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Song Review: Ellie Goulding, Little Mix, Rachelle Platten

Ellie Goulding- On My Mind

After the huge success of the romantic and “Fifty Shades of Gray” theme song “Love Me Like You Do” earlier this year, Ellie Goulding is back in a song with killer beat called ” On My Mind”. It will be the carrier single of Ellie’s upcoming third LP. It was a new sound from her usual and the song’s electropop beat is a killer, despite that kind of beat has already been used a lot of times. The melody is just fine with it’s repetitive verses in the chorus. It’s a good try for a new sound from Ellie but waiting for another single that will show the rawness of her sweet voice.

Rating: 8 out of 10


Little Mix-Black Magic

Little Mix has been huge in UK and other territories with their previous records. Through this song, it will open a door for them for wider fanbase. Among all of their songs, this is the catchiest. They’ve been to more R&B sound while this song sounds mord pop. The song reminds the catchiness of Spice Girls songs almost 2 decades ago. The song’s tune was influenced by the music of 1980s. The song was already a UK chart topper and may probably soon hit the global charts this year when it would be released


Rating: 9 out of 10

Rachel Platten- Fight Song

After her attempts to be recognized in the music industry, finally, Rachel Platten achieved a major milestone in her career. This song, “Fight Song” made a major change for Rachel for its success when it was in the US top 10 and number in UK. Critics loved the song, even pop star Taylor Swift tweeted it. The song’s empowering and positive message to keep on fighting no matter the adversities tried us, we just keep on fighting and overcome them.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Song Review: Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson, Shawn Mendez

Selena Gomez ft. ASAP Rocky- Good for You

Selena Gomez has completely left her Disney image and gone more sensual. After going solo from Selena Gomez and The Scene, she released “Stars Dance” which contained EDM and pop tracks. When she released “The Heart Wants What it Wants”, it was the beginning of taking different musical approach which received highly acclaims from critics as well as fans. She continued leaving her old sound via this song, “Good for You”. Her voice has even matured as well as her songs. The ability of her voice came out with this song, as well as her latest song “Same Old Love”. “Good for You has the sound you can compare to Lana del Ray and New Zealander singer Lorde. It was a midtempo song you can jam to. The rap part was just additional and without it, it is still a good song.

Rating: 9.5 of 10


Janet Jackson ft. J. Cole- No Sleeep

It’s been about 5 years since we heard a record from Janet through the ballad song “Nothing”. After less successful attempts for a comeback, she now released a comeback single for a new album. The sultry song “No Sleeep” became available and hit the iTunes sales recently. The midtempo ballad takes you to her “The Velvet Rope” era and comparable to her huge hit “That’s the Way Love Goes” with her whispery vocals she was known for.

Rating: 7.5 of 10


Shawn Mendes- Stitches

He became popular through the video sharing app “Vine” which garnered millions of views and gained him fans and recording contract. A year ago, his first ever single came called “Life of the Party”. As a young artist, he was compared to Justin Bieber, likewise both came from Canada. The song starts at a light mode until the beat starts until its end. This song is currently making waves in the US as well as its parent album which was at number 1 on its first week.

Rating: 7.5 of 10


Song Reviews: Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor, R.City

Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor-Marvin Gaye

It was refreshing to hear modern songs with old soulful sound. This is what you can hear in this song, the first single as lead, by Charlie Puth. Inviting Meghan Trainor to be in the song is a good idea, knowing M-Train also take the idea of doo-wop and retro sound in her music. It is a fusion of modern pop and retro that makes the songs ear-friendly. With regard to “Marvin Gaye” which may be a tribute but lyrics were sexual, the music was good with Charlie playing piano and his good voice. With the music video, I was quite disappointed for a reason. Charlie succeeded with the beat or sound and melody.

Rating: 7 out of 10


Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend-Like I’m Gonna Lose You

This is another Meghan Trainor related song after the song above. It is familiar to many about the classic and retro sound of Meghan Trainor and she still incorporated it in this ballad. This is the first ballad released by Meghan and I think she succeeded. It was a beautiful ballad which is like holding on to the person you love. John Legend in it is a good idea. We recently heard him being a feature artist like in Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”, perhaps due to the success of “All of Me”.

Rating: 8 out of 10


R. City ft. Adam Levine- Locked Away

This is a melodic and catchy song which we often hear on Adam Levine-assisted songs. It is a love song about asking a girl of she will love the guy despite anything or lapses the guy might have done. Maroon 5 used to have catchy tunes and it is present in this song through Adam Levine. But I feel like songs that Adam featured with are too generic. Remember Travie McCoy’s “Stereo Hearts”? They may not exactly have the same chords but the formula with Adam in it makes it similar.

Rating: 7.5 out if 10


Song Reviews: The Weeknd, OMI, Justin Bieber

Then I decided to listen to several songs, old or new, and thinking of reviewing these songs and recommend those worth listening.


The Weeknd- Can’t Feel My Face

The Weeknd has been in the music industry for several years but just recently grabbed the attention of listeners, could it be when she sang with Ariana Grande on her top 10 hit “Love Me Harder” or the Fifty Shades of Gray hit song “Earned It”. Now, he is shining more on his own through this song “Can’t Feel My Face”. This song is a remisniscent of the 1980s when Michael Jackson is at its peak. I can hear the MJ vibe in this song, which he succeeded. The vocals are great and his collaborator Max Martin deserves the credit.

Rating: 8 of 10


OMI- Cheerleader

OMI who was considered as breakthrough artist cannot be considered as a new artist as well as this song, “Cheerleader”. The song was first released in 2012 but not for a global distribution. It attracted attention from listeners and radio when it was remixed by young DJ, Felix Jaehn and first topped several European markets until crossed the UK market and eventuated to the top and huge seller. This year it went to Billboard’s apex during summer. The song has a feel-good vibe. When you were just sitting and relaxing, turn on your MP3 players or phone and have your headsets or earphones on and listen to this song, it was very light and catchy. Though, the original version was better than the remix on.

Rating: Original version- 8.5 of 10

Remixed version-7.5 of 10


Justin Bieber- What Do You Mean?

Bieber Fever is not over. Justin is “just in” and conquered the summit of worldwide charts when this single “What Do You Mean?” was released. It was a perfect time for his comeback after negative news spread and infected people’s minds against him during the recent years. Well, he recently apologized for all his mistakes and starting a new and positive life. Why not give him a chance? I am not a fan and I hated all that he did but he seemed trying to turn all those negatives into positive. Going back to the song, I love the chilling EDM sound. It’s not stressful to listen to like other EDM music does. Also, it’s a shift to more EDM from his usual R&B tune from “Journals”. Good try Bieb and you succeeded that even non-Biebs got to listen to ya.

Rating:8.5 of 10


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