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Songs Incorporated Retro Sound

There are a lot of modern artists today who made songs with retro sounds. Honestly, I love listening to their songs as it was modern pop with a touch of retro, and will take you to the times when such sounds were often recorded. Here are some of those songs I heard recently which fits in such category. The songs included were released as official singles.

Meghan Trainor- All About the Bass
Just last 2014, this hit was known not just for “loving your own curves” lyrics but also with its old sound. Well, it is effective as it became one of the biggest selling songs last year and even extended its run this early 2015.

Charlie Puth- Marvin Gaye
Well, Charlie has been vocal that he loves 70s Motown and it is the influence of his music, and this salacious song? It just became a UK chart-topped and settled a good chart position in US and many countries.

Meghan Trainor- Lips are Movin’
The song has rap verses especially in stanzas while the sound is retro. That made this song prettier to me than “All About that Bass”. It was a top ten hit in national charts it entered.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk
This song has undergone a copyright trouble but it still managed lengthy weeks on top. It’s sound is a retro funk reminiscent of 1970s to 80s.

Meghan Trainor- Dear Future Husband
With the doo wop sound and a Motown-like tune, it feels kinda fresh to sound despitr its music. The song was an eventual top 20 hits in countries particularly in US and UK as well.

Carly Rae Jepsen- I Really Like You
This pop song is reminiscent of 1980s pop music. Apart from this song, Carly had great songs in her album with 1980s pop influenced. This has turned into a hit especially in UK where it settled for the top 3.