast”
The song served as an introductory for the girls and topped the charts bigtime. The lines above about a girl telling the guy what to do if he wants to be with her which included forgetting about her (maybe ugly) past.

Say You’ll Be There
” Last time that we had this conversation I decided we should be friends”
It seems the girl initially decided that she and the guy would be just friends but she is changing her mind and realized that she loves the guy.

” Back then I didn’t know why, why you were misunderstood, 
So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love”
We as kids had idiosyncrasies and has been hard-headed but eventually realize that all our moms did was loving us.

Spice Up Your Life
” Everything is free 
All you need is positivity”
The song don’t have a clear message, though it is a song about their success and telling everyone to be positive.

Too Much
“What part of no don’t you understand 
(Understand understand), 
I want a man not a boy who thinks he can”
The girls may have a younger suitor (or a persistent immatured guy) but she stressed that she wants a a real man.

” Don’t you know what can’t you see, 
Slow it down, read the sign, so you know just where you are going.”
Sometimes, we should not do something that fast. We should think about it first before going on

Viva Forever
” Promises made, every memory saved 
Has reflections in my mind”
Despite being away to each other, those promises are stuck in the memory like living forever.

” The times when we would play about, 
The way we used to scream and shout, 
We never dreamt you’d go your own sweet way”
It is clear that this song is for Geri Halliwell after her departure. It’s like reminiscing about the fun the girls once had with Geri.

Lyrics from azlyrics.com
Credits to the songwriters

Artists who ripped off their own songs

There has been issues that some artists ripped off songs from other artists and copyright issues happened as some got sued. Some cases was resolved while others turned into a dispute.

Meanwhile, there are some artists who ripped off their own songs as their latest songs sounded as their old songs. It’s not a problem though as it is the same artists. Likewise, such songs may be from the same songwriter or producer. Here are some of the artists who made songs of then similar to their old songs. The songs that are mentioned here came from different albums.

Spice Girls
When “2 Become 1” was released and became a huge hit, you can hear other ballads from the girls which sounds like the sisters of the hit song. Let’s consider “Goodbye” and “Headlines”, try listening to them after another, you will feel like it’s just a single lengthy song.

Britney Spears
Britney had actually some songs in her first two albums sounding alike especially some unreleased tracks. But the most apparent was “…Baby One More Time” and her second album’s carrier “Oops… I Did it Again”. Apart from the sound, there’s another that connects the two songs, it’s the ellipses in the title. I also noticed the similarity of “I’m a Slave for You” and “Me Against the Music” though the latter was more fast paced.

Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys had the same producers during their glory days so it is possible that their songs will sound alike. Consider “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and “Larger than Life”. The songs have something in common while the latter is louder. But I noticed “I Want in that Way” as a twin brother of “Shape of My Heart”.

One Direction
To follow the success of their album “Up All Night”, the guys imemdiately released their second album “Take Me Home” which was led by “Live While We’re Young”, a song which is like their first ever single “What Makes You Beautiful”. Anyway, “…Beautiful” sounds more memorable.

Linkin Park
The rock band was known for the success of their album “Hybrid Theory”. But I noticed some similarities in their songs. I sensed the similarity of “In the End” and “Numb” despite the former has more on rap part.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande just released her new song called “Focus”. The song sounds like a rip-off of her own song “Problem”. The latter mentioned song is better and “Focus” sounds like a poor rip-off.

Top Girlband Albums Since 1990

Girl groups became popular during the 90s, however, many girlbands already dominated the charts before with the likes of The Supremes. They became more popular with the rise the Spice Girls during the second half of 1990s. Here are some of the most popular girlband albums since 1990.

Spice Girls- Spice
This is the biggest selling album by an all-female group ever as sales (claimed sales) reached 30 million, according to Wikipedia. It was also credited for changing the landscape of pop music which evidently crossed through this generation. Moreover, the album scored 3 top five US hits and 4 UK chart-topping singles.

TLC- Crazy Sexy Cool
After scoring a multi-platinum album in US, this record became a big breakthrogh for the trio’s international career. This album was estimated with sales of 23 million (according to Wikipedia) and scored timeless number 1 hits such as the upbeat “Creep” and the socially relevant “Waterfalls”.

Spice Girls- Spiceworld
In just a year of release of “Spice”, the girls took advantage of their popularity and their second album “Spiceworld” was released. It ended up as multi-platinum again and scored 3 US top 20 singles, as well as 3 number 1s in UK.

Destiny’s Child- The Writings on the Wall
The album may have started with quite low sales but as they gained more attention, the album eventually became a huge worldwide hit. Three of its tracks went top 3 in the US, which 2 songs went to number 1. In UK, fours songs went to top 10.

TLC- Fanmail
The group took a long hiatus and this LP came about through fan’s request and contribution, that’s why they called it “Fanmail”. Since the Spice Girls took hiatus after Geri’s departure, the trio took the attention as the top girl group and sold millions through this album which had two number 1 singles.

Pussycat Dolls- PCD
After the absence of girl group domination, Pussycat Dolls rose to fame and they became the biggest girl group at that time through this album which scored 3 top 5 US singles while 5 songs off of this album went top 10 in UK.

Destiny’s Child- Survivor
Due to the success of their “The Writings on the Wall” album, the girls released their follow-up which is “Survivor”. It eventually became their fastest selling album and scored 3 US chart-topping singles.

All Saints- All Saints
Initially, they have limited success but through the song “Never, Ever”, they finally scored 5 UK top tens, including one singles which hit the US top 5. The album went multi-platinum in UK.

t.A.T.u.- 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane
This Russian duo became controversial through their song and video “All the Things You’ve Said”, which its publicity could have helped the album instead which was huge in sales that year when it was released.

Top 15 Girl band Hits since 2000

Girl groups did well too since 2000. Most girl groups came from UK while most who made it big worldwide were those from US. Here are the girl band hits that made big impact worldwide since the new millennium started.

Pussycat Dolls- When I Grow Up
After their huge success, this song served as the carrier single of their new album which shown a less burlesque style of the group. It became a top ten hit song worldwide.

Little Mix- Black Magic
This song was just released this 2015 and became huge in UK as well as other territories. The catchy pop song is their biggest hit in Asia as of this time.

Atomic Kitten- Whole Again
This pop track from the girls became thier first UK number 1 hit. It was also well received in several territories like in Europe and Asia.

Spice Girls- Holler
They may have dominated the 1990s, this 2000s was unsustained after Geri left the four Spices. Still, the group scored a number 1 hit through “Holler”.

Destiny’s Child- Say My Name
Despite scoring two huge hits, this song became their international breakthrough as it crossed the charts of many countries worldwide. It is also their first song released and video without the two original members of the group.

All Saints- Pure Shores
This song is a different tune from All Saints. From the usual R&B and pop sound, this song is electronic that’s comparable to Madonna’s sound with her recent album at that time “Ray of Light”. It was a number one hit for the girls.

Pussycat Dolls- Buttons
Going sexy this time, the song went to the top 3 of US and became one of the most successful singles from PCD.

Atomic Kitten- The Tide is High
This became a huge revival hit for the group as it hit the charts in Europe and Asia. Its impact was also felt stateside.

Destiny’s Child- Lose My Breath
After hiatus, the girls came back with a bang as this song was very successful worldwide peaking the top ten vicinity. In US, it peaked at number 3.

Fifth Harmony- Worth It
Finally, a radio hit success came for Fifth Harmony. This song made significant airplays and despite peaking at inside top 15, it has been running in the chart for several months in US. In UK, it became a bigger hit reaching number 3.

Sugababes- Push the Button
They already had a number of hits prior to this but this song became the most successful single in terms of airplays and territories it charted. Of course, it is a chart-topper in UK.

Pussycat Dolls- Stickwitu
Pussycat Dolls scored their second top 5 hit in the US through this R&B/pop ballad which contributed to their album’s success. It reached number 1 in some countries which included UK.

Destiny’s Child- Survivor
One of the most iconic songs by a girl group, the song talks about the girls’ journey despite controversies involving their former members. It is their second single as officially a trio and became a number 1 hit worldwide.

Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha
This song was the group’s first ever hit song and sold millions after hitting the charts worldwide. The R&B track featured Busta Rhymes.

Destiny’s Child- Independent Women
This can be considered as the biggest girl band hit since 2000 with its female empowerment theme similar to Spice Girls’ Girl Power. Apart from topping the charts worldwide, it became the longest number 1 single by a girl group in history of Billboard singles chart. It’s also their first single as trio.

Top 15 Girl band Hits During 1990s

Along with boy bands topping the charts, girl bands also did well since 1990. During the first half of 1990s, R&B girl bands dominated the music scene until more pop girl groups existed in the second half. Here’s my list of 15 girl band hits during 1990s.

TLC- Unpretty
After their huge comeback in 1999 via “Fanmail” album, TLC managed two number 1 hits including this song which is about real beauty is within.

B*Witched- C’est la Vie
Their pop novelty sound made it big initially in UK, the time when Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell departed from her group. This song was the group’s first of 4 consecutive UK number one hit and did big in the top ten in US.

Spice Girls- Spice Up Your Life
After their success from the second half of 1996 until 1997, they immediately released this song during 1997’s last quarter to prep up for the release of second album. The song was their fifth consecutive number one hit in UK and top 5 in majority of countries but a modest top 20 hit in US.

Destiny’s Child- Bills, Bills, Bills
This song can be compared to TLC’s “No Scrubs” which was released prior to this Destiny’s Child song due to its structure musically and lyrically. The same writers and producers may be the reason. Still, this song became the group’s first US chart-topping song and top 10 in UK.

SWV- Weak
This R&B ballad is one of the most performed song in singing competitions. No doubt because the song is beautiful. It was a big hit then and was revived by JoJo on her first album.

TLC- Creep
As one of the biggest hits from “Crazy Sexy Cool” album, the song is not just a number one hit, rather had an iconic video. In Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock”, she paid homage to TLC through “Creep” music video, as well as other singers.

Spice Girls- Say You’ll Be There
After the huge success of “Wannabe”, Spice Girls released this pop/R&B tune and topped UK charts and top 5 in many countries including US.

Wilson Phillips- Hold On
With a beautiful harmony of this group, it can never be denied that this song was a huge hit and of the biggest singles the year it topped the charts in Billboard.

Salt ‘n Pepa & En Vogue- Whatta Man
The hip-hop girl group and R&B girl group came together for this huge smash and became an iconic song.

All Saints- Never Ever
They wew considered as the rival for Spice Girls, they may not have achieved the Spices’ success but they scored a big hit single through this R&B/pop ballad which topped the UK and top 5 in several countries including US.

TLC- No Scrubs
They had been successful during early 1990s, but their comeback was huge through fan requested album “Fanmail” and this song helped the album’s success and ended up as one of the biggest singles of 1999.

En Vogue- Don’t Let Go (Love)
The song was the last biggest hit of the group. The ballad was part of the film “Set It Off” and was one of the longest number two hit in the US.

Spice Girls- 2 Become 1
This romance ballad became a million seller in UK, the group’s third consecutive number 1, and their first of three consecutive number one singles in the UK during holiday season. In the US, it was a top 5 hit and number 1 hit in many countries.

TLC- Waterfalls
The song and video’s message is very relevant during that time and made a huge impact in music charts. It is TLC’s signature song as it topped the US for a long time.

Spice Girls- Wannabe
This song started the group’s first of 5 consecutive, 9 number one hits in UK. It also changed the pop landscape and eventually became not just the group’s biggest selling single but also among girl groups. It withstood the time and still one of the most memorable singles from 1990s.

My 5 Favorite Songs for Mothers

I am very vocal online especially in sites where I used to write about my love for my mother and the soft spot I have for mothers.

I lost my mother in 2007 when she was afflicted with cancer. It’s already late when we learned she has cancer despite frequent check-ups in different hospitals. I feel like my world collided upon learning of her condition, that she is terminally ill. It was the saddest day when about 2 months later, she died. I miss her so much and often see her in my dreams. It was about 8 years ago but I still miss her.

Since I love music, I made the list of my favorite songs which were tributes for moms. I often play the album of Boyz II Men called “Evolution” on my Spotify app and ” A Song for Mama” is my favorite song in that album. That’s why I came up with this lists and share to y’all.

1. A Song for Mama (by Boyz II Men)
As I stated above, it’s my fave song from “Evolution”. Likewise, it is my fave Boyz II Men song. I love how they expressed their love to their moms and even described loving their moms is “like food to their soul”.

2. Mama (by Spice Girls)
The girls admitted their stubbornness and admitted they once considered their moms as their “only enemy” but in a positive sense. They eventually realized that they often misunderstood their moms and that all she did was for their love to their kids. Singing their love and care for their mama is heartwarming.

3. I Turn to You (by Christina Aguilera)
This isn’t a Christina original song but it went more popular than the original. It was not directly mentioned in the song that it was for mothers but the lyrics can pertain to them. Moms always protect their kids, and kids often turn to their moms when things go wrong.

4. (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You (by NSYNC)
Just like “I Turn to You”, it was not clearly mentioned in the song that it was for the group’s mothers, but it sounds as it is. It has heartwarming lyrics that when mothers hear will surely bring tears to their eyes.

5. Perfect Fan (by Backstreet Boys)
I am not a fan of Backstreet Boys and I admit, I disliked the group before. Though, I love this song of them as they had shown their appreciation to their mothers.

Reinvention and Transformation of Pop Groups

Pop group life isn’t that long. Many of them lasted at least 5 years which is already considered long. While others were only 2-3 years. But many even lasted even just a year! So it is wise for pop groups to make necessary transformations if they wanted to maintain their relevance in the industry. Pop groups with young members turn to more matured sound and lyrics.

Spice Girls- The group loss a member after almost 2 years from their debut. They became a quartet and released a new album called “Forever”. From a pop group people used to hear bubblegum pop sound to urban sound and sexual songs.

All Saints- The group can be considered as a rival of Spice Girls and their sound and style is like combining Spice Girls and R&B trio TLC. But with their second album, they shifted to more electronic pop from the usual pop and R&B sound.

Backstreet Boys- From pure pop sound during their peak, the boyband tool a more rock sound with “Never Gone”. It may not restored their former success but it is still a good try of reinvention.

NSYNC- The usual boyband sound set by the Backstreet Boys can be heard on NSYNC’s first two albums. But with their third album “Celebrity”, there are songs similar from their previous albums. However, there are a number of songs that are purely R&B, the kind of music expected from them if they haven’t took hiatus.

One Direction-The boyband was known for powerpop tunes that are really catchy and appealing especially to young people. Cheeky attitude also helped the band gain millions of fans. With the release of “Midnight Memories”, they sounded more mature with pop rock sounds and includes the folk-ish “Story of My Life”. More matured sound came about with “FOUR” and expecting a different kind of souns in an upcoming album.

Song Review: Ellie Goulding, Little Mix, Rachelle Platten

Ellie Goulding- On My Mind

After the huge success of the romantic and “Fifty Shades of Gray” theme song “Love Me Like You Do” earlier this year, Ellie Goulding is back in a song with killer beat called ” On My Mind”. It will be the carrier single of Ellie’s upcoming third LP. It was a new sound from her usual and the song’s electropop beat is a killer, despite that kind of beat has already been used a lot of times. The melody is just fine with it’s repetitive verses in the chorus. It’s a good try for a new sound from Ellie but waiting for another single that will show the rawness of her sweet voice.

Rating: 8 out of 10


Little Mix-Black Magic

Little Mix has been huge in UK and other territories with their previous records. Through this song, it will open a door for them for wider fanbase. Among all of their songs, this is the catchiest. They’ve been to more R&B sound while this song sounds mord pop. The song reminds the catchiness of Spice Girls songs almost 2 decades ago. The song’s tune was influenced by the music of 1980s. The song was already a UK chart topper and may probably soon hit the global charts this year when it would be released


Rating: 9 out of 10

Rachel Platten- Fight Song

After her attempts to be recognized in the music industry, finally, Rachel Platten achieved a major milestone in her career. This song, “Fight Song” made a major change for Rachel for its success when it was in the US top 10 and number in UK. Critics loved the song, even pop star Taylor Swift tweeted it. The song’s empowering and positive message to keep on fighting no matter the adversities tried us, we just keep on fighting and overcome them.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Will Zayn Malik Be Able to Make it as Solo Superstar?

Six months ago, a news broke the hearts of many Directioners (One Direction fans) when its member Zayn Malik announced that he will be officially leaving One Direction, he reasoned he wants private and normal life away from the limelight. However, just few weeks ago, he revealed the real reason why he left One Direction. He had signed contracts with RCA Records for his solo album. Yes, going solo is his real reason why he left the group which upset many Directioners.


Now, the question is, will he be able to make it big like any other successful artists who were originally from the group? Many members of successful groups did not succeed going solo. Only few of them became real icons. Let’s consider, Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys. His debut album had decent sales but never brought him to the heights. Another example is the members of the Spice Girls which all of them did their solo projects. They were successful in their native UK and some parts of Europe, but never spread to the entire world. Their solo fan bases are limited. Melanie C and Geri Halliwell became biggest selling members of the group though who had real solo number 1 hits.


Among those former group members who became successful on their own were Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, which these three became pop icons. Michael Jackson became one of the biggest selling artists of all time. Beyonce and Justin Timberlake were two artists from a group and now pop icons of this generation. Beyonce who scored 5 consecutive number 1 albums was formerly from successful girl group Destiny’s Child, while Justin Timberlake was from boyband NSYNC.


There are factors though that can contribute to an artist’s success. During the time of Michael Jackson, technology is still miles away from what we have now and competition wasn’t that tight. During Beyonce and Justin Tinberlake’s debut years, there’s no social media. But today, there are many ways to advertise or promote one’s music. Social media, other platforms of selling music. It depends on an artist’s activity.


As a former member of One Direction, Zayn Malik has been active in social media and interacts with their fans. With right music and promotion, he can be among those successful solo stars who carved their name in the music industry.