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Battle of Same Song Titles: Sisqo vs Backstreet Boys / The Jackson 5 vs NSYNC

In this battle of same song titles, a boyband is battling out with male R&B singer. While the other set is between two boybands. So here’s the battle:

Sisqo vs Backstreet Boys
Sisqo’s own “Incomplete” song is a R&B ballad which is about having an incomplete life despite you have everything like material things, but the girl you love is not with you anymore. The song became a Billboard Hot 100 number 1 hit. However, didn’t make an impact outside the US.

Backstreet Boys had their own “Incomplete” song in 2005. It is a pop/rock ballad and was about feeling incomplete without the ex-partner and asking if the guy made a mistake. The song bece the last successful single of the boys which reached the top 10 in many countries. While in the US, it settled at number 13 according to Billboard.

Sisqo- Incomplete
Melody and Lyrics- 4.0 / Success- 3.0 = 7.0

Backstreet Boys- Incomplete
Melody and Lyrics- 3.5 / Success- 3.5 = 7.0

Winner: It’s a tie for the Backstreet Boys and Sisqo for scoring 7.0.

The Jackson 5 vs. NSYNC
“I Want You Back”
The Jackson 5 became a huge group after this song which can be credited for the their earlier success. The R&B 1960’s hit reached number one in Billboard Hot 100, is about wanting the girl you love back whom you let go. It is one of the Motown hits then.

NSYNC acheieved success in this song which was their first ever released single. The song is about wanting the girl to back to you and asks what you should do after hurting her. It went to top 20 in many countries such as United States and a top 5 position in United Kingdom. It was an early success in 1997 in some territories.

The Jackson 5- I Want You Back
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 3.75 = 7.5

NSYNC- I Want You Back
Melody and Lyrics- 3.5 / Success- 3.0 = 6.0

Winner: The Jackson 5 toppled NSYNC in this “I Want You Back” battle

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard

Top R&B Hits 2000-2004

Since 2000, many R&B songs released were upbeat and it is common for rappers and R&B to collaborate and create good songs. Remixes are very common too. Here are the top R&B hits during this period I listed based on its impact and success.

Mariah Carey ft. Joe and 98 Degrees- Thank God I Found You
This song has become Mariah’s last chart-topper before successful comeback in 2005. The beautiful ballad also included R&B singer Joe and US boy band 98 Degrees. The remix version sounds good too, but excluded 98 Degrees.

Sisqo- Thong Song
One of the best upbeat R&B hits during the first half of 2000, Sisqo gained a fanbase through this song. Oh wait, you might’ve heard “livin’ la vida loca”, you heard it right, it was interpolated.

Outkast- Ms. Jackson
This is the first and biggest hit internationally by the hip-hop duo, the song was also one of the best hip-hop songs since 2000s.

Destiny’s Child- Independent Women Part 1
The group just became a trio and it played big success for their career as this ‘girl power’ themed song became one of the longest number 1 hits.

Janet Jackson- All For You
It was a huge comeback for Janet after a high debut and long weeks at number one with this danceable R&B tune.

Destiny’s Child- Survivor
One of the successful “I Will Survive”” songs, this R&B track became one of the biggest hits of 2001.

Alicia Keys- Fallin’
This remains the most memorable song for Alicia Keys for topping the charts. This soulful ballad was one of the best love songs of 2001.

Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland- Dilemma
How about falling in love with someone even committed with someone? This love song just became a 10-week holder at top spot in the US.

Mary J. Blige- Family Affair
This is one of the catchiest and most memorable upbeat R&B tune during the decade. Just hearing the beat, you will know what song is that. It is the biggest hit of Mary J. ever.

Beyonce ft. Jay-Z- Crazy in Love
This song brought Beyonce’s career to great heights as it became her first hit as lead artist. It has become a global hit in 2003.

Aaliyah- Miss You
This was released posthumously and remained one of the top R&B ballads during the period. It is also one of the most known song by Aaliyah.

50 Cent- In Da Club
50 Cent’s success can be attributed to this club hip-hop hit. It helped his LP to go multiple platinum.

Beyonce ft. Sean Paul- Baby Boy
Incorporating Arabic sound in its music, this is how this second chart-topper from Bey was known.

Usher- Yeah!
Consider as Usher’s biggest hit, this helped his “Confessions” LP sell a million in a single week. This is one of the club-ready hip-hop songs during 2000s.

Usher and Alicia Keys- My Boo
Usher’s team up with the talented Alicia Keys has become one of the best and successful duets of 2004.

Some facts from Wikipedia.