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Battle of Same Song Title: Leona Lewis vs Pharrell Williams / Black Eyed Peas vs Simple Plan

The first battle is between a female and a male singer, while the second one was two groups. Check the battles below:

Leona Lewis vs Pharrell Williams
Leona Lewis came back after the success of her album “Spirit”. This song was the first single for her album “Echo” and actually, the title of the song is opposite from its meaning. It’s about wanting to be happy while you are in the midst of sadness. The song went to the top 10 in many countries, though it failed to match the success of “Bleeding Love” as it only peaked at 32 in Billboard Hot 100.


Pharrell finally reached his peak of popularity with this song which was used for the film “Despicable Me 2”. The song which is plainly a happy song went to number one worldwide. Perhaps it success was due to its positibe sound and message. In its music video featured some celebrities.


Leona Lewis- Happy
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 3.0= 6.75

Pharrell Williams- Happy
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 4.75= 8.5

Winner: The lead was quite wide and it is clear to see that Pharrell Williams takes the “Happy” song battle.

Black Eyed Peas vs Simple Plan
“Shut up”
Black Eyed Peas gained worldwide success with “Where’s the Love?” So it is not easy to match it by its second single. The song may have failed to chart in the US, but it has been an international success especially in Europe where it went to number one in most countries.


Simple Plan released this single for their second LP “Still Not Getting Any”, and to be honest, I always associate this to the Black Eyed Peas song. The song was a modest hit worldwide.


Black Eyed Peas- Shut Up
Melody and Lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.75= 7.0

Simple Plan- Shut Up
Melody and Lyrics-2.75 / Success- 2.25= 5.0

Winner: Obviously, Black Eyed Peas won with 2.0 gap of points.

Credits: Wikipedia / Billboard
Videos from YouTube

Battle of Same Song Titles: Simple Plan vs One Direction / Hanson vs Black Eyed Peas

As the battle of song title continues, this time, a rock band and a pop band is battling it out. Then a pop/rock siblings band and a hip-hop group is battling their songs too. Here are they:

Simple Plan vs One Direction
Simple Plan is one of the great young bands during mid-2000’s and this song is a great one. It talks about apologizing for not being perfect which may apply to family which expectations was not met. The song became the band’s biggest hit in the US for reaching the top 25. It topped the charts in the Philippines too.

One Direction’s second single for final album “Made in the A.M.” was this pop song “Perfect”. It talks doing something perfect that the girl wants to do. The song charted worldwide and in the top in many countries.

Simple Plan- Perfect
Melody and Lyrics- 3.75 / Success- 2.75 = 6.5

One Direction- Perfect
Melody and Lyrics- 3.0 / Success- 3.5 = 6.5

Winner: Both of them wins as they tied.

Hanson vs Black Eyed Peas
“Where’s the Love?”

The Hanson song talks about not getting the love back from the girl and even got fooled. The song followed the success of “Mmmbop” but less successful than the latter mentioned. It went to top 10 in some countries globally which included the UK.

Actually, the song from Black Eyed Peas is “Where IS” while the one from Hanson is “Where’s”. Still, they fit in this battle as the titles are very close. The song from BEP is about love which is missing in this world that’s why many people are hurting and dying. With its beautiful melody and the relevant lyrics, it became a worldwide number one hit. Though, in the US, it reached number 8.

Hanson- Where’s the Love?
Melody and lyrics- 3.25 / Success- 3.5 = 6.75

Black Eyed Peas- Where is the Love?
Melody and Lyrics- 4.75 / Success- 4.5 = 9.25

Winner: It’s very clear they Black Eyed Peas won the battle.

Credits to Wikipedia / Billboard